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Learn From The Expert: 5 Tips To Make It Big As A Food Blogger

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 9, 20244 min read

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One thing that we dig more than food; are the people who got married to the idea of tasting, cooking and writing about it. Our needle points towards a handful of bloggers who pioneered the trend of food blogging on social media platforms and are currently living their dream of getting paid know, eating.


While social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, magicpin has allowed hundreds, thousands and millions of foodies to share their love for food with everyone but there are only a few who makes the cut. And Mehak Dhawan or foodiesince96 is one such gourmand who with her dedication, hard work and plateful of creativity got through as one of the well-known food bloggers of India. She began her journey of food blogging in 2016 as a leisure activity and now 4 years later, she is still going strong with 249K followers on her Instagram and 2.37 subscribers on her YouTube channel. From uploading the most enticing click of their latest devoured dish to capturing the entire scene of her favourite restaurant, there is no limit to what she can express with a spoon in her hand. 


If you too are drawn towards a similar trend don't let your hesitation come in the way of following the footsteps of some of the major food bloggers. In fact, in our conversation with Mehak Dhawan, she was kind enough to concise her success mantra in these easy to follow tips that'll not only get you on the radar but make it big as a food blogger.



Take note guys because we are going to drop some knowledge...



1. Consistency Is The Key

"Out of sight, out of mind", is something every food blogger fears. Being regular with your posts, curating relevant content daily and hitting the right spot consistently is the best advice a pioneer can give to all the fellow beginners. Now if you apply the same method in life or in any other profession, the results are guaranteed. 


2. Clear Picture And To The Point Caption

"A picture is worth a thousand words"... And a picture along the lines of this very sentence is the difference between an amateur and a pro blogger. If you are aiming to be among the best just like Mehak, every image you post will count and it shouldn't be less than perfect. Flaunt your creativity in the captions but make sure it justifies the image. 


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3. Pick Your Niche

Jack of all trades and queen of none? Well, if you want to make it big like Mehak it's only important to choose your style and take it to prime. While creating a space for your talent on social media is difficult now more than ever, so, it's always a good idea to pick a niche and excel in it. Furthermore, curating content which is neither here nor there will only confuse the audience and one thing that viewers hate is....getting mixed data from a particular source. Expert's advice; keep it simple, stick to your guns and you'll be fine.  


4. Maximize the Usage Of Right Hashtags

#Hashtags sure look fun but blindly filling up the caption space with irrelevant ones isn't going to fetch you any visibility. Using just the popular hashtags like #follow4follow or #like4like isn't a doctrine you want to follow as the possibility of your post getting lost in the haystack will get higher. Hear it from the expert; you'd want to use a combination of two-three really popular hashtags, a couple of medium favoured hashtags, a few area-specific hashtags along with general activity-based tags. #ThankUsLater


5. Keep Experimenting

Classics work 90 out 100 times, sure, but you don't want to be a laggard when it comes to following social media trends. And you definitely don't want to be just a bandwagon when it comes to setting trends. Audience love and usually pay attention to the bloggers who are brave enough to step out of their comfort zone and experiment.


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The game is yours if you work hard for it...