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10 Best Sunday Brunch Places In Bangalore You Can't Miss

By Sonal Sharma

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 7 min read

Don't let the bustling city of Bangalore make you forget the pleasure of Brunch. Inspiration comes when you treat yourself with the right dose of love, appreciation, and awesome food and when you get to enjoy delectable food right before lunch, under the bright and gorgeous sun in your own city of Bangalore! We have compiled a list of the best brunch restaurants in Bangalore to help you plan the perfect brunch date with your friends:

1. Bangalore Brew Works 

With a desirable full bar that will hook you, Bangalore Brew Works is one of the best places to enjoy a nice Sunday brunch at with your friends. One of the most beautiful places in Bangalore, this cafe is heaven for those pining for some me-time with friends. You will get the best appetizers, and the pub will definitely soothe a thirsty soul.   


Photo Courtesy: Bangalore Brew Works 


Highlights: Cozy place, Lovely Ambiance, Wifi 

Must-haves: Orange & Passion Fruit Cooler & Strawberry Rush

Cuisine: North Indian, Middle Eastern, Salad  

Cost for two: INR 1700 

Address: 10th Level Prestige Towers, 99/100, Residency Road, Bangalore (Get Directions 

Contact: +91 80 4965 3436


2. High Ultra Lounge 

With an understandably happening appeal, High Ultra Lounge is among the best Bangalore Sunday brunch places. You will definitely find a menu worth spending your money on and the best part is that you will love the cocktails. Constellation, the signature drink is definitely one worth sinning for and the entire menu will want you to stick around for the entire weekend! Do try the spiced cottage cheese.  


Photo Courtesy: High Ultra Lounge  


Highlights: Night Life, Wifi, Open Seating 

Must-haves: Spiced Cottage Cheese, Constellation  

Cuisine: Korean, North Indian, Italian, Mexican   

Cost for two: INR 2600 

Address: 26/1, 31st Floor, Dr. Rajkumar Road, World Trade Centre, Malleshwaram, Bangalore (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 80 4567 4567 


3. Big Brewsky 

The red chicken pizza & spring rolls are totally worth drooling over but what really adds to the magnificence of Big Brewsky is that it's a hot and happening place always buzzing with the right energy and you will surely fall in love with the pool. Once you check out the place, do try the brewery serving because you will absolutely love it, especially on Sunday!


Photo Courtesy: Big Brewsky 


Highlights: Night Life, Wifi, Live Music 

Must-haves: Dahi Kebab, Teriyaki Fish 

Cuisine: Japanese, Middle Eastern   

Cost for two: INR 1600 

Address: Behind MK Retail, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore (Get Directions)   

Contact: +91 80 3951 4766



4. Mynt- The Taj West End 

The central area and the grand entrance are indeed glorious and since Mynt is among the most elegant and posh hotels of Bangalore, you will have a happy time chilling with your friends for Sunday Brunch. The ambiance is cozy and you will love the positive energy there but what's icing on the cake is you will absolutely love the broad Brunch menu.    


Photo Courtesy: Mynt- The Taj West End  


Highlights: Serves alcohol, Wifi, Awesome buffet 

Must-haves: Caprese Mosaic, Lamb Tagine 

Cuisine: Italian, North Indian  

Cost for two: INR 2550 

Address: Taj West End, Race Course Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore (Get Directions  

Contact: +91 80 6660 5660


5. Rim Naam 

Believe us when we say that once you taste the Jasmine Rice & Mushroom salad at the Rim Naam, you will keep coming back for more. If you don't mind eating ice-cream in the middle of the day then Rim Naam is definitely worth a visit with your friends because you will get to chill and enjoy yourself without a care in the world!  


Photo Courtesy: Rim Naam 


Highlights: Wifi, Fine Dining, Serves Alcohol 

Must-haves: Raw papaya ice cream, prawns in oyster sauce

Cuisine: Thai, Salad (Quick Bites)  

Cost for two: INR 3000 

Address: The Oberoi, 37-39, MG Road, Bangalore (Get Directions)   

Contact: +91 80 2558 5858


6. The Reservoire

The Reservoire is among the best Sunday Brunch places in Bangalore and the reason why we are saying so is because the place is so good that it's always buzzing with crowd! We recommend that you definitely don't go there late at night but instead before noon for the perfect brunch with your friends. If you happen to have a taste for non-meat food then you will surely love the Peshawari Paneer Kebab. You will love the crowd in the morning when it's not too crowded and definitely find the ambiance soothing. 


