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NYE 2020 Fast Approaching! 10 Signs It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Dec. 30, 2019 5 min read

When the annual end-of-year season arrives, the hope and zest in the air alone can invigorate any dejected soul! The biting cold, the endless parties and the renewed sense of vigour to get your life together all point to a common notion - out with the old, in with the new (year)! 


Regardless of where you come from, or what your beliefs revolve around, there's no denying certain events and phenomenon which are common to each New Year period! Even without a flashing neon sign, it's not difficult to spot all the cues that say "gear up, for tis the season for NYE 2020!" 


You know it's New Year's when,


The "See You Next Year" Jokes Begin 

As the last week of December starts unfurling, this annoying joke starts circulating around the world in full speed. "Oh, when do you want to meet?", "Sorry, I'm not free before next year hehehehe!" Okay, it might have been funny when it first made the rounds, but now after years and years of being abused, this line is nothing short of lame! But that's not to say, anybody will use it any less. So you might as well get on board!


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Your Friend Who Has Never Moved A Muscle Joins The Gym

The New Year season is entirely incomplete until practically everybody in your life, including yourself, vows to visit the gym regularly, just like they did the previous NYE! Gym memberships are renewed or bought with a rekindled sense of hope, that this year, lord this year, I will finally achieve my fitness goals! The first week of January witnesses a festival in the gym as massive crowds start flocking for a workout, only to give up the next week. 


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Cigarette Boxes Are Tossed In Hopes Of Quitting 

Every New Year in a smoker's life is a new opportunity to let go of bad habits. Which they promptly forget about 2 days later! As the 1st of January starts approaching, major lifestyle changes are initiated which include throwing away cigarette boxes and lighters and merchandise and triggers. But if only things were that simple. Cut to two days later you can spot them with a cigarette in their mouth, talking about how they can quit when they want to, except they realised they don't wish to right now! 


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Flood Of 2020 Chapter 1 Page 1 Instagram Posts

It's the season of the year-end which means it's the season of inspirational quotes that have zero context, but full spirit! As the month of January begins to unfold, large crews of social media enthusiasts can be spotted putting up stories with the taglines Chapter 1 Page 1. However, these chapters and pages have been getting renewed for the past several years, and except for putting this up on Insta, no serious effort is expended to actually start afresh. Who has time for that, anyway?


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Your Social Media Is Swamped With NYE Party Posts

We get it, every party is the hottest NYE party of the season with an unlimited amount of unlimited stuff. But is it really necessary to remind us literally every second minute? If you're scrolling through Instagram or Facebook this NYE 2020 season, prepare to be flooded by colourful posts of every NYE party in town, ever! This is especially painful when your NYE 2020 plans comprise of curling up in bed with the latest episode of your favourite Netflix show! 


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New Diet Plans, New Diet Plans Everywhere

In line with the same age-old philosophy of "a date will fix everything wrong in my life", the New Year period also witnesses energised folks re-constructing their everyday diet plans. Drastic decisions like quitting milk, dairy and sugar in one day after consuming 'em for the past twenty years, are made with sheer determination, only to feel sad and order in a burger the next day in the name of "treat yo' self!" 


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The Lines Outside Wine & Beer Shops Get Longer Than The Nile 

If there's anything that works better than the looming threat of a Dry Day, it is the excitement for NYE fuelled binge-drinking! As a byproduct, every Wine & Beer Shop in the city witnesses a massive overflow of crowds during, before and after New Year's Eve. The most respectable members of the society can be spotted standing impatiently outside a Theka, waiting for their turn to collect as much booze for the upcoming days as their wallet, liver and conscience allow! 


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The Terror Of Running Into Cops On NYE Is Stronger Than Ever 

Every Indian kid out partying on the Eve of New Year has one solid fear in his/her heart. A fear that makes them hesitate leaving the party venue and linger around till the early hours of the morning. Aa fear they have to pay close attention to while deciding who will be the designated driver and how they will get back home from that NYE party. That fear is running into the enormous population of cops on the roads with breath that stinks of alcohol from 3 KMs away! 


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Cue 2 Months Of Practicing Writing 2020 Instead Of 2019 

That time of the year is here. When 70% of your day is spent on correcting that pesky 2019 you keep scribbling instead of 2020. It's like your brain cannot process how quickly time moves and is using your limbs to hold on to that previous year, however subconsciously and annoyingly it can. Even during conversations, you find yourself making plans for 2019 before being reminded that, that year is long over now! 


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Inevitably Unsuccessful Goa Plans Renewed Again

"Iss saal zaroor chalenge, yaar!"



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So these were the ever apparent signs that tell you when New Year's Eve is right around the corner! You know it's time to start prepping and making plans when these occurrences become all too frequent. Whether you find these relatable or consider yourself guilty of these NYE behaviours, there is no denying the renewed sense of enthusiasm that this period of the year brings about! You know it's New Year's Eve, when you simply can't keep calm and contain the excitement! Happy 2020, folks! 

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