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6 Difficult Coronavirus Facts Doctors Need Us To Accept

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - July 1, 2020 5 min read

Whether it's malaria medication or essential oils, the Internet is currently speckled with non-specialist medical advice that might mean well, but usually ends up causing more harm than good. Take our country, for instance. Politicians I'm not going to name, have proposed preposterous cures for pandemic related bodily ailments, that range from virtually harmless like yoga to downright disgusting like a cow dung dinner. 


The thing is, most of us tend to overestimate the effectiveness of our Googling skills, and massively underplay the professional medical qualifications actual doctors spent years studying, to achieve and put to use. So really, Web MD might be a good source to gain some insight into a common condition, but when it comes to diagnosis, it's best left to experts in the field, who have degrees and experience to substantiate their credibility with. 



Simply put, trust your doctors more than your Whatsapp forwards. If you don't feel like paying a hefty consultation fee for some medical information, we have listed 5 things doctors wish patients knew, especially during the current Coronavirus outbreak.  


1. The Threat Of Infection Will Stay Awhile 

We've officially reached a point in the pandemic, and subsequent shutdown of activities when agitation in people is really starting to set in. It's understandable to feel restless and bored, considering we've now spent more than 60 days cooped up in our houses. But the current pandemic is going to continue raging, with some experts putting an end date as far into the future as 2020, and most asserting that the worst is yet to come. If you read about the pandemics in human history, you'll see that the second wave is usually deadlier than the first outbreak, and that for us could be some time in the next few months. This isn't to scare you, but taking the current pandemic seriously is of utmost importance. You may miss your friends and may want to just go out once, but do remember that even if you turn out to be not as affected by the virus, the elderly, diabetic, and immuno-compromised members of your family might not be as lucky. 


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2. Antibiotics Aren't A Cure-All Solution

It's slightly odd, but the Indian population especially seems to put a lot of faith in the healing powers of anti-biotics, which leads to the medicines being misused. First things first, antibiotic medication is meant to treat bacterial infections. What we are dealing with currently is a virus. Ergo, antibiotics won't cure problems arising due to a viral infection. It's also a common misconception that popping one isn't going to cause any major harm, so might as well take it. But taking antibiotics when you don't need them, can lead to several issues including kidney concerns, stomach ailments or strong allergic reactions. So unless prescribed by a professional medical expert, don't take antibiotics. 


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3. Reporting Your Symptoms Is Crucial 

A major part of stopping, or at least slowing the spread of the current pandemic, involves separating those infected from the healthy segment of the population. But a lot of people aren't ready to admit to symptoms, because they're terrified of being put in isolation wards. It's completely understandable to be scared in this situation, especially when you feel doubtful about your health. But this is a "do it for the bigger cause" kind of a state. It is an undoubtedly daunting prospect, but also one we need to face. Without proper treatment in a hospital, your symptoms can exacerbate. And there's always the danger of spreading the virus around. Medical professionals are here to help, and conquering your fear at the present moment will go a long way in saving both your life and that of the people around you. 


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4. A Healthy Lifestyle Is More Important Now Than Ever 

Like in the case of most things we are exposed to on a regular basis, we've grown desensitised to suggestions for a healthy lifestyle. When someone recommends that you maintain a balanced diet, and get regular exercise, it's easy to pass it off as generic adage and not actual medical advice. But one of the few things that have been linked to the severity of COVID-19 symptoms is obesity and higher deposit of fat in the body. The logic is simple, the more unfit you are, the lower your lung capacity as well as the ability to ward off infections. So maintaining a balanced diet of essential food groups that ensure your body is getting sufficient nutrients, working out regularly to keep yourself in shape and your immunity robust, as well as hydrating yourself sufficiently, no longer fall under the category of lifestyle recommendations. These are crucial prevention strategies in the face of a global pandemic. 


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5. Lockdown Or Not, Social Distancing Is The Norm 

The lockdown is your government's strategy of dealing with the pandemic as a nation. So regardless of the changes in those strategies, individual prevention measures are still absolutely crucial for protecting yourself against the pandemic. Even if the nation-wide lockdown comes to an end in the near future, social distancing is going to be the health mandate for as long as the threat of the virus is still prevalent. And looking at the steep incline rate of cases in our country, the criticality of being maintaining a physical distance of at least 6 feet from everybody you encounter outside, is even higher. 


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6. Mental Health Is Just As Important As Physical Health

A pandemic is a difficult truth to deal with. A lot of us are away from our primary sources of social support, and while digital means to stay connected are more widely used than ever,  the lack of physical proximity to our loved ones, combined with a sense of stagnancy in life can take a toll on your mental health. Giving yourself the time to process the situation, soothing your anxiety and practising quality self-care is not just important to stay sane when the world needs you to, it's also linked to better immunity and physical health. In our country especially, the importance of mental health is nowhere placed close to the focus on physical health. But it's important to remember that the state of your mind interacts directly with the state of your body.


Image Courtesy - Pexels


Lastly, now more than ever, we all need to believe in the phrase "prevention is better than cure". When it is a pandemic you're dealing with, you can't ever be too cautious. 

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