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6 Snacks You Can Prep With A Tub Of Popcorn

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 9, 20245 min read

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On top of being a beloved snack devoured and relished by most folks, popcorn has also been a healthy hunger saviour for a lot of us. During the wee hours of the night, when pangs of hunger strike you unexpectedly, a packet of instant microwave popcorn can serve you what you need in under 5 minutes. Not to mention, the countless movies made more magical by the mere presence of popcorn and bubbly soda. Lathered in butter, sprinkled with pepper or coated in Caramel, the white puffy snack is always a crowd-pleaser, and for great reason! 


In fact, we love popcorn so much, we wanted to turn it into other snacks, equally worth loving and finding delight in. Of course, the ease and convenience of using instant popcorn as a chief ingredient certainly helped the cause further. So, after much research (read: incessant Google searches) we have with us a list of 6 mouthwatering snacks, you can dish together in a jiffy with a packet of popcorn! 


1. Popcorn Bhel 

Who doesn't love the tangy, tasty, and uniquely Indian snack of bhel? Now imagine recreating that bhel chaat you can wolf down in under 5 minutes, with an added twist of popcorn kernels. Perfect as a savoury evening tit-bit to treat yourself to after the long hours of work from home, this popcorn bhel recipe is full of flavour and made with just a few basic ingredients. We closely followed this Youtube video recipe tutorial by Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana to whip up our own bowl! 


Image Courtesy - Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana on Youtube




2. Nutella Popcorn

A constant craving for a lot of us, Nutella is 3 parts hazelnut cocoa and 1 part unadulterated love! So, when you throw in this popularly loved breakfast spread into a mix teeming with steaming popcorn, the result is bound to leave you drooling uncontrollably. We stumbled across this Youtube video recipe tutorial by Dished due to random luck, but the snack hasn't left our cooking minds for even a solid second since. We love the simplicity of the recipe, coupled with how animatedly the instructor takes you through the process! 


Image Courtesy - Tasting Table




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3. Popcorn Snack Bars

Would you like something simple, diet-friendly and utterly mouthwatering to snack on? Then these snack bars made from popped popcorn are ideal for your needs. Featuring ingredients like peanut butter, granola, brown rice and honey, these popcorn snack bars are loaded with nutrients and flavour in equal measure. We'll wholeheartedly recommend this Youtube video recipe tutorial by Tasty, which will equip you with the cooking know-how of not just 1, but 4 types of delicious popcorn snack bars. 


Image Courtesy - Tasty




4. Strawberries and Cream Crunch Popcorn

Loaded with the sweet fruity flavours of strawberry and the ultra-comforting smacks of creamy white chocolate, this recipe will leave you with a bowl of sugary popcorn-based treat. As complicated as the name may sound, the recipe is surprisingly easy and requires a handful of basic ingredients you can easily source from your kitchen. We religiously followed this Youtube video recipe tutorial by Chocolate Confetti Desserts, and within no time at all had mastered this easy delightful snack! 


Image Courtesy - Youtube




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5. Pizza Popcorn

I don't think I'll ever really be able to trust folks who can say no to a slice of pizza and actually mean it. But my personal opinions aside, this snack idea is a complete delight for all lovers of the Italian crust. Boasting of a perfect blend of the cheesy, savoury flavours of a fresh-out-of-oven pizza, this pizza popcorn snack will soon become your favourite movie night companion. We learnt how to make our own bowl with the help of the easy and detailed instructions from this Youtube video recipe tutorial by Rachael Ray Show


Image Courtesy - The Busy Baker 




6. 5-Ingredient Popcorn Granola

What would you feel about a snack you can make with 5 ingredients, one bursting with a heavenly melange of sweet and savoury flavours that make you lick your lips long after you've finished off the last morsel? Awesome, right? Well, then better get to it with this Youtube video recipe tutorial by Feasting on Fruit. Replete with the nutritious crunch of rolled oats and fluffy chunks of popcorn, this 5-ingredient treat will make for a wonderfully energising post-exercise snack! 


Image Courtesy - Oh My Jane 



We hope you're all geared up to transform your tub of popcorn into an even more appetising snack. Trust us when we say this, movie nights will never be the same again!