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Celebrate Your Singlehood On V-Day With These Fun Ideas!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Feb. 3, 2021 7 min read

For all the lucky ones in love, Valentine's Day is an opportunity to celebrate their relationship and reminisce about the small details that led them to fall in love with their partner. But for a lot of us singles, it's a day we've come to dread the most. Our social media feeds get flooded with PDA posts, while our inbox is filled to the brim with promotional messages about being in love and cherishing it. So what does that mean, we retire for the day and try to ward off reminders of our singlehood on Valentine's Day? 

No, silly. You can still celebrate the love of your life, you! And let's be real for a minute, you will never have to argue with yourself about going out at night with the girls, or meeting your ex for a friendly lunch! Romantic relationships are wonderful, but they aren't the only kind of connection worth toasting to. So, turn this 14th Feb into a Singletine's Day, and celebrate the awesome bond you share with your friends, family members, and most importantly, yourself. Let us help the cause by running these 10 fun ideas for a solo Valentine's, by you!  


1. Play Tinder Roulette With Your Single Friends

For all the single people in the house, Tinder roulette is an exciting activity which can also be channelled as a fun drinking game! All you need to do is, sit together with all your fellow single friends and connect your mobile phone to your television screen to broadcast your Tinder to the whole room. Take turns swiping, and down a shot for every right swipe, and 3 for every match you get. Every time you come across the word "sapiosexual" in a bio, all the people in the room have to drink. Or you can make up your own rules! Point being, you'll have a blast celebrating your wide range of options with fellow singles on V-Day. 


Image Courtesy - The Verge 


2. Have A Pamper Yourself Day 

Being single has its own fair share of perks, which we often tend to neglect while admiring those in love. If you're feeling low because you're single this Valentine's Day, just think of all the time and money you are saving, that you can now invest in the things only you enjoy, the things that bring you joy. Book yourself a session at a fancy spa because you deserve it. Or if that seems like too much of a risk, invite a couple of friends over, and turn your living room into a spa. With the right home spa products and a dash of aromatherapy, you can relish a long relaxing session at home! 


Image Courtesy - Medium


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3. Stream And Chill

I know this seems obvious, but give it a good thought for a minute. What's one of the best parts of being single? That you can get lost in your own fantasy land, and there will be no-one to disturb your reverie. You can do this by using the best time machine ever, movies! Spend this Valentine's Day fawning over all the sappy rom-com movies that feature your favourite celebrity crushes. Even better, invite your single pals over for a movie night, and celebrate the amazing life you have, with or without a romantic partner! 


Image Courtesy - Scooppin


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4. Throw An Anti-Valentine's Day Party

Yep, you're right! The inspiration for this one came from the movie "Valentine's Day" which features Jessical Biel's character throwing an anti-Valentine's Day party for all her single friends! If you think Valentine's Day is over-rated, and a product of capitalism that aims to induce shopping sprees in the name of love, don't be afraid to say it out loud. In fact, get your single best friends over and make a party out of your dislike for everything 14th February. 


Image Courtesy - Pinterest 


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5. Eat All Your Favourite Food 

With nobody in your life to comment on your binge-eating, and only yourself to please, we urge you to go on a full feast this Valentine's Day. You can choose to head to your favourite eateries in town, or order yourself a bunch of dishes you've been craving lately. Also, considering you're single, you're lucky enough to not have to share your food with anybody. Every single fry in that platter is yours! Now, that's a cause worth celebrating. 


Image Courtesy - Pinterest 


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6. Enjoy An Online Shopping Spree

Every penny you've ever earned is yours for the keeping, and that reason alone should be enough to keep you off the dating market! Now, that Valentine's Day is here, it's time to spend that hard-earned money by splurging on all the things YOU want. Power up your laptop, visit your favourite online shopping websites and venture on a spree to take full advantage of all the on-going Valentine's Day offers! As the quote goes, whoever said money can't buy happiness, simply did not know where to shop! 


Image Courtesy - Verdict 


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7. Go On A Staycation With Your BFF

If you have some surplus cash lying around in your bank account, then we suggest you make this Valentine's Week a getaway opportunity with your gang! Get all your BFFs together, and plan a small escape out of your life in the city. All you need to do is find a gorgeous place to camp at. You can pick the beach, head for the mountains, or even drive down to a different town. Bonus? You'll be away from all the annoying couples you know! 


Image Courtesy - Freepik


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8. Go For A Digital Detox 

With all the buzzing stimuli our brain is regularly presented with on social media, and the constant reminders of couples blissfully in love, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Which is why you should spend this Valentine's Day taking a break from all your social media application.! Spend some quality time with yourself, away from the noise of everybody else's life, and come back on the 15th of February feeling all rejuvenated! 


Image Courtesy - Envision Pulse 


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9. Host An At-Home Wine Tasting Session 

Got some wine lying around the house, but can't help feeling guilty every time you get the intense urge to down it all in one gulp? Well, here's a pro tip. You can still get drunk alone at home, as long as you give it a fancy rationale, like an in-house wine tasting session for one. Or better yet, invite a few pals over and ask each of them to get a unique wine along. Whip out the cheese blocks (no, you don't need Brie, Mother Dairy will do just fine), a few crackers (yes, Britannia 50-50 works) and all the wine bottles you now have to orchestrate your own wine-tasting session this Valentine's Day. 


Image Courtesy - Freepik


10. Do Something That Your Ex Hated

Well, if we are being petty, we might as well go all the way, right? Perhaps you've always wanted a pixie cut but your ex was dead-set on long hair, or you always wanted to adopt a dog, but your ex was allergic! Well, guess what? They aren't around anymore, and you can do as you please. So celebrate your singlehood and the accompanying freedom this Valentine's Day by indulging yourself with something you could not when you were in a relationship! 


Image Courtesy - Twitter 

With all these amazing ideas of fun things singles can do to have their own Valentine's Day celebration, 14th February is likely not going to be just another boring day. While everybody around you is celebrating their significant other, you will be treating the most special person in your life, yourself. Happy Single-tine's!

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