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Shop While You Sip On Your Favorite Beer - Only While Shopping In Goa

By Sonam Satija

Updated - Sept. 30, 2023 13 min read

Goa is all about boho vibes, hippie culture, beaches and flea markets. The history of Goa boasts of minimalism and people wearing whatever they are comfortable in and enjoying their lives to the core with a hint of boho jewelry. There are markets in Goa that are put up every week and there are other markets that are permanently located in a place. But it's hard to leave Goa without picking up a few bikinis, hats or if you are into hippie culture, then some of their accessories. Read below to discover the best shopping places in Goa to know "What to buy in Goa" and "What is famous in Goa for shopping".


1. Anjuna Flea Market 

If you want to be a part of the Goan experience as much as you want to chill on the beach. It is a weekly market and if you are in Goa on a Wednesday, please visit this market for a small dose of retail therapy while you are busy raving and chilling around. The history of this market is very interesting. It was started by hippies smoking jumbo joints and selling junk jewelry or jeans to fund their stay in Goa. Nowadays the market has become far more mainstream and the products comes from all over India: sculptures and jewellery courtesy of the Tibetan and Kashmiri traders; colourful Gujarati tribal women selling T-shirts; richly colourful saris, bags and bedspreads from Rajasthan; sacks of spices from Kerala; and the hard-to-miss tribal girls from Karnataka pleading passers-by to ‘come look in my shop.’ This Goa market is perfect to unleash the shopaholic within you! 


Location: Anjuna

Day: Wednesday

Spend Your Money On: Sculptures, jewelry, spices, bags, t-shirt

How To Reach: For Anjuna Flea market the nearest airport is “Dabolim Airport, Goa”(23 km) and the nearest railhead is “Thivim Railway Station”(15 km)


2. Panjim Market 

Panjim market offers a variety of goods like wines, cashew nuts, local handicrafts, Goan spices and also has a multiplex and an array of eateries in the vicinity. Panjim Market is the largest market in Goa with a combination of street stalls, eateries, and malls. You can come here and take away a part of Goa with you by shopping in Panjim. Markets in Goa is one of the major attractions of Goa and Panjim market is a heaven for shopaholics. Don't think, just shop!


Location: Panjim 

Day: Daily from 7:30 am to late evening

Spend Your Money On: wine, cashew nuts, local handicrafts

How To Reach: For Panjim market, the nearest airport is “Dabolim Airport, Goa”(35 km) and the nearest railhead is “Karmali Railway Station”(10 km)


3. Mapusa Market 

If you want to experience the real and traditional Goan shopping, just go to Mapusa market on a beautiful Friday morning to discover the best local market in Goa (which is supposed to be a tourist day). It is a bit crowded on Fridays but here you can find just about anything, with items ranging from antiques and Goan pottery to handicrafts, its dried and fresh fish, spices, homemade pickles, fruits, vegetables, Goa’s famous ‘chouricos’ sausages,  textiles, clothing, coir mats, jewellery and much more at a very reasonable price which makes shopping fun and satisfying. Test your bargaining skills here and take away better deals on Goan local merchandise. If you want to have the best shopping experience in Goa, then Mapusa Market is Goa market that you should head to!


Location: Mapusa, North Goa

Day: Friday

Spend Your Money On: Dried and Fresh Fish, Spices, Pickles, Goa’s famous ‘chouricos’ sausages, Antiques, Textiles, and Handicrafts

How To Reach: For Mapusa Market the nearest airport is “Dabolim Airport, Goa”(36 km) and the nearest rail head is “Thivim Railway Station”(11km)


4. Mackie's Night Bazaar

Running on the streets of Baga right at the banks of River Banks till late night, Mackie's Night Bazaar is worth a visit on Saturdays. It has a hundred stalls serving multiple cuisines, eco-friendly items, a range of handicrafts, a wide range of souvenirs and gift items. With multiple stalls serving eateries from multiple cuisines, the cherry on the top is the live music and bands playing here. The whole vibe of the place makes the experience worth having. It should be compulsory to visit this shopping paradise in Goa! This flea market in Goa will definitely revive the shopaholic in you - what are you waiting for? 


Location: Arpora-Baga Road

Day: Saturday

Spend Your Money On: Antiques, Junk jewelry, Handicrafts

How To Reach: For Mackie’s night bazaar, the nearest airport is “Dabolim Airport, Goa”(22 km) and the nearest rail head is “Thivim Railway Station” (15 km).


