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Planning For A First Date? Make Sure You Don't Commit These Mistakes

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 7 min read

First Dates are like those unchartered territories where everything can go wrong in an instance. Your entire plan of action is like a house of cards that can collapse even over a single conversation that she or he wouldn't agree upon. From the difference in opinions to a bad taste at dressing up, there can be a number of things that can go wrong on a first date. And although, predicting the future is still a futuristic thing, yet there are ground rules you can lay to cover the major possible contingencies, by not doing what's stated below!


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Always Value The Time

Time is of great importance to everyone and punctuality shows that you really care and hold your 'date' to be important enough. Being late, on the other hand, would surely be a no-no on the first date. Until & unless your house is on fire, or there is an emergency, you should be showing up on time. This would ensure that you prioritize this date above other things, in simpler words, this person above other things. And God forbid if you do happen to be late due to any XYZ reasons, please be more than honest about the situation, the other person is more likely to understand and take such things more positively if you do so.


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Don't Let Your Past Haunt Your Present!

You're starting something good altogether and the last thing needed is to jinx it with some bad experiences you may have had in the past. This would not only make your 'date' think of you to be less compatible, but it will also make him/her believe that you may still and even in the future, would think about your exes. So refrain from talking on such topics until and unless you wish to dig your own grave. Instead, talk about what you look up to in a partner and how he/she is a suitable match. Even indirectly, you'll be expressing your feelings in a more appropriate way. 


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Don't Just Be A Chatterbox, Listen As Well

Listening skills make for a major turn-on among couples. A high percentage of individuals seeking romantic relationships demand that their future partners should be great listeners. It demonstrates that you're interested and if not providing a solution to the problems at hand, you can at least hear them out once! It solves half the matter right then and there. So, be a great listener, maintain eye-contact and acknowledge with verbal nodes if possible. This is sure to stage you as a perfect boyfriend or girlfriend material. 


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Dress To Impress, But Don't Overdo Anything!

Looking like a mess is going to end your date more sooner than expected. A wise man once said, the first impression is the last one as well and this goes rightly with a first date situation. Therefore, just make sure you're presentable enough, from head to toe. Even if you wear shorts, you know, if the occasion demands, even then you can be more presentable by pairing it with a nice pair of shoes and not some worn-out slippers. For Girls, you never really dress badly and so you might even leave this out of the picture! Also, please don't bling up unnecessarily, no one likes to hang out with a flashlight along. So keep it subtle but presentable at the same.


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Running Out Of Topics? Think Of Anything But Your Life Story

We know, how keen you are to tell everything about yourself at the first chance you get! And even if you have to dive into the depths of embarrassment to do so, you won't stop anyway. But not today! You'll keep all the "fun things" you did as a child to yourself. Out of the entire world, you should spare the horrors of a detailed biography of your life to your 'date'. Instead, just come up with questions like if he/she prefers mountains or the beaches for vacation. And from there you can go ahead with such topics and genres that would entice the two of you. So keep yourself from bloating out your personal diary on your first date, but be interactively interesting!


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Keep Your Wild Fantasies At Bay

And even if it's always on your mind, just keep it to yourself this once. It's the first date and not many of us are comfortable talking about the preferences on a bed. So keeping these eerie details at bay and leaving things to take their due course is suggested. Rest, you will know what would happen if you don't! Such dates are awkward enough for the two of you, as you don't know each other properly and bringing up such topics is sure to open a can of worms if not what's on your mind! Until & unless you wish to come across as creepy and weird person, you wouldn't talk of such things on your first romantic encounter.


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Don't Judge Or Argue

If the two of you happen to disagree on something, just make sure that you stomach the fact with more consciousness about the other person's feelings. Disagreements are a part of relationships and judging someone over an opinion is something that disqualifies you as a suitable partner. Worst? Being argumentative about it! Always up for arguments, debates, a suggestion if you call it so, please don't! No-one's here for a lecture and even if you were the last person on earth, it doesn't qualify you to make judgments about anyone's intelligence.  


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Please Don't Forget The Manners At Home

For guys, it's about being chivalrous and kind to everyone around, & for girls, it's to be who you are, great already! So you might even skip this one as well. But the guys need to maintain a respectful attitude, moreover a considerate one to those servicing these arrangements! Apart from holding the door open for her, pulling the chair at the restaurant, asking the lady to make an order before and then making sure that she's comfortable with everything around, you should also treat the housekeeping staff with respect. It shows your character and if you strike as an unruly hipster with no sense of mannerism or respect for others, well then you can surely toss away your relationship plans in the bin.


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Never Tag A Third Wheel Along

They are more a stranger than you are to your 'date'. Inviting people un-announced is sure to make him/her feel uncomfortable and dominated. The trio of your friendship will have enough time to crash the party, but not when it has just started. Let all of your friends know that you'll give them their chance to tag along in the future. But just not today, because right now you need to establish that sense of trust and free-will among each other. And if you don't wish to make him/her have second opinions about the thing, just make sure that your bevy or the gang is no-where around to be seen on your first date. 


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Surprises Aren't Always Pleasant

It's understood that you're keen to surprise your 'date' with something new, but that stage will come if you don't do anything as such. Planning something without his/her consent is only going to leave him/her more shocked than surprised! He/she may or may not be comfortable with such things, there can be numerous possibilities, from being allergic to something in this surprise to being phobic of anything as such, there can be a host of things that can go wrong. So don't plan and waste your efforts into something before discussing it with your date. It's never a good practice to be followed on first dates. 


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Well, apart from these, there may be a number of things you can do to make sure that you have a great first date. But one thing is guaranteed that if you refrain from the above-stated things, you're sure not to end up a disaster. Because love forgives, first dates don't!  

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