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10 Statement Jewellery Ideas To Swank Up Your Festive Outfit With

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 9, 20246 min read

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For someone who literally gets paid to give unsolicited fashion advice, my usual outfit choices are strikingly simple. I love wearing t-shirts, my dad's shirts, and comfy lounge dresses. I also believe in sticking to the same 4 shades every time I go shopping. A quick peek at my wardrobe will reveal a lot of safe fashion choices. I guess when it comes to styling myself, I'd rather go understated, and more often than not, under-dressed. But there's a reason I get away with it. 


And that reason is, instead of my clothes, I glam up with my accessories and my makeup. I've lost count of the number of times I've managed to upscale a mind-numbingly-bland outfit, by throwing on a gold layered necklace or wearing gigantic studded hoops on my ears. So, the moral of this story is just one. When I say statement jewellery is something I've spent a lot of time understanding, practising and perfecting, I really mean it. 


If that sounds remotely like your personal style, you've come to the perfect place. For there's no time that puts more pressure on us simple-fashioned folks to opt for more daring outfit ideas, than the festive season. Don't worry, you can put that glittery Kurta aside if you don't want to wear it. Because I'm now listing 10 statement jewellery ideas, that you can instead use to swank up your simple attire choices. 


1. Dangle earrings with heavy floral motifs 

Floral and animal motifs in jewellery have been all the rage this year. These statement floral danglers are every bit as trendy, as they are festive-ready. Especially if you're going with subtle solid colours in your choice of clothing, a pair of bright floral earrings can add some much-needed flair of drama to your festive look! 


We recommend: ESTELE Textured Dangler Earrings from Lifestyle @  ₹489

Image Courtesy: Lifestyle 



2. Gold chain choker

One of the biggest jewellery trends since 2020, has been a surge in oversized, chunky chains. While we've seen all forms and avatars of this trending piece, a minimal gold chain choker should pair perfectly with an ethnic outfit, or even a fusion look. You can opt for a single link necklace, or layer different sizes together. 

We recommend: ARZONAI Gold Stainless Steel Fashion Link Chain Choker from Amazon @ ₹199

Image Courtesy: Amazon



3. Geometric brass earrings

If you want to give your ethnic look a chic, contemporary spin, we'd strongly suggest you go for a pair of geometric brass earrings. There's a huge variety in the market that you can pick from, but combining different shapes in one layered earring is our personal favourite style. The best part about these earrings is their versatility, and you can couple a pair with a churidar set, just as fashionably as you can with a basic pair of jeans and shirt. 


We recommend: Sparkling Dazzle Brass Long Rectangle Geometrical design from Amazon @ ₹189

Image Courtesy: Amazon



4. Beaded kundan necklace

When it comes to Indian jewellery, Kundan will always emerge as one of the most timelessly trendy styles out there. Again, there are so many types you can tinker with in this department, but we particularly love chunky beaded necklaces giving way to a heavy Kundan pendant. Perfect for brightening up a dark-coloured ethnic attire with ease and panache.  


We recommend: Rubans Gold Plated Emerald Beads Embellished Kundan Studded Necklace Set from Myntra @  ₹883

Image Courtesy: Myntra



5. Stone rings

I'm a huge fan of giant cocktail rings, especially when worn with a Saree. Within the category, these abstract stone rings have emerged as a popular style this year. You can pick one with a minimal gold outline, or perhaps some silver holding details. Be sure to pick a stone that matches the colour palette of the rest of your outfit. 


We recommend: VOGUE PANASH Women Gold Plated Green Stone Studded Finger Ring from Myntra @ ₹749

Image Courtesy: Myntra



6. Oversized abstract gold studs

Another highly revered jewellery trend in 2021, we've been spotting these large abstract shaped gold studs everywhere. We absolutely love how simple and minimal it is, and yet manages to make quite a loud fashion statement. We think a pair is certainly worth investing in, because not only will they amp up your style quotient during the festival season, but also work as a highly reliable accessory for when you want to add some glitz to a regular work look. 


We recommend: CRZ Multi Geometric Studs Earrings from Myntra @ ₹498

Image Courtesy: Myntra



7. Oxidised-silver tribal coin necklace

This is a beautiful classic necklace style that you can opt for, especially if you're going entirely ethnic with your festive looks. If you ask me, I don't think anything works as well as oxidised silver in raising the glamour meter of an all-black look. Opt for similar coin earrings, and you're ready to rock the festive runway! 

We recommend: TEEJH Silver-Plated & White Brass Oxidised Antique Coin Necklace from Myntra @  ₹1,199

Image Courtesy: Myntra



8. Twisted pearl necklace

The pearl jewellery trend is here to stay in 2021, but not the kind you'd associate with your grandmother. We're looking at contemporary pearl jewellery, with edgier elements, and the twisted pearl choker falls under the category. While there's no denying that these have been around for a while, this year we've seen variations in sizes, silhouettes and embellishments. So go with the classic elegant piece, but with some modern touch-ups. 


We recommend: Surat Diamond Jewellery 5 Line Twisted Rice Pearl Necklace from Amazon @ ₹2,520

Image Courtesy: Amazon



9. Kashmiri jhumka arrings

Do we even need to say anything about these? So elegant, so beautiful, and unique enough to make a head-turning statement. So, all we'd say is, go for it! 


We recommend: YouBella Earrings for Women Jewellery Earrings Afghani Kashmiri Jhumka earrings from Amazon @ ₹179

Image Courtesy: Amazon



10. Chunky hammered rings

Last but not the least, if you're looking for something more minimal than a chunky necklace or big earrings, you can always go for a sophisticated stack of rings on your fingers. According to what we've seen from 2020 jewellery trends, wider, hammered metallic rings have been a crowd-favourite! 


We recommend: FOREVER 21 Women Orange & Coffee Brown Colourblocked Chunky Resin Finger Ring from Myntra @ ₹99

Image Courtesy: Myntra



Bling on the festive season!