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10 Popular Cooler Drinks You Need to Try This Summer

By Anubha Das

Updated - April 25, 2022 4 min read

Let's face it, the only good thing about summer is the array of cool treats that come with it.


Yes, with mercury reaching soaring heights and heat driving us all crazy, we need something thanda to be sane and calm, *sigh*! We usually find ourselves reaching out for a bottle of water or a cold drink now and then. But is that all we can have? Absolutely no!


So, to keep functioning in this sweltering garmi, we picked these delicious, refreshing, summer cooler drinks that you need to try right away. Cheers!


1. Mojito

A hot favourite, this Cuban cocktail is just what you need to cool down on one of those scorching evenings when you're looking for something a tad stronger. A concoction of mint, lemon, peppermint, sprite and sugar, this refreshing drink can even be made without alcohol. What's not to love in this?


Image Courtesy: Homemade Heather



2. Lemon iced tea

Summer and iced tea have been two peas in a pod since time immemorial. When a slice of lemon is squeezed to add some zing to your drink, it might get a little easier to survive the heat. 

Image Courtesy: Times Food



3. Tambli

Love starting the day with a green summer cooler? Soothing and with detoxifying properties, this cooler is made with coconut, spinach and buttermilk. Enjoy it with your meal or simply as a beverage, but chilled, of course.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest



4. Watermelon agua fresca

We couldn't not include a watermelon drink in this list. Agua frescas are unironically popular for their simplicity. Watermelon is blended with water and sugar in this summer cooler. Top this fruity beverage with ice and voilà! 

Image Courtesy: The Foodie Physician



5. Ruby roots

Best enjoyed during breakfast or post a good workout, this summer cooler is a three-ingredient beverage made using —raw beets, ginger and orange juice. Filled with natural sugar and citrus, this drink is sure to give you the energy boost needed for the entire day.

Image Courtesy: NPR



6. Strawberry and mango mojito

After a hectic and tiring day at work, halt at your nearest café and order this kick-ass summer cooler. This refreshing concoction is sure to soothe your thirsty throat. You can pair some light delicacies with this refreshing drink and chill like a villain! 

Image Courtesy: Create Yum



7. Kairi sharbat

How can we talk about summer drinks and not mention mangoes? Kairi sharbat is a quicker, simpler - but no less tasty - version of Aam Panna. This summer cooler is all about raw mangoes, salt, sugar and (some might call this the secret ingredient) pink salt. Stir it all up and here is your perfect summer drink.

Image Courtesy: WeRecipes



8. Kokum cooler

This cocktail is sweet, tangy and fizzy cooler made with sprite, kokum agal, mint syrup, and lime juice, topped with lemonade *heart eyes*! And since all we need in this searing heat is something chilled to stay hydrated, this summer drink is simply perfect. 

Image Courtesy: Dassana's Veg Recipes



9. Falooda

It is a sweet summer cooler with a sweeter fragrance,  popular in Delhi, Haryana and Punjab. Falooda is a mixture of multiple ingredients such as milk, jelly cubes, ice cream, and rose syrup vermicelli. To make it more delicious and nutritious, basil seeds are added. After an adventurous spicy meal, the falooda makes your digestion easy and cools your body. 

Image Courtesy: Shahzadi Devje



10. Coke with tamarind

Most of us absolutely love the idea of a chilled, fizzy drink on a hot summer day, but who would have thought that adding a dash (or more) of tamarind pulp would make the regular coke more delicious than it already is? 

Image Courtesy: Cocktails - LoveToKnow



From agua frescas and kairi sharbat to healthy summer cooler drinks, we've got you covered! 


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