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Namaslay With These Active Wear Gear

By Vaishali Valecha

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

Are you planning on starting a new kind of workout, a yoga class or that pilates session that has been on your mind maybe since, FOREVER! Well, if so, then you're in luck!! We are here to help and give you an insight into what is important and should be added to your workout wardrobe. PSST... there are many things to consider.


Believe it or not, the clothes you wear for a workout can make a difference in how you feel after exercise. Following are the qualities your workout wear should have to help you have a smooth workout experience.

-Wicking qualities clothing that “wicks” the moisture (aka sweat) away from your skin, with its quick-drying capabilities, making you feel more cool and comfortable.

- Dimensionally stable even when wet - Durable, breathability and comfort

-Easy care performance


-A soft and pleasant touch

-Smart and functional design

- Capability to regulate the heat radiated during workouts


Women's Wear


Sports Tights

Before you invest in leggings consider these 3 factors: the fit, the fabric and the functionality. These high-waisted grey tights from Reebok are perfect for almost any athletic activity. It has a soft and breathable fabric that's perfect for all your yoga moves. Wear this from studio-to-yoga class, street-to-brunch and even at home. That's how comfy they are! These high-waisted tights use of more compression fabrics to help sculpt the body.






Sports Bra

Despite seeming like such an easy piece of clothing, sports bras can get pretty complicated. Your sports bra should be an amalgamation a form-fitting to give full support to your breasts while you workout and reduce any sorts of movement while you do your sets of jumping jacks. The fabric should be light, sweat absorbent and allow your skin to breathe and feel comfortable. It should be free from any sorts of underwires because the last thing you want is something poking you with each stretch and irritate your skin. A properly fitted bra would also help you feel and look good. 



Tank Top 

A tank top works for a great cover-up. If you're not comfortable showing a lot of skin and working out in just a sports bra. Many athletic tank tops are made from moisture-wicking fabrics making them an excellent choice for all sorts of activities, from yoga, walking to running and dancing. It will keep you cool and dry throughout the day. This loose and oversized black one from the house of Reebok has a mesh style. It plays for a sheer peek-a-boo moment! 



Men's Wear



Shorts make for a great workout clothing piece. It leaves you free and comfortable while you practice your lunges. Shorts do not restrict your movements making them a great choice for cardio and yoga. These Reebok ones are easy going and comfy, they won't ride up as you move. 




A t-shirt is a no brainer! It is a must-have in your workout closet. This one by Reebok is made up of sweat-absorbing material that keeps you dry and cool while you train till you sweat. Be it a half sleeves one or a full sleeve one, A t-shirt is something you can literally pair up with anything. Make sure it fits you well and shows off all those muscles that you've worked hard for. 






A jacket can be 2 things in your workout collection. You can wear a thin one and head straight to workout and call it a day or go ahead and use it as an after workout wear as a fashion statement. Either way, a jacket looks cool and keeps you snug while you get into your form. 



Add These To Your List As Well:


A good pair of shoes is necessary for any workout routine. The type of your shoe goes according to the kind of workout you do. Be it running or weight training, Reebok offers you an extensive range of shoes to choose from, for both men and women. Also, make sure they are cushiony and comfy to help your feet rest well, stay efficient and give support while you run for miles.  



Yoga Mats 

A yoga mat serves as protection and cushion of yoga are often performed on the ground. The benefits of the use you feel when you are forced to perform extreme poses. You can sweat easily while performing yoga movements. Using the mat helps prevent the possibility of slipping and sliding in the process. The carpet will serve as your sense of space so that you can do all the movements necessary during each session. So that you feel light while working out heavy!




Shop At Reebok 


  1. Reebok, KR Puram
  2. Reebok, Domlur



  1. Reebok, Sector 15
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  2. Reebok, Dahisar East


New Delhi 

  1. Reebok, Paschim Vihar
  2. Reebok, Pandav Nagar



  1. Rebook, Sector 15 A
  2. Rebook, Sector 38



  1. Reebok, Camp Area
  2. Reebok, Baner


So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know all the specifications and types of workout wear gear you should invest in, go ahead to your nearest Reebok store and shop your heart out and add all that you fancy to your wardrobe. Let us know in the comments below what all workout wear made it to your checklist to help you slay and become fashion forward with workout wear. Until then, PEACE!!!


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Question: Which qualities should be kept in mind while shopping for workout gear?

Answer: - These are the qualities you should look out for while shopping for workout gear: Wicking qualities, dimensionally stable even when wet, durable, breathability and comfort, easy care performance, lightweight, a soft and pleasant touch, smart and functional design, easy care performance, lightweight, smart and functional design, the capability to regulate the heat radiated during workouts.


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