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Tired Of Running A Marathon? Hit These Places In Delhi To Relax Your Senses

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Nov. 21, 2019 9 min read

Running a marathon is similar to hitting a freight train with your body! A 20+ Kms run can make your muscles cry out loud and to just finish such a mammoth task is an achievement in itself. After which, your body deserves a round of applause and some long-held pamper. 


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So how about a few things to recover from the muscle and tissue damage after a marathon? Relax your senses back to a normal state and get them ready for another stress test in the future. But right after, take things slow for sometime and refuel your energy tanks with some goodness of life and gastronomic delights. 


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So let's start with a few tips to consider right after you've ended your marathon. 


Relaxation Is Important - Tips To Refuel Yourself:


Just Keep Walking

Running a marathon raises your cardiac levels to a very high extent, and dropping it down suddenly would cause more damage than good. Muscle contractions, cramps and sudden strokes can happen if you suddenly bring your body to halt after running a marathon. The solution, bring down the increased flow of energy in your body gradually! Keep walking to bring down the oxygen level in your body at a controlled pace. Your lungs are like an internal combustion engine, and stopping it suddenly is surely not suggested, instead, gear down and walk yourself to rest.


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Viparita Karini - Yoga's The Way!

Stretching your legs upwards, against a wall or a platform, like a yoga asana,  is also suggested after a long run! This helps you stabilize the blood flow by reversing it back to the upper body. After when your legs have done their bit, there's no need for an increased blood flow towards the lower half of your body. Such a body stretch would help your muscles recover and you to relax better. 


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Don't Gulp But Drink Slowly

After a marathon, your body is as dry as a sponge and to quench your thirst is the only thing on your mind. But to gulp down litres of fluid isn't really that beneficial. Instead, stick to sips and bite-sized portions of fluids and food after a run. Having a granola bar may help, but don't hog onto it, eat it slowly. This will keep you hydrated but won't make your stomach have a bad day afterwards.


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Chill Out & Relax

Apart from being a huge thing on your physical state, a marathon is equally heavy on your psychological senses as well. So after you've completed the marathon, just plan to chill & relax. Take a day off or two from your workout regime. Treat your body like a child, fulfil its desires and have those things you've been craving for since long.


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Sinful Rejuvenation - Healthy Breakfast Spots To Hit After A Marathon


Busting the myths, it's not just eating healthy food that'll help you recover! But also what you wish to have! So it's time you head to one of the many great breakfast spots in town and have some of those buttery, sugary delights you've been wanting since day one of your diet regime. Some of them to consider are stated below:

The All American Diner is everything you can imagine about a Diner in New Jersey. From bacon to pancakes and maple syrup, just name it and they serve it. A breakfast date with your marathon buddy is just the thing you need after such a high octane morning. With delicious breakfast buffets to a la carte items on their menu, everything is simply a delight for the eyes and a relish for your taste buds. 

Another favourite breakfast spot among Delhiites is the Big Chill Cafe. Serving the best in class fries, several kinds of pasta, mouthwatering shakes & replenishing drinks to drool for, the Big Chill Cafe is a perfect breakfast spot to relax after a great marathon. It's availability across the city and a well-curated menu that's all things essential for all kinds of taste buds make it a great option for you.

For those who like it a little sassy along with a host of options, new & traditional, to try from, the Soda Bottle Opener Wala is one amazing place to look up to. Serving delectable Iranian cafe delights to the masses since long, having breakfast here is one of the many great things to do in life. 

Another jewel in the breakfast crown of Delhi, the Eggspectation will keep you sorted for healthy and tasty, both at the same. With a wide array of delectable delicacies from its world-renowned kitchen, all your breakfast fantasies are sure to be satiated here. Worth the price, the meals you get here would make you come back for sure. So after a duelling marathon, just remember to head here for a sumptuous and hearty meal. 


Or You Can Spoil Yourself - With Delhi's Hidden Delights

Or, you can spoil yourself completely today, no worries, you deserve to do so. You've fought a tough battle and a little reward, no matter how explicitly unhealthy it may seem, is still okay for you today, but remember to not be too attached. Come tomorrow, another territory awaits. But there's time today, the curtains have not fallen yet, so gorge onto these and enjoy!



A breakfast joint that is as authentic as it can get, the Haji Al Noora is one of those places that are seriously underrated for the mouth-watering delicacies they serve. Touted as the best place for Nihari and Khameeri Rotis in town, get here to experience an explosion of flavours for the first thing in the morning. Situated in not a quant corner if you wish for, but it's one of the bustling alleys of Delhi, you might even spot some of the best Mughlai dishes being prepared in the proximity of this joint. 

The quintessential Delhi breakfast cannot be completed without a huge bite of Kachoris at the Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala. Famous for its Aaloo Sabzy with a tangy savoury flavour and the kachoris that melt in your mouth, if you've been here once, then your taste buds are one hell of a test for the best of breakfast options in the world. So come here for a heavenly experience or just for something new, but you won't leave disappointed or without a smile on your face.

Another of the hidden jewels hiding away in plain sight is the Lotan Chole Kulche, offering a perfect start to Delhiites for a long day ahead! Also perfect for those who just came out of a tough marathon. The sweet & savoury chole perfectly blend in the soft kulchas to define delectability at best. May seem heavy on the outside and which they are too, but only on the taste quotient. For the rest, you need to try before and to smile after. 


So Delhiites, it's been a splendid job that you ran for the cause, for health or to just show yourself that you can! And so now, it's time to give yourself a break! Take a day off, skip those diet charts, don't hit the gym today, enjoy a cheat day for you, eat what you want and relax through the day, or just Netflix & Chill, just do whatever your mind tells you to. 



Q. What drinks do I need after running a marathon?

A. You can have anything with sufficient amount of electrolytes in it. Coconut water is usually suggested, but water with some glucose powder is equally beneficial.


Q. What if I drink a lot of water right after a marathon?

A. Drinking a lot of water right after a marathon would make you feel uneasy and pukish. Instead, have sips of water first. Once your body has properly cooled down, you can have as much water as you want. 


Q. Will drinking a protein shake help my muscles relax?

A. Having a protein shake right after a marathon has very less to do with relaxing your muscles. But it will help you recover any tissue damage and in building stamina or strength for the future. 


Q. What to do if I feel some Cramps or Pain in my abdomen after running a marathon?

A. Usually, these do not happen if you practice enough before. But if in case you feel something similar, don't gulp in a lot of water but seek medical assistance right away. 


Q. What is the risk of dehydration after running a marathon?

A. There is a possibility for you to get dehydrated, but only if you've not been keeping your body hydrated since the previous few days before a marathon. If you feel the symptoms anytime during or after a marathon, drink a solution of salt, water and sugar, but very slowly. Also, consult the medics present on the spot right away. 


Q. Is having a lot of fast food the same day I run a marathon extremely unhealthy?

A. See, having a lot of anything is extremely unhealthy anywhen you do so. But keeping your desires at bay and having something you like in a limit won't harm that much!


Q. What if I've not had a marathon training, but I go for it anyway?

A. Well, running a marathon is not like your usual walk in the park. It takes a lot of strength and stamina to just complete it. So yes, you can compete for one to just have an experience, but it will take a lot more to finish.


Q. Can I have Icy Cold Water right after a marathon?

A. See, your body is like a furnace after you've completed a marathon and pouring in some cold water on above is sure to damage it further. So just go with some normal or lukewarm water first and then after some time, when your system is totally relaxed and when you're not sweating anymore, you can have a glass of chilled water.  

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