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5. Calangute Market Square

So you really want to do some serious street shopping in Goa? How about dropping in at the Calangute market where you can buy sarongs made with seashells? This place never ceases to amaze the travelers to Goa with its assortment of things to buy. Shopkeepers here sell everything right from trendy clothes to beachwear, handicrafts, leather products, souvenirs, seashells, jewellery, carpets, metal crafts, and trinkets to lots of seafood snacks and beer. So get ready to check out the stalls and shacks at Calungate market square. This Calangute market has to a famous in Goa as hundreds of tourists flock her on a daily bases during season time. Don't miss out on this amazing shopping experience of Goa market!


Location: Calangute

Day: Everday 11:00am-8:30pm

Spend Your Money On: Trinkets, Carpets, Beachwear

How To Reach: For Calangute market square, the nearest airport is “Dabolim Airport, Goa”(20 km) and the nearest rail head is “Thivim Railway Station”(15 km)



6. Arpora/Ingo's Saturday Night Market

This market is a hot shopping spot for tourists as it's one of the best flea markets in Goa. Also known as the Ingo's Saturday Night Market. There are also local Indian merchants selling local handicrafts and carpets in the lower part of the market. It is usually open from November from 4 pm to 11 pm. You’ll find people from across the world, including European traders, selling an intriguing selection of wares here including unique artifacts and jewelry items, besides clothing. Shopping in Goa at night is an experience worth having at least once in life. There is still live music, cold beer, and food stalls to keep you entertained if you are not a shopaholic but you've still been dragged here.


Location: Verla, Arpora

Day: Saturday, 4 pm to 11 pm

Spend Your Money On: Artifacts, jewellery, clothing, carpets

How To Reach: For Ingo’s Saturday night bazaar, the nearest airport is “Dabolim Airport, Goa”(23 km) and the nearest rail head is “Thivim Railway Station” (13 km). 


7. Margao Municipal Market

Also known as new market, Margao Municipal Market is located in the East of the municipal garden. You will find every kind of fish, meat, fruit, and vegetables are available here. Any product that is not available in any other market or is out of season currently is available here. This is an amazing place for photography and food lovers. It is perfect for seafood lovers as well. Friday is a weekly bazaar day. Otherwise, this market is open daily from 7.30 am to 8 pm. Another local market in Goa which makes shopping easier for the town people.


Location: Gandhi Market Road, Margao

Day: Daily from 7:30 am to 8 pm

Spend Your Money On: fish, meat, fruits & vegetables.

How To Reach: For Margao Municipal Market, the nearest airport is “Dabolim Airport, Goa”(23 km) 


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8. Gandhi Market 

Shopping in Goa? This was once South Goa’s place to head for fresh fruit and vegetables at lower market prices, and where you could also get cheap clothing, handbags, and shoes at affordable rates. Now, with the New Municipal market, this older section has shrunk a little but is still a complex maze of shops and stalls with plenty to offer to the serious shopper. Pick up cashew nuts or trinkets for children from here. During Christmas time, you can find plenty of stalls selling a variety of paper stars to hang on your verandah. Open daily from 10 am to 8 pm. Gandhi Market definitely makes shopping in South Goa easier for the people living nearby. 


Location: Gandhi Market Road, Margao

Day: Daily from 10 am to 8 pm

Spend Your Money On: Fresh fruits & vegetables, clothes, handbags, shoes, cashew nuts, trinkets

How To Reach: For Margao Municipal Market, the nearest airport is “Dabolim Airport, Goa”(26.8 km) 


9. Baga Market 

The Baga Tibetan Market also works every Saturday evening. A great number of different shops and stores offer their visitors the extensive selection of goods, mostly handmade by the local artisans: clothing, souvenirs, jewelry, shoes, leather goods, and other nice and useful things. All of goods presented at the Market are made from the natural materials only and has different quality. As the sun goes down on Saturday evening, the Baga market comes to life. The lamps and lanterns light up the market and the ecstatic live music elevates the mood, making the surroundings merry and cheerful. This is one of the most visited shopping places in Goa!


Location: Calangute - Anjuna Rd, 

Day: Saturday ( 6 pm to 2 am )

Spend Your Money On: Earthenware, Trinkets, Showpieces, Souvenirs, Prayer Flags, Accessories

How To Reach: For Baga Saturday night flea market, the nearest airport is “Dabolim Airport, Goa” (21 km) and the nearest railhead is “Thivim Railway Station” (15 km)


10. Colva Beach

Another best place for shopping in South Goa would be Colva beach. Find the most beautiful outfits, souvenirs, accessories and bags here - It's a perfect area for street shopping in Goa.  You can definitely try your bargaining skills here and make the best of your shopping experience in Goa. Visit Colva Beach to relish the Goa shopping experience!


