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5 Things You Can Do With Your Dad Who's Just As Bored During Lockdown As You

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 9, 20244 min read

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As human beings, we all foster an almost subconscious love for routine. For stability, for things (at least certain) to move in a set pattern, as predictable as the turn of the clock. It's comforting, it keeps us grounded, and it creates a place we can come back to when things begin to go astray. 



But that does NOT mean, I want to stay in my bedroom for days on end, and have a trip to the living room as my biggest social event of the week. Considering the likely course of events, it's safe to suffice that it's only been a few days of what extends far ahead. And also factoring in the importance of practising social distancing regardless of how it makes us feel (cause it ain't about you), we are all on a forever quest for new things to do. And if there's one person who can definitely, and whole-heartedly agree with that sentiment, it's your dad!


So, cutting to the chase, here's a list of 5 fun things you and your dad can do together, when you feel boredom paving the way for a lockdown breakdown! 


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1. Start With Dad-Son/Daughter Everyday Morning Yoga Sessions

One of the most commonplace complaints amongst those both close and not-so-close to their dad, is that they never spent enough time together. Well, we have a practical solution for both you and your dad, which, in addition to helping you guys sneak in some quality bonding time, and routinely talk to each other before you both progress with your day, will also help the two of you stay physically active during the COVID-19 outbreak. And that is *drum rolls* making space for a 20-minute yoga session together in your morning rituals. 


2. Try To Beat Him At A Game Of Cards

The operative word, obviously, being "try". Remember all those times your dad ended arguments by counting his edge over you in years of life experience? Well, it's time to show him that often it's not age that decides who wins at something in life, both literally, and figuratively. However, we'd also like to clarify that in case of a bet, we'd probably place our bets on our fathers! If you want some cool card games to try out, check THIS out. 


3. Prepare A Dinner Together & Treat Your Mum

Look, I don't know about you, but if I had to nominate one person, and one person only for a free fancy dinner treat, my mum will take the cake (and the man course and appetisers). So, why not join forces with your dad, whip out your best chef hats, and spend an evening preparing a feast for your mum. Whether the said feast consists of 5 courses, or a bowl of vegetable Maggi, is entirely beside the point! 


4. Find A Common Interest And Learn Something New

While your dad might come out on top in a lot of things in life, you're probably a tad more updated with the latest cool things stirring the world. Which also includes interesting subjects to read, and learn about, as well as the online means one can use to achieve that. So, spend some time discussing what he enjoys, filter out those that coincide with your interests, and find a cool online course on the golden topic. Life is basically a Venn diagram.  



5. Make Him Try All The Filters On Instagram

Saving the least-productive but most-fun for the last, use your most-effective boredom extinguisher, when all other attempts to have fun prove unsuccessful. We are talking about your phone, duh! Just for the giggles, try out all the available Instagram filters with your dad, and make an album to store the funny photos you click. Stress-busting activity, wholesome family time, and more content for your quarantine Instagram stories? Aren't we great at recommending things! 

One last question. Why are you still here, and not running to your dad?