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More Than Just Yoga - A Paradise In Bangalore For All The Yogis

By Sonam Satija

Updated - May 9, 20245 min read

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Cafe Of The Week: The Yogisthaan Cafe

This beautiful quaint cafe is just what you need to destress yourself - it's the perfect place to rejuvnate, relax & seek some solace at The Yogisthaan Cafe. From the ambience to food - everything is crafted keeping in mind the wellness of everybody. It is the brainchild of Ajit Singh who an health enthusiast who has started this macrobiotic cafe portraying a typical yogi kind of dining experience. To make your experience more fun and relaxi there is also a pet black Labrador to make your dining experience a lovable one. This place is more than just a cafe as they also provide free wifi, yoga classes, a library, a garden, weekend markets, organic store and more. There is so much more to Yogisthaan as they also provide Homestays for Yogis which comprises of four types of different rooms to accomodate with one's needs which includes -The Garden Room, The White Room, The Light Room, & The Shanti Room. This place is a "Paradise for Yogis" as they've got just what you need to relax a mind in the best way possible. 


Highlights: Macrobiotic Cafe, Yoga Studio, Homestay, Vegan Friendly Food, Outdoor Seating

Must-haves: Turmeric Latte, Detox Juice, French Paradox Salad, Hashbrown With Jumping Twist, Refreshing Soup, Ten Grain Toast with options of Jam, Jaggery & peanut butter

Cuisine: Cafe, Healthy Food, Beverages

Cost For Two: Rs.550

Contact: +91 80 2552 0025 

Address: C-11, Kundermukh Colony, 2nd Block, Sarjapur Road, Opp. Amity, Koramangala, Bangalore - (Get Directions)



AMBIENCE - Peaceful and Minial

Minimal and peaceful are the perfect two words to describe this quaint cafe. Their wooden white furniture adds and extra charm to the cafe making it look sophisticated yet inviting. They also have books on the racks next to almost every table in the cafe - imagine sipping on a cup of delicious hot chocolate while reading an interesting book. Invest time in yourself, indulge in healthy meals and it's high time you give yourself a break now. The cafe is surrounded with greenery to give you the best vibes possible with it's minimal decor to provide you with the most peaceful time at this beautiful cafe.




FOOD - Vegan Friendly Dishes & Yogi Meals

Healthy food has another name - Yogisthaan Cafe, it would a be lie to say that healthy food isn't tasty as this cafe has got th most scrumptious dishes on their menu to amaze you. From vegan options to desi food options - they've got it all covered for you. You've got to try their tempting salads which includes French Paradox Salad, Summer Salad, Body toning salad and more for a healthy meal. Not just their sandwiches, tartines & burgers are just what you need to cure your hunger pangs - highly recommend trying Maxi Protein Cottage Cheese Burger, Capri Tartine, Ten Grain Garlic Toast and more. Don't forget to check out their "Yogi's Corner" on the meal which includes The Yogi's Breakfast which has amaranth, oats porridge, one hot beverage & shots of multivitamin juice and The Yogi's Meal which includes Quinoa tabbouleh, mini fig salad, yogurt with granola, and fruits & honey.




DRINKS - Medicinal Teas, Fresh Juices & More

Starting with "Chai" they offer a variety of medicinal teas and flavoured teas. We recommend trying their detox chai, masala chai and herbal chai which is best from the lot.  Their cold beverages includes Frappe, Fresh Coconut Water, The Yogisthaan Cafe's Signature Smoothies, Mango Smoothie, Banana Smoothie and more. Let's come down to juices - the variety includes - watermelon juice, orange juice, carrot juice, wheat grass shot and more. Apart from these you can also opt for detox juice, multivitamin juice, tonic juice and more healthy juices. Last but not the least their hot beverages are just perfect for anytime of the day - their medicinal teas are just what to need to have a toxic-free day which includes Jasmine Tea, Saffron Tea, Cleaning Tea, Curing Tea & more. Their must-haves include Tumeric Latte, Hot Chocolate, Americano and Filter Coffee.




Your meal is incomplete without tasting their tempting desserts which will leave you spoilt for choices. You've got to try their Sin Free Chocolate Mousse with no sugar and no gluten. Other yummy options include "I AM ROLLING" dessert which has banana roasted with honey, powdered coconut and topped with sesame seeds and cocoa powder served with vanila icecream. They also have yogurt with homemade granola along with blackberry honey and fruits. We recommend trying "Tapioca Kheer" which includes Tapioca, milk, lotus seed, pistachio, almonds and cashew. These desserts are just what you need for to try satiate your sweet tooth cravings.


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Q: Is there any other outlet of Yogisthaan Cafe in Bangalore? 

A: Yes in Indiranagar


Q: What are the additional facilities that The Yogisthaan Cafe offers?

A: Homestays, Free Wifi, Yoga Classes and Weekend Markets.