Location: Colva Beachside

Day: Everyday (11:00am-8:00pm)

Spend Your Money On: Hippie Clothes, Hats, Souvenirs, Accessories, Backpacks

How To Reach: For Baga Saturday night flea market, the nearest airport is “Dabolim Airport, Goa” (23.5 km)


11. Palolem Market

Along the beachside of Palolem lies this beautiful street market in Goa - where you can go crazy over a shopping spree. It's a famous one in Goa as a number of tourists flock here to enjoy the real beauty of Palolem beach and also shop from one of the best markets in Goa. Let the shopaholic in you take over this market and take home beautiful outfits, souvenirs, accessories, flavored teas and so much more. Palolem Market in Goa is also famous for selling colorful hammocks - why not take one home this time? Yes, you can bargain as well. This is one of the ultimate go-to shopping places in Goa!


Location: Palolem Beachside

Day: Everyday (11:00am-8:00pm)

Spend Your Money On: Hippie Outfits, Accessories, Hats, Footwear, Flavoured Tea, Hammocks

How To Reach: For Baga Saturday night flea market, the nearest airport is “Dabolim Airport, Goa” (44 km) and the nearest railhead is “Thivim Railway Station” (19.1 km)


12. Baga-Calangute Road

This whole lane which is 3km long is the best local market in Goa - from street shopping to proper stores, it has it all. Starting from Calangute Market to random shops on the way - they've got a lot to offer. You'll find hippie dresses, souvenirs, accessories, bikini, shorts, graphic tees and so much more. You'll definitely not go home disappointed from here as you can bargain to get the best deal. 


Location: Calangute - Anjuna Rd, 

Day: Saturday ( 6 pm to 2 am )

Spend Your Money On: Maxi Dresses, Hippie Shirts, Graphic Tees, Souvenirs, Bagpacks, Footwear

How To Reach: For Baga Saturday night flea market, the nearest airport is “Dabolim Airport, Goa” (44 km) and the nearest railhead is “Thivim Railway Station” (19.1 km)


Shopping Malls In Goa: An Extravagant Shopping Experience

Explore more than just flea markets and night bazaars, shop at the best shopping malls in Goa!


13. Caculo Mall

Redefining your shopping experience in Goa, Caculo Mall lead by the Caculo Group has lived up to International Standards by bringing the most leading brands to Goa. They've got everything you've been looking for from Valet Car Parking to Internation Fashion Brands, Top Food & Drinks Outlets like Mainland China & Terminal Lounge to Gaming Zones - They have definitely set a higher standard for shopping in Goa. It's one of the best shopping malls in Goa when it comes to having an extravagant shopping experience. Apart from fascinating markets, Goa is also at the top of its game when it comes to malls. Do experience the mall shopping in Goa!


Location: 16 Shanta, St Inez, Panjim, Goa 403 001

Day: Everyday - Closes at 9:00 pm

Spend your Money On: International and National Premium Brands like Van Heusen, Westside, Nike, Arrow, AND, Lee & many more.


14. Mall De Goa

Your one-stop mall for shopping in Goa has to be Mall De Goa - as it's the most famous one here. It has over 82 retail outlets to choose from and revive the shopaholic in you. The outlets include food courts, restaurants, family entertainment zones and INOX multiplex as well. They've got it all from Da Milano to Marks & Spencer, Fabindia to Tommy Hilfiger - This shopping mall in Goa is just where you need to be to tick off everything from your checklist.


Location: NH 17, Alto Porvorim, Penha de França, Goa 403521

Day: Everyday - Closes at 10:30 pm

Spend Your Money On: International & National Premium Brands like Lee, Calvin Klein, Puma, Fabindia & More 


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Q: What is the best thing to buy while in Goa?
A: Cashew Nuts, Spices, Feni & Cashew Feni, Wooden Furniture, Painted Tiles


Q: Which is the cheapest market in Goa?
A: Friday Mapusa market is one of the cheapest markets in Goa.


Q: What's the best place to buy cashew in Goa?
A: South Goa or Victor Place near Bus Stand in Panjim.


Q: What is special about Mapusa Market in Goa?

A: Mapusa Market is known for its fresh produce, spices, and traditional Goan delicacies, making it a paradise for food enthusiasts and those seeking local flavors.


Q: Can I bargain at the markets in Goa?

A: Yes, bargaining is a common practice at most markets in Goa. Vendors often expect customers to negotiate prices, so don’t hesitate to haggle for a good deal.


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