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Self-Isolating? Here's How You Can Stay Fit At Home

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - March 18, 2020 3 min read

The current Coronavirus pandemic has had a powerful impact on most things we know, including our regular lifestyle, schedule and daily habits. With the option of stepping out whenever we so please no longer at our dispense, taking care of our body and health is entirely dependent on us, and our choices.



In the middle of on-going chaos, it's easy to fall prey to inactivity or lethargy, and give up on the notion of staying fit, because well, these are unusual circumstances. But the key to growing through difficulties lies in picking self-discipline over inertia, especially when it is crucial to your physical and mental well-being. If the Coronavirus outbreak has you stuck at home, these 6 basic ideas can help you in sticking to your fitness regime. 


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1. No Gym Does Not Equal To No Exercise 

Don't think of this period of social distancing, as an opportunity to let go of yourself. Continue with your regular workouts at home, albeit at a lesser intensity. Lookup exercises like squats, burpees, lunges, push-ups and planks that don't require any equipment. If you happen to have some home-gym equipment with you, it's advisable to create your own work-out circuit and keep exercising in short bursts and in short intervals. Also, never underestimate the importance of cardio. A brisk jog, run or even an evening walk is immensely beneficial for the body (as long as it happens at a minimum distance of 6 feet from others)


2. Coronavirus Outbreak Is Not A License To Unhealthy Binge-Eating 

Yes, with the current global stress levels at an all-time high, the urge to stuff your face with some comforting chips and chocolate bars is almost overwhelming. But is being unhealthy with your eating habits a wise choice, especially during a health crisis? Steer clear of stocking up your work from home station with junk food and sugary treats, and use this time at home (hello, mum's cooking) to increase your fresh fruit and vegetable intake. 


3. Get Some Serious Shut-Eye 

One of the best strategies to ensure that your immunity is functioning at its optimum level is to get plenty of rest and shut-eye. Stressful situations don't nullify your body's need for rest, but rather magnify it. And with confusing work from hours, and sudden drop in work-life balance, it is especially important you carve out undisturbed slumber time from your schedule, every day! 


4. Go Easy On The Alcohol And Cigarettes

Smoking like a chimney during an ongoing pandemic that directly affects your respiratory system, is probably not the wisest choice, to say the least. And while indulging in a glass of wine every now and then is okay, increasing your alcohol intake significantly will have adverse effects on your physical shape, and mental health. You don't want to re-join office looking like a different, way unhealthier person. So put that whiskey down. 



5. Manage Your Stress 

One of those easier said than done things, managing your stress levels is more important now than ever. Use your self-quarantine period as an opportunity to make life changes you've been meaning to for a while, and establish long-due habits. Fill your surplus free time with a balance of work productivity, and activities you enjoy. 


6. Give Your Mind Some Time To Unwind Everyday

Dedicate a set period of time every day to pure relaxing and unwinding. You can do anything that calms your mind during this hour, whether its meditation, listening to music, or snuggling with your pet. The basic idea is to let your mind rest, and recharge. 


Last thing. The times may be tough, but so are you! Keep holding on, and sooner or later, we will all emerge healthier, happier and better equipped to live the life we deserve. 

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