Photo Courtesy: The Reservoire 


Highlights: Rooftop seating, Classy ambiance, Full bar 

Must-haves: Peshawari Paneer Kebab, Dahi Kebab  

Cuisine: North Indian, Continental, Chinese, American    

Cost for two: INR 500 

Address: No. 15, 17th Main Road, 5th ‘A’ Block, Opposite Bonsouth, Koramangala, Bangalore (Get Directions 

Contact: +91 91 4890 9148


7. The Brew & Barbeque

No matter what mood you are in, if you are enjoying a brunch date at the Brew & Barbeque, we promise you that you will get hooked! With a cozy, warm ambiance, you will feel almost at home and keep asking for more as you begin your beautiful journey at this stunning place that serves just a few of the best dishes and drinks in the whole wide city of Bangalore. 


Photo Courtesy: The Brew & Barbeque 


Highlights: Open air seating, Wifi, Live music

Must-haves: Kukkad Murg, Gunpowder Eggs

Cuisine: North Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican 

Cost for two: INR 1600 

Address: 36/5,4th Floor Soulspace Arena Mall Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli, Bangalore (Get Directions)  

Contact: +91 80 4512 8649



8. Feast, The Sheraton Grand Hotel  

Who says you can't have desserts for breakfast or dinner for brunch? Break all norms at the grand Feast, The Sheraton Grand Hotel and delight yourself with some self-indulgence and luxurious dining. Consistently rated 4/5, you will definitely have a gala time having your favorite Sunday Brunch at the Feast, Sheraton. 


Photo Courtesy: Feast, The Sheraton Grand Hotel


Highlights: Awesome buffet, alcohol available, cozy place    

Must-haves: Gouda Cheese, North Indian Dal Makhni 

Cuisine: North Indian, South Indian, Continental   

Cost for two: INR 2000 

Address: Sheraton Grand, Malleshwaram, Bangalore (Get Directions)

Contact: +91 80 4965 3115


9. Koshy's

If you enjoy the simple things in life then Koshy's one place you must absolutely visit. From the traditional Spanish omelet to more exotic dishes like Pork Fry, you will love it all. The place has a certain type of old world charm that you will fall in love with over time and yes, Koshy's is indeed the kind of place you visit with your friends if you want to enjoy your college days all over again.  


Photo Courtesy: Koshy's 


Highlights: Awesome Snacks, alcohol available, cozy place 

Must-haves: Mutton Curry Rice & Pork Fry   

Cuisine: North Indian, American   

Cost for two: INR 700 

Address: 39, St Marks Rd, Shanthala Nagar, St. Marks Road, Bangalore (Get Directions 

Contact: +91 80 2291 5840


10.Citrus- The Leela Palace

Citrus is one place where even picky eaters will embrace the beauty of life! Just one of the most enticing places in the whole wide Bangalore, Citrus has a broad menu that brings dishes alive from every corner of the country. From authentic tastes to lovely decor, you will find everything at Citrus.   


Photo Courtesy: Citrus- The Leela Palace


Highlights: Wifi, fine-dining, lovely ambiance

Must-haves: Moulin De Gassac Chardonnay, Tender chicken Malai Kebab   

Cuisine: Italian, North-Indian, European 

Cost for two: INR 3500 

Address: The Leela Palace, 23, Old Airport Road, Bangalore (Get Directions)   

Contact: +91 80 2521 1234 

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Q: Where can you get the best brunch menu in Bangalore? 

A: Citrus at the Leela Palace is hands down the best place to enjoy your Sunday Brunch at. 


Q: Which is a classy yet affordable brunch restaurant in Bangalore? 

A: Koshy's is definitely more on the pocket-friendly side and offers an enticing range of food for Sunday Brunch. 


Q: How costly is Shiro? 

A: Eating at Shiro might cost you around INR 3000. 



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