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Shop All You Want At These Amazing Markets In Hyderabad: April, 2024

By Arushi Bhalla

Updated - March 29, 2024 6 min read

If biryani is what comes to your mind when you hear the word Hyderabad, then we would happily like to introduce you to the super attractive and varied markets of Hyderabad. The markets in Hyderabad have it all, from beautiful bangles to the aroma of a plethora of scents. So, we have curated an awesome list of markets in Hyderabad for the shopper in YOU. 


1. Jummerat Bazaar (Chor Bazaar)

This is one of the oldest shopping destinations in Hyderabad. This market is only set up on Thursday, so mark the date for some affordable stuff! From clothing to shoes, silverware to wooden goods, this market has everything one can imagine. A majority of the things sold here are stolen, so the prices as very cheap. So you can carry a whole set of utensils at a price as low as Rs. 100. At this flea market, it is best to buy old and antique items. The stalls here sell very good old furniture, home décor items, and even kitchen and home tools at throwaway prices. You will get the best junk jewelry at this market.

Image Source: New Indian Express


Highlights: Antique items at cheap rates

Nearby Restaurants: Temptations, Choice Dhaba, Hotel Aadab

Closed On: All days except Thursday



2. Laad Bazaar

This market has the best location in Hyderabad, it is situated next to the Charminar, Laad Bazaar is located in a street packed with shops selling perfumes, textiles, and jewelry. This is a shopping paradise for every bride-to-be. Its specialty is hand-crafted lac bangles, which are produced in local workshops and embellished with glittering, colorful stones. You will be shocked to know that the Laad Bazaar exists for over 100 years ago. It is located close to the Charminar on one of the four lanes that branch out from the historic monument. At the Laad Bazaar, you get bangles and other accessories at reasonable prices. 

Image Source: Conde Nast traveler


Highlights: Bangles and other accessories at reasonable prices

Nearby Restaurants: Laad Bazaar, evergreen restaurant

Closed On: Open on all days 





3. Perfume Market

This market has the most oozing fragrance of all! This should be your go-to place for perfume shopping as this is the only perfume market in Hyderabad. It is located close to Mir Chowk, not you will fall in love with the fragrance of these perfumes but the cute glass bottles will steal your heart. The Perfume Market in Hyderabad is located between the Laad Bazaar and Moti Chowk. This nawaabi town is famous for having luxurious scents which are called 'Itr' in local lingo. Some of the shops in this market are centuries old and the business has been passed down the family for generations altogether. Head to the Perfume Market near Charminaar, to make your shopping experience in Hyderabad, fancier!

Image Source: Pack ur bags


Highlights: Famous for Itr

Nearby Restaurants: Talking Hands Restaurant, Barbeque Nation - Hyderabad - Banjara Hills

Closed On: Sunday




4. Begum Bazaar

Begum bazar is the shopping hub of every Indian wear lover. You name it, they have it, you can shop for Indian wear, bangles, spices, junk jewelry, and accessories at throw-away prices. This is the place to head for a true street shopping experience. This is not just the go-to place for shopping but also for all the tobacco takers. As a matter of fact, Begum Bazar is renowned for the variety of items sold here. This includes household products and décor, kitchen essentials, cosmetics, and daily use items, toiletries and perfumes, and the list is endless. 

Image Source: Begum bazar Youtube


Highlights: Indian wear, bangles, spices, junk jewelry

Nearby Restaurants: Hotel Nayaab, Paradise Biryani

Closed On: Sunday



5. Sunday Book Bazaar

If your love for books is eternal, then Sunday Book Bazaar is your spot. You can find old printed editions of your favorite books and authors in this flea market at a really affordable price. Not just this, you can also get your hands on a rare out of print book in this market. Apart from buying books, you can also sell or donate some of your books here and share a part of your knowledge with other

Image Source: Sunday Book Bazaar


Highlights: Affordable books and magazines

Nearby Restaurants: Kaficko, Nimrah Cafe and Bakery

Closed On: All days except Sunday


6. Pot Market

You will find all kinds of necklaces, bracelets, chains, and an earring in this pot market. It sells a variety of artificial as well as pure jewelry with excellent, modern designs. At the end of the market are a few garment and vegetable shops. If you are also obsessed with pots. Then, come to the pot market and explore a range of pots and assorted utensils. The bazaar is perpetually crowded and buzzing with people. Not just pots, you can take home different types of utensils and other famous Hyderabadi accessories.

Image Source: Treebo


Highlights: Necklaces, bracelets, chains, and earring

Nearby Restaurants: Sigree Restaurant, Golden Dragon Restaurant 


7. Koti Sultan Bazaar

Visit Sultan Baazar for the real street shopping experience. Being this amazing place, you will definitely find a lot of crowds, with shoppers trying to get good deals on the products they buy. At the bazaar, browse through the latest in Indian wear, accessories, and bangles at very good prices. If we discuss this history of this place then this market dates back to almost 200 years, this market was famous during the colonial era when it was known as ‘Residency Market’. Enjoy shopping your heart’s content here without burning a hole in your pocket.

Image Source: Times Of India


Highlights: Commercial Goods, Silver Jewellery, Women’s Wea

Nearby Restaurants: Tara Sweets & Chat, Hotel Nayaab


8. Antique Market

This bazaar is one of the oldest shopping streets in Hyderabad. The best time to visit is on a Thursday when the weekly flea market is held. At this flea market, it is best to buy old and antique items. The stalls here sell very good old furniture, home décor items, and even kitchen and home tools at throwaway prices. There are a few shops that sell cricket gear and junk jewelry too. From the Nizam era crockery and utensils to replicas of opulent chandeliers, the Antique Market in Hyderabad is ideal for catching a glimpse of Hyderabad’s ancient culture and products. Every piece in this market has a history and story behind it which is retold by the retailers and sellers with much pride and enthusiasm.

Image Source: What's Up Life


Highlights: Ancient crockery and utensils

Nearby Restaurants: Shadab Restaurant, Pista House




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Q: What is famous in Hyderabad for shopping?

A: Hyderabad is known as the city of pearls and colorful lac bangles which are available at the Laad Bazaar. Apart from that, the Ikkat pattern cloth is also available for shopping.


Q: What can we do in Hyderabad on Sunday?

A: Hyderabad is the city which has abundant places to visit around and spend the Sunday. People can go and explore the various water parks and historical places like the Golconda Fort and Charminar.




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