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5 Things You Can Do With A Bottle Of Whiskey

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 4, 2020 3 min read

Following the passing of countless lacklustre days, a happy piece of news has finally made its way to us. Especially for those of us, fond of closing a day with a drink, the latest lockdown relaxation and subsequent opening of liquor shops definitely make for a reason to celebrate. After all, the possibility of scoring a fresh bottle of whiskey, instead of making an old open one last, is one worth being excited about. 



So let's say braving all crowds and threats of infection, you lurch your way to a liquor shop near you and manage to get your hands on a bottle of Whiskey. What next? Do you plan on simply sipping on your whiskey, either entirely neat or in the form of a cocktail? Not that there's something wrong with that. But we say, why should you limit yourself to using your favourite spirit as a beverage when there are a host of other equally delightful things to do with whiskey! From cooking a mean Chicken dinner recipe to using the empty bottle as a decor element, here's a list of 5 things you can do with just one bottle of whiskey! 


Image Courtesy - Karl Taylor


1. First Things First, Down It Neat 

As all whiskey lovers are tired of telling the world, Whiskey isn't a liquor you should have on the rocks, especially when the whiskey is a pricey one. So to get an authentic taste of your favourite liquor first thing after scoring a bottle, pour some neat Whiskey into a tumbler and sip away. If neat whiskey sounds too adventurous or intimidating, you can add a few drops of water to open up the flavours in the liquor. 


2. Next Up, A Cocktail 

Now you can disagree with me here and move on to the next suggestion, but whiskey definitely makes for a great liquor choice for certain yummy cocktails. Whiskey carries a rather serious reputation as an alcohol choice, but people who've experimented with the flavours know how to mix the right ingredients to create an even more enticing beverage than the OG one. Here are some DIY whiskey cocktail recipes to get you started. 


3. Save Some For A Dinner Recipe

Whiskey? In dinner? Slow down, foolish heart. A splash of whiskey, or if you have it with you, some bourbon, can substantially amp up the flavours in your dinner meal. For instance, you can make a honey bourbon barbeque sauce to coat your chicken wings in or mix some whiskey with soy sauce and spices to create a unique marinade. You can also use whiskey to deglaze the pan and make pork chops with a tipsy twist. 



4. Use The Leftover To Make A Dessert 

Who knew our favourite liquor could be such a superhero in the kitchen? Whiskey is well-known for adding an intoxicating flavour to already decadent dessert and honestly, why would anybody say no to that? Some quick ideas include whiskey brownies, whiskey-flavoured chocolate chip cookies, a chocolate whiskey cake or as a throwback to college days, a bowl of classic Whiskey soaked gummy bears. 


5. Use The Empty Bottle As A Lamp

Last but not the least, once you're done with every sip of whiskey in your new bottle, you can now use the empty container to light up your life, literally! An easy DIY decor solution is to poke a few holes at the top and stuff some battery operated fairy lights (make sure they're properly insulated) into the empty bottle of whiskey, for a quirky new lamp. However, there are a bunch of other DIY decor hacks for an empty whiskey bottle, ranging from glass vases for storing flowers to DIY soap dispensers. 

Time to get frisky, with your new bottle of whiskey! 


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