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10 Things Women Wish You'd Do Without Being Asked To

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - March 5, 2020 3 min read

Women are complicated creatures, so mysterious, so puzzling. One can never guess what goes on in a woman's mind, how a singular sentence can cause a reaction so powerful. Why does a stray sock bother her so much, anyway? If only there was a way to know what a woman wants. If only, IF ONLY, we could just ask her *heavy sigh* 


Well, if asking the women in your life, what they'd like from you, seems like too daunting a task at the moment, there's no need to panic just yet. The truth is, there are certain basic things that most women want the men in their lives to do, for once, without being asked. You know how they say, "it's the thought that counts"? Well, they really aren't lying! 


To help you put a smile on the face of a woman in your life you deeply care for, we asked our readers to list things they want their boyfriend/ father/ brother/ an important man in their life, to do of their own accord. You know, without having to ask them, pester them or nag them. So, here's a round-up of 10 such things, based on information derived straight from the horse's mouth! 


1. Clean Up After Yourself

You're an adult, you can take care of your own mess. Imagine having to deal with an assortment of challenges in every sphere of life, then coming home and picking up after someone else. Sounds frustrating? You bet it is. 


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2. Put That Toilet Seat Down 

Please, just do it. Don't make her yell it from the bathroom while she's getting ready for work. 


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3. Make An Effort With Our Friends 

Our friends mean the world to us, and so do you. We get it if you don't want to hang out with our best friend, but making some effort to be on good terms with her, will make us appreciate you even more than we already do. 


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4. Communicate Like An Adult 

If you're busy and can only reply in the evening, tell us as much. Don't just disappear without giving us any context. 


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5. Give Random Compliments 

This one we obviously don't want to ask for. But telling a woman she looks pretty, especially when she doesn't expect it, *cough* in the morning *cough*, can put a smile on her face for the rest of the day. 


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6. Be Honest About Your Feelings

If you think we haven't been giving you any time, please tell us. That being said, it's very important to understand the difference between being open and honest, and being aggressive. 


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7. Replace The Empty Toothpaste 

Instead of, you know, using the last bit and surprising us with the empty tube right before we are about to get ready for work. 


Image Courtesy - Giphy 


8. Make A Dinner Reservation 

Extra points, if you choose to do this on a day it isn't expected, like Valentine's. 


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9. Let Us Pick The Channel 

We watched Rick and Morty for 4 hours straight, with you. It'd be nice if you offered to watch Friends From College with us, once. 


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10. Speak Up Against The Sexist Joke Your Friend Cracked 

That misogynistic joke your friend cracked, made everybody in the room including yourself, uncomfortable. If you speak up against it, we will know that you'll always try to do the right thing, regardless of the stakes involved. 


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Don't think. Just pick one, and give it a shot. And see what we've been talking about all this while, for your own self! 

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