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10 Movies You Can Rent For 100 Bucks On TataSky

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 9, 20245 min read

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Oh, how I loved watching dystopian films with a virus on the loose, infecting thousands of citizens and one guy who can save them all. Well, our real lives have become somewhat similar except there's no hero coming to save us. In fact, we are the protagonist of our own movie and the only weapons we have at our disposal are awareness and knowledge. 


Now, let me tell you what we can do with it.


Let's spend some time with our families binge-watching some amazing films, new, old and classic right at home. To help you with this, here are 10 mind-blowing watches on TataSky you can rent for Rs 100!


1. Wonder Woman 1984

Watch here for 100 bucks!


Wonder woman is back and this time she's bringing more action, better chaos and an even stronger villain. It's time to welcome Maxwell Lord and Cheetah, two antagonists with superhuman strength and agility into DC-verse, and enjoy the duel. But don't worry, wonder woman is in full possession of her powers, has the love of her life by her side (If you've watched the last movie, you'll know wh this is important) and ready to lasso (of truth) her way to an epic ending. 

Image Courtesy: Polygon




2. Dumbo

Watch here for 100 bucks!


An elephant that can fly! It's a live-action animated film about an elephant, Dumbo. Bullied all his childhood, separated from his mother and neglected by the circus, his caretakers, a family of three helps him find himself. The film is packed with action, emotions and a heart-felt sequence of events hard to forget. 

Image Courtesy: The Jakarta Post



3. Jumanji - Welcome To The Jungle

Watch here for 100 bucks!


A deadly trio, Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black and Kevin Hart along with Karen Gillan is on a deadly quest to save Jumanji. The jungle is in danger and it's their job as game characters to complete the voyage and return back. If you were looking for a funny, adventurous, fantasy film, Jumanji should go first on your list. Enjoy this movie for 100 bucks on TataSky's on-demand feature with your family and siblings, and don't forget to make popcorns at home.  

Image Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle



4. Joker

Watch here for 100 bucks!


An isolated, bullied comedian trying to take his place in the world is tested and pushed to his limits. You saw the result in The Dark Knight and now watch the famous Joker's backstory in this masterpiece enacted by Joaquin Phoenix. It's a crime thriller badass to give you goosebumps. 

Image Courtesy: IMDb



5. 500 Days Of Summer

Watch here for 100 bucks!


No rom-com list is complete without 500 Days Of Summer. It's an epic movie of a hopeless romantic guy falling in love with his polar opposite girl. What's comforting is he finds himself in all the mismatch and mess. 

Image Courtesy: Refinery29



6. Interstellar

Watch here for 100 bucks!


Planet running out of food, a father slash engineer ready to join the mission to find life on other planets, a daughter who is disappointed and intrigued at the same time and a black hole of a twist you could never think of. Interstellar is Christopher Nolan's brainchild filled with drama, a great storyline and unforgettable music by Hans Zimmer. 

Image Courtesy: No Film School



7. Ready Player One

Watch here for 100 bucks!


In a realistic, highly probable future a regular guy embarks on a virtual journey to complete a series of tasks set by the late founder of a popular gaming company Oasis. The prize? Ownership of the entire conglomerate. This film by Steven Spielberg is a state-of-the-art creation with a futuristic vision (Spielberg's signature) and unbelievable graphics. 

Image Courtesy: The Verge



8. I Am Legend

Watch here for 100 bucks!


Starring Will Smith, this dystopian film is a must-watch. Given the similar times, you'll enjoy the movie even more and the story will hit the right spot. However, what I liked the most about this film is how every species on this planet, sick or otherwise is surviving on its own terms. Watch this movie for truckloads of action and spine-chilling drama. 

Image Courtesy: Screen Geek



9. He Named Me Malala

Watch here for 100 bucks!


Malala Yusufzai, a name known to all but understood by none. This is your chance to discover her life, her struggles and the courage that made her what she is today. In this 2015 documentary, Malala unveils her life and every aspect that came with it. Get inspired, awestruck and appreciate one of the youngest real-life heroines of our time. 

Image Courtesy: Reel Insights



10. The Dark Knight

Watch here for 100 bucks!


For everyone who worships The Joker and has a soft spot for DC's superhero Batman, this film is a Nolan masterwork. It's jam-packed with action, adventure and thrill. Rent it on TataSky on-demand feature for only 100 bucks. 

Image Courtesy: Mental Floss



Stay home, stay safe and have fun watching these kick-ass movies for just Rs 100 on TataSky "on-demand".