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Everyday Struggles In The Life Of A Blogger

By Sonam Satija

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 3 min read

It's important to know about the struggles of a blogger as brands usually take them for granted when it comes to collaboration.


1. Less Money, More Barter

For some people blogging is their passion but a passion cannot sustain your living, the worst part of blogging is that the return on investment takes quite a lot of time. The hard work and creativity come purely from the heart but you cannot eat or live without money. So many brands take bloggers for granted and want to work on a mutually beneficial basis. They usually offer you a product in return for your services. Not usually, but most of the times and there's only a limit to where you can take that. Your investment has to give you some concrete return.


2. Late Payments

Imagine after all the hard work that you put in while publishing the best of your content - you end up getting a late payment. Brands need to realize that a blogger goes out of their way to create good marketing content for them and the least they ask for is their payments to be received on time.


3. Competition

If you think bloggers don't have competition then you're definitely underestimating them. Every day hundreds of people start a new blog so imagine the kind of competition every blogger faces. It all depends on the content and efforts which makes a blogger reach the ladder of success. The competition is so high that one day everybody will be praising a trending blogger, the next day somebody else will be the face of day.


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4. Killing Your Creativity For The Brands

Brands need to understand that it requires a great amount of creativity to put up high-quality content. Before that they need to understand the blogger's niche, one can't ask a fashion blogger to meet the needs of a food blogger related content. They can't comprise with their niche to support a brand. It's important to choose bloggers according to the product they want to market.


5. Under All The Glam

Realize that under all this glam goes crazy days of hardship to produce the best content. It's definitely not as easy as ABC. Remember a blogger is the most efficient multitasker acquiring all the important skills to be in this industry. Being an allrounder is definitely not a piece of cake.

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6. Difficulties Faced In The Initial Phase

Each blog takes a lot of time to grow and gather thousands of followers to establish an identity in this industry. The whole processing of content takes hours and hours to get a final outlook - every picture requires high-quality editing along with top-notch vocabulary to meet the needs of a perfect blog. If the initial phase is not taken seriously then the coming months won't 


7. Social Butterfly 

Not every blogger is an extrovert - they literally get out of their shells to represent themselves at brand events. It's a struggle for an introvert blogger to interact at these events and establish themselves but then again blogging requires socializing.


8. No Fixed Timings

A blogger's working schedule is not fixed like an everyday job from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm - with 5 days working. They work literally all days from Monday to Sunday with no specific time - as they are basically their own CEO's managing everything on their own at least for the initial stage. A blogger's task includes it all from writing, photography and handling social media marketing along with making invoices which take the majority of the time.


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