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Pay Attention To All The Tips That Prevent Gym Injuries

By Yamini Taneja

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 3 min read

If you're a fitness enthusiast then you must have encountered Gym injuries at least once in a life. Then why not get familiar with all the pros and cons so that we could get away or keep ourselves away from all the risky situations. Take a heed towards these top 10 Tips that will keep you away from all the gym injuries. Follow these tips seriously to keep yourself fit and injury-free.


1. Warm Up and Cool Down

Warm up is required before you start with your workout sessions. It makes your body ready for exercises by increasing the heart rate and losing your muscles and joints. While a cooldown is done when you finish your exercises. Cooldown brings your heart rate to normal. The best recommended cool down exercise is to walk down for 5-10 minutes.

2. Catch Your Body Signals

It means you should always listen to your body. There are days when you are low on energy but you still force yourself to do an intense workout. By doing this you are openly inviting injuries. So avoid it by listening to your trainer as he can detect what time is best for your body to indulge in an intense workout or a normal workout.


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3. Focus on Basics

One should always build a strong base with the knowledge of techniques rather than involving in heavy exercises. If you fail to learn the techniques, you will fail to do the exercises perfectly. So, this will result in wasting your energy as your focus should be on utilizing your energy. A healthy advice for the beginners is to spend few months analyzing your basics and form rather than analyzing how much weight is on the bar.

4. The 3 Famous Mantra

The 3 mantra are food, sleep, and hydration which will keep you injury free. The higher the intensity the higher will be your need to sleep that would cross to 7-8 hours. Second, be hydrated as it will lower the chances of cramps.  And coming to food a proper diet should be there. Tell your trainer to make a proper diet for you.
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5. Cross Train

Changing up your routine by involving different types of exercises. By this not only your body get benefitted but your metabolism too. On top of that, it also helps in fat burning. So simply give a break to your muscles from the same routine.

6. RICE Method

RICE Method stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate. Rest the Injury then put ice to prevent swelling. After that put a compression bandage and elevate the injury if possible.  RICE Method keeps the injury protected from getting it worse.


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7. Wear Proper Workout Clothes

Many injuries come through by wearing worn out shoes or tight-fitting clothes. So, always go to the specialty store for an experienced advice that which attire is meant for your body.


8. Stretching

Stretching between your sets will improve in building your muscles and promote muscular circulation. Proper stretching will elongate a muscle after warm up and before and after weight training too. So always involve stretching in your gym routine.


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9. Proper Training

You should undergo a proper amount of training. Overtraining can lead you to problems like it will reduce your growth, interfere with both muscles and nervous system. So simple solution is having 2-3 sessions per week and session should not last more than a month.

10. Concentration

Concentration is the main thing that will avoid gym injuries. If you are distracted then definitely you will end up harming yourself. So, you should always concentrate on what you are doing rather than peeping what others are doing.


Q- Gym Distraction involves?
A- Listening to songs, not following up with your gym routine and diet plan, noticing other people

Q- What essential should be carry in the gym?
A- Small towel, deodorant, extra pair of cloth, water bottle


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