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Ladies, Try These 20 Short Summer Hairstyles For A Cool Head! | March, 2024

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - March 4, 2024 11 min read

What kind of look are you planning on going for this summer? I for one, am leaning towards rocking "effortlessly glam" and "chilling to my heart's content". But with the strong summer sun beating down my head, I know I won't be able to focus on much else. So, let's solve for that first, shall we? Let's get our long locks trimmed to a trendy length, and live through inclining temperatures with a fresh and fuss-free mane. Fret not, we'll provide all the guidance you need.


First instruction? Scroll through this list of 20 summer-friendly short hairstyles for women, and pick the one that appeals to you the most! 


Fuss-Free Short Haircuts For Women


1. Messy Wavy Bob 

Coupling the two popular hairstyles for women of short bobs and messy waves, you get the latest trend of "Wob". A wavy bob is one of the best short hairstyles for women this year, one that will help you keep the heat at bay.  It will add some well-deserved flair and drama to your summer hair, and help keep things completely hassle-free. We also really love the effortless, just-rolled-out-of-bed appearance, and this is going to be our summer sentiment for sure!  



Image Courtesy - Ella Row



2. Blunt Bob

Simple, sleek and oh so stylish, the blunt bob will always reign supreme as one of the most popular short hairstyles for women. And none of that has changed this year. Especially with the pandemic making our patience levels run low, a no-nonsense hairstyle like this one should be your go-to summer look this year. This short hairstyle for women is best suited for straight hair, but you can also switch things up by going for a symmetrically cut bob on a wavy mane. 



Image Courtesy - InStyle



3. Bob With Textured Bangs 

Suffice it to say if you spot Zendaya rocking a specific cut, it's bound to become one of the most trending hairstyles for women. And that's precisely how we can sum up the stylish straight bob featuring textured, asymmetrical bangs. Adding the right amount of edge to an otherwise straight-laced hairsyle, this short haircut for women makes for an ideal fuss-free summer head of hair. 



Image Courtesy - InStyle



4. Short Pixie With Under Cut 

This one is for all the ladies blessed with gorgeous waves or curls but no clue on how to style them in an unconventional way. Undercuts will always add a heavy dash of unique style to even the most basic short hairstyles for women, and this one is no exception. Go for a short pixie cut with much of your hair on one side. Shave off a portion of the other side to get that edgy under-cut, and enjoy your brand new summer hairstyle that you can fix whenever by simply running your hands through your hair! 



Image Courtesy - Pinterest 



5. Short-Textured Pixie 

This chic head-turner haircut for women will make you look like you just got back from posing at the New York Fashion Week. A contemporary favourite, the cropped textured pixie hairstyle will take some heavy load off your shoulder, and make you look super voguish. Just ask your hairstylist to go super short with the classic pixie, and add some texture and volume with hair flicks of uneven length. 



Image Courtesy - Harper's Bazaar 



6. Cropped Bangs 

Like bell-bottoms and chokers, it's the trends we least expect to come back that almost always do. A popular 90s treasure, super-short cropped bangs are back with, well, a bang. While you may be apprehensive of what's one of the most trending short hairstyles for women, rest assured of its undeniable glam quotient. Experimental and eccentric, cropped bangs work like magic to highlight petite features especially on women with small, circular faces. 



Image Courtesy - Pinterest 



7. Shoulder-Length Layered Cut With Curtain Bangs 

Thanks to Tik Tok, curtain bangs emerged as one of the most popular hair trends of 2020. And this fad is unlikely to fade this year as well. While we've seen several takes on the classy curtain bangs and on varying lengths of hair, the shoulder-length layered cut is by far our favourite short hairstyle for women this summer. Feel free to switch up the drama in your curtain bang hairstyle by adding or reducing the number of layers! 



Image Courtesy - Hair Stylery 



8. Choppy Inverted Bob

If your personal style is an amalgamation of effortless as well as cool, and you want the world to know it, go for an inverted bob with choppy layers. It gives you a dishevelled, hipster appearance while retaining an air of aloof femininity. One of the trending short hairstyles for women this year, on top of being undeniably stylish, the choppy inverted bob is also very low-maintenance. So if you'd rather spend your morning hours responding to important e-mails than fussing over your hair, this should be your ideal summer hairstyle choice! 



Image Courtesy - Cheeky Locks 



9. Uneven Shag With Middle Parting

If you've got medium-short wavy hair, then getting this stylish short hairstyle for women will be your most cherished contribution to your appearance. Suited for all occasions during the summer, this trendy hairstyle can kick up your style quotient a couple of notches. The uneven length of your mane will lend you a fun, unbothered look making you the funkiest femme around. We'd especially advise asking your stylist to create this haircut with a razor, for the ultimate dishevelled appearance. 



