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10 Ways You Can Make Your Grandparents Feel Special

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Aug. 10, 2022 6 min read

Whenever I try to recall my fondest childhood memories, my mind instantly travels back to the many summer vacations I spent at my grandparent's house. The imagery of my cousin and I, sitting cross-legged and patiently waiting, as my Nanu used his trusty pocket knife to slice up fresh mangoes, is as vivid as if it were yesterday.


I remember waddling down to the Ganga ghats with him and collecting clammy clay in a big bowl, for our comically ambitious pottery projects. I remember his animated voice as he narrated ghost stories all afternoon, and I remember all the riddles he threw at us when we least expected them. Every day I'd switch to a brand new hobby, and every single time he'd rush to get supplies. Most of all, I remember being spoilt silly and showered with hugs and love, and doting hair-ruffles. 


All this to say, the statement I'm about to put forth rests on a lot of conviction. There are only two people in the world who can match up to the magnitude of your parents' love for you. And they're your grandparents. The kind of warmth you'll find only in your grandpa's embrace is irreplaceable. And nobody else on the planet is ever going to be as invested in over-feeding you, like your grandma. When we're kids, they're our favourite people in the whole wide world, but as we grow older we also tend to grow distant from them. Yet, the unconditional love your grandparents have for you remains as constant as ever. 


If you're lucky enough to still have your grandparents around, take this blog as a sign to express your gratitude to them. Repaying them for all they've done for you, is entirely impossible. But you can definitely make them feel as special as they truly are. So with that in mind, here's a list of 10 things you can do that will completely make their day! 


If they're away from you 


1. Write a letter to them 

Yep, the old-fashioned way. There's nothing quite like treating your grandpa to a heavy dose of nostalgia, with a beautiful hand-written letter. Pour out all your feelings of love and gratitude onto the paper, recall fond memories that you shared with your grandparents, and try to put in words how much they matter to you. Trust me, when they receive the letter in their mail, the smile on their faces will be worth the effort. 


Image Courtesy: Pexels 


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2. Tutor them on technology 

Through the years of your childhood, teenage and even adulthood, your grandparents have shared their wisdom and knowledge about life with you. One simple way to repay the favour is to tutor them on a subject that's your forte. Technology! Not only will they be thankful for you taking out the time to explain something that's still a bit alien to them, but your video calls and Skype sessions will be a lot smoother moving ahead. 


Image Courtesy: Freepik


3. Set up a time for a weekly video call 

How many times have you pledged at the beginning of the week that you'll give your grandparents a lengthy call this Sunday for sure? And then had the whole thing skip your mind completely? Instead of these unkept vows, it'd be much better if you dedicated a specific time in the week for a video call with them. Set up a schedule, put it on your calendar, and please, just keep your weekly appointment! 


Image Courtesy: Freepik


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4. Ask them for history lessons 

More than any history book, asking our grandparents about the times they lived in, or the historical events they were witnesses to will expand your repository of past knowledge. Not just facts, it's also a wonderful way to gain an understanding of subjective experiences related to occurrences you've only read about. Take my word for it, your mind will absolutely be blown by the end of the conversation. And your grandparents will, of course, be grateful for the time spent! 


Image Courtesy: Freepik


5. Watch their favourite movie & discuss it on a call 

Yeah, the latest reality show to be released on Netflix is great. But it isn't going anywhere. Instead, ask your grandpa what his favourite movie from the bygone era is, and sit down to watch the film attentively. Afterwards, give him a call and discuss at length, what you liked and didn't. Not only will it make your grandparents happy, but it's also a great way to get into retro cinema and become a full-blown film snob! 


Image Courtesy: RawPixel



If they live with you 


6. Randomly get them flowers

Our grandparents don't demand grand gestures, all they need is a reminder every now and then, that they mean the world to you. And a random bouquet of flowers could be a great way to express all the love. The sentence "it's the thought that counts" really rings true in the case of our grandparents! 


Image Courtesy: Country Living


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7. Look through old family albums together

What better way to bond, than to revisit how things used to be once upon a time, and snicker together at your dad's funny hairstyle from his younger days? Personally, whenever I've done this exercise with my Nanu, I've walked away with more insight into the people in my family that I dearly love, especially my parents! 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest 


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8. Take them to their doctor's appointment & then treat them to lunch 

Go ahead and drive your grandpa to his monthly checkup at the physician's office. And when you do so, make a day out of it! Schedule fun things to do together in the city, like taking your grandpa to a fancy restaurant for lunch. Make him taste your favourite dishes, and spend time chatting the afternoon away. 


Image Courtesy: Freepik


9. Ask them for life advice 

They've lived in this world for a lot longer than you have, and even if you consider your times to be more advanced, there's no way you can parallel their wisdom. If a co-worker is bugging you at work, or you're having issues with your best friend, your grandparents will be able to give you an alternate perspective along with some much-needed truth bombs! 


Image Courtesy: Sixty And Me


10. Take them on a drive 

Play old songs, open up the windows and just drive through town. Show them spots you prefer in the city, the place you love having coffee at, or the shopping mall that never fails you. At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter what you end up doing, as long as you're spending some quality time with them. 


Image Courtesy: People


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Made it to the end? Now stop everything you're doing, dial your Dadu's number and just tell him you were thinking about him. His sheer joy will radiate through the phone, I promise. 

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