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10 Phone Camera Tricks That'll Blow Your Mind

By Aishwaryaa Jain

Updated - May 9, 20245 min read

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“ We click pictures as a return ticket to moments otherwise gone.” Isn’t it true though? Pictures often take us back in time. We almost relive those precious moments while looking at a picture.


With the onset of technology capturing those perfect moments has become rather frustrating than easier. I get it, it is difficult to obtain that flawless Instagram worthy click. We almost end up clicking a good twenty pictures out of which only one or sometimes even none make the cut. It's either terrible lighting or a flawed background making our click just not good enough. 



So while you’re experimenting with ways to improve your pictures. Here are 10 mind-blowing tricks you can use while clicking pictures with your phone.


1. Portrait Mode

The portrait mode is perfect for when you want the subject in your pictures to really pop. The background is slightly blurred bringing all focus to the subject, making pictures look more professional. A trick that usually works better here is choosing the right background. I know I know, the picture will eventually focus-out the background but the effect will be so much better. What more do you want from your phone camera?

Portrait Mode

Image Courtesy: Snapshot Canon-Asia


2. Switch To Manual Mode

Really wishing you had a DSLR? Well, don’t worry, all you must do is switch to the manual mode on your phone camera. This mode is perfect for capturing nightlife and creative cityscapes. Just set your ISO to 100 (least) and Shutter Speed to 30 seconds (maximum) and you’re ready to upload the best nightlife capture. 

Manual Mode

Image Courtesy: AndroidPIT


3. How To Use Grid Lines?

If you look closely all phone cameras have a grid option. You just need to turn to a three by three grid. You will see the preview splitting into nine equal blocks. For a perfect click make sure your subject is placed on any four meeting points of the grid lines. An old photography thumb rule called The Rule Of Third is the reason why this kind of composition results in professional DSLR-like pictures. 

Use Grid Lines

Image Courtesy: Reliance Digital


4. Experiment With Textured Backgrounds

Textured backgrounds can really enhance your photos. They are perfect for creating a vintage more attractive aesthetics. So the next time you try your hands on product photography or food photography go for rugged, wooden or marble backgrounds. Playing with your own creativity for a capture that will make everyone crazy is the need of the hour. Embrace it, my dear friend!

Images with background

Image Courtesy: Pixc


5. Natural Light Is All You Need

Natural sunlight will help provide a warm tone to your photos. It makes the colours in your scene pop even more. If you're clicking pictures of yourself the sunlight is sure to enhance your beautiful hair colour. A side tip though; for professional fashion-blogger-like photography be mindful of the colours you choose to wear and apply a little vaseline on the cheeks and tip of your nose to really make the click pop.

Use Natural Light

Image Courtesy: Picture Correct


6. Focus & Brightness

This is perhaps the easiest trick. Tap on your subject in the preview. This will increase the focus and brightness. The resulting picture will be clear and have perfect lighting. I for one never let a chance to capture the beautiful colours of sky and nature go in vain. So, I personally recommend you to tap on the screen where you see the maximum light. Result; a crisp picture with all the colours in perfect harmony with your smartphone colour composition. 

Use Focus

Image Courtesy: Android Authority


7. Enable Smart Burst Options

This mode is a complete lifesaver when clicking photos of moving subjects. It allows you to fire off as many shots as you would want with just one long click. It successfully doubles the chances of a perfect shot. Thank me later!

Smart burst option

Image Courtesy: The Lens Lounge



8. Play With Flash And Shadows

Enable the flash option, place an object in front of your phone to throw interesting shadows on the subject. This creates drama to your composition and amplifies your chances to get an artsy click for your social media. I've seen professional photographers use this kind of elaborate routine but hey, you can be one of those maestros who do it with a simple smartphone camera. 

Use Flash

Image Courtesy: Shareably


9. Get A Sunglass For Your Phone

Sometimes while clicking pictures sunlight may not be your best friend. The harsh light can be avoided but putting your sunglasses in front of the camera. This will also provide a cool vintage filter to your shot. And why to limit thyself to sunglasses. You can use crystal balls, magnifying glasses, binoculars and more to create natural filters for your picture.


Image Courtesy: Unsplash


10. Up Your Editing Game

Your editing should always be on - point. Overediting must be avoided as it destroys the picture. But a well-edited picture pleases all. So, go ahead and get those apps. Snapseed, VSCO, instasize, Lightroom, Polarr or Photoshop are a few of the good ones out there.  

Photo editing apps

Image Courtesy: The New York Times


Bonus Tip

Do not forget to clean the lens of your smartphone's camera with the help of a tissue or a piece of cloth. Just putting it out there in case you already didn't know it. 


Also, Happy Camera Day!