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5 Tips For A Perfect Food Truck Menu

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - May 9, 20244 min read

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Before thinking of anything else a savvy food truck owner should define their truck’s menu concept because these days food trucks are more than just a place to stop to have a bite out of pure convenience. It is essentially the first step because other aspects of the business will derive from this concept primarily. A food truck with the perfect menu can carve out a niche market of customers that’ll willingly trek across the space to get their favorite delicious food. But the challenge here is how do we create such an inspirational menu? What are the prime factors we should consider while thinking of creating one? Well, in hopes of helping you with the food, we are about to drop five tips for your perfect food truck or mobile kitchen menu.


1. A Popular Offering Is Always A Great Idea

Incorporate a local and popular meal? Now the challenge here is how are you going to do that? Especially when you are new to the food truck industry and don’t even know what is going to be a hit at your space? 

Here is how you can spice up this: Simply add a local and highly demandable dish in general to your menu. For example, noodles of different kinds, burger and fries, a few selections of quick chicken dishes, sandwiches, or anything local that goes easy on demands. Obviously, you want to include a few delectable meals that relate to your food truck concept, and we get that. However, it’s not a bad idea to have a meal that most people are used to/know of, because you never know who is going to order at your truck — this popular item might stand out to them!


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2. Seasonal Special With Your Own Desi Fusion

If you want to attract customers year-round, then you might have to get seasonal with your menu. Now, you don’t have to change up your entire menu — well, unless you want to, that is — but it would be wise to add a couple of different meals for the winter and summer. As an example, seasonal juices such as Mango and watermelon juice is that the king of summer so be happy to feature your own watermelon fusion treat during the summer.


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3. Your Own Sense Of Aroma Would Be An Unique Twist

You want to stand out in the food truck industry, which is why you should always add your own unique twist to your meals. For say your concept is Chinese Food and for instance, you want to add Momos to your menu as your popular item. How do you add your own unique twist to something like that? Instead of just serving away those momos on a regular note you can spice it up with a pinch of maggie masala or add some cheese and seasonal veggies as stuffing and trust us it would be a game-changer. There are an endless amount of ways to spice up dishes, and you surely can add your own unique twist to even the most basic/common servings. Just keep experimenting and keep doing! 


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4. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment Like Dexter's Laboratory

Burgers, Rajma Chawal, or Vej Rice Balls are big in the food truck industry, but you are afraid to add them to your menu because they don’t relate to your concept. Spoiler alert: It’s okay to go outside of your concept from time to time! Just mark up this item/meal as a special, or only offer it for a limited time. This is your kitchen and your business, so if you want to cook something that doesn’t exactly relate to your food concept, then, by all means, do so! You’re the boss!


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5. Beverage Would Be Your Game-Changing Department

Yes, it is perfectly fine to have a soda/pop machine at your mobile kitchen, it would also be wise to concoct some homemade drinks, such as mojito, smoothies, milkshakes, and more. If you have space, it can pay off to have a coffee machine, especially during the winter months when customers will be looking to warm up. Having a selection of drinks available can help you to make sure that customers return to your food truck time and time again. 


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Being unique and standing out is the name of the game in this industry, so make sure to add some unique twist to your menu to give your business a realistic shot at long term success.