Image Courtesy - Latest Hairstyles 



10. Wispy Bangs & Front Layers 

Would love to add volume to your fine hair, but without resorting to hair extensions or other add-ons? Then this short hairdo should be your go-to summer look for the season. Wispy bangs and face-framing layers will make your face look petite and highlight your features. Particularly suited for women with big foreheads, wispy layers can take the attention away and make your face look leaner. Indisputably one of the best short hairstyles for women in 2021, you can recreate this one by asking your stylist to add soft bangs covering your forehead with feathered ends. 



Image Courtesy - Latest Hairstyles 



11. Short Feather Cut 

Another voluminous option for women with straight and fine hair, a short feather cut is extremely flattering for nearly every kind of face. By adding a rolled feather look to the ends of your layers, this hairstyle will give your mane a bouncy, healthy appearance. The best part about this short hairstyle for women is that it adds substantial volume to your hair without taking away much in the first place! 



Image Courtesy - Pinterest 



12. Side-Swept Pixie 

As you might have realised by now, rocking a chic pixie cut is one of the most effortless ways to amp up your hairdo for the summer. Particularly for oval, round and heart-shaped faces, pixie cuts are a fabulous choice of hairstyle. This one comes in a side-swept avatar, with most of your cut strands curling towards one side of your face. You can also add extra sweeping fringes to the classic hairstyle for some additional framing of your face. 



Image Courtesy - Haircut Inspiration



13. French Bob

One of the most trending short hairstyles for women from the previous year that carried over to this one, the French Bob has been making all the rounds lately. This uber-chic bob style is super-short with the ends of your hair reaching just under your earlobes. The cropped chin-length bob also features wispy soft bangs, that may fall anywhere ranging from your mid-forehead to above your eyebrows.  



Image Courtesy - Harper's Bazaar



14. Asymmetrical Pixie With Nape Undercut 

If you strongly believe in the policy of "the edgier the better" so far as your hairstyles are concerned, this haircut recommendation will definitely appeal to you. This version of the quintessential pixie hair cut for women, involves an asymmetrical short length, side parting with the longer locks pushed up to one side of the face, and a subtle undercut at the nape of your neck. 



Image Courtesy - PopHairCuts



15. Designer Undercut 

All hairstyles for women basically serve the purpose of providing a medium to express oneself through. And if you want to look as quirky as you inherently are, a designer undercut could be a reliable option. Pick a pattern you resonate with, and ask your hairstylist to shave your undercut into your desired shape. The best part? If this cut seems too outlandish for formal settings, you can easily cover your design by putting your hair down. Yes, it's that simple!



Image Courtesy - Glamour



Summer Up-Dos For Women 


1. Fishtail Braid

This one is a classic hairstyle, regardless of the weather, but the fact that it keeps your locks away from your face makes it a great hit during summers. A fishtail braid is much easier to execute than it looks, and ends up leaving you with a delicately elegant hairstyle.  If you don't know how to fishtail braid, you can find a bunch of easy to follow online hairstyle tutorials such as this helpful video. The fishtail braid is also great for various occasions, giving you a cutesy, summer-proof hairstyle that you can sport at a cafe and at your workplace with equal ease. 



Image Courtesy - Hair Style Hub



2. Messy Top Knot 

A top knot is one of the easiest and effortless hairstyles one can opt for during the hot weather. It keeps all your locks secured on the crown of your head, and gives you a chic, trendy look, without you spending hours in front of the mirror. The process of creating a messy top knot involves a few steps of putting your hair in a bun, securing it with bobby pins, and pulling out loose strands that frame your face. 



Image Courtesy - Fashion Lady



3. Rope Braid Ponytail

This is a great summer hairstyle for long hair, especially for those who prefer to sport no-nonsense updos. While the name might sound intimidating, the hairstyle is super easy to create. All you need to do is put your hair in a ponytail, and then braid the ponytail tightly, securing the end with a second rubber band. You can put out a few tendrils to soften the look or pin it all up for an anti-hot-weather hairstyle. 



Image Courtesy - Pinterest



4. Twisted Side Bun

This hairstyle might be a tad more intricate than the others mentioned thus far, which also makes it the perfect summer up-do to wear for special occasions. Especially when you are in a hurry, need to be somewhere important and don't want to put up with the heat, all at the same time, a twisted side bun can be the saviour of your locks. Again, if you've never tried a twisted side bun before, refer to the plenty of online video tutorials out there, like this one



Image Courtesy - YouTube



5. Half Down Ponytail

You might have seen a lot of this hairstyle around lately, especially on Instagram. That's because in addition to being in line with the latest hair trends, a half down ponytail is a hairstyle you can achieve with minimal investment of time and effort. You just need to divide your hair into two sections, with one portion in a ponytail and the other portion let loose under your ponytail, at the nape of your neck. Just secure your ponytail, and you're good to go! 



Image Courtesy - All Things Hait



There you go, we've officially unlocked the locks you should keep this summer! 


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