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How Much Would You Score If Your Entire Childhood Could Be Rekindled On A Marksheet? Let's Find Out!!

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Nov. 21, 2019 15 min read

Which kinda jacket/hood you'd never want to get out of? We'll give you a hint; you've all been there & you've all done that. Still no clue? Okay, so the answer to this riddle is as simple as the times we are talking about, its CHILDHOOD. 


Okay, it was lame, but we do see eye to eye to the sheer fact that our childhood was first-class (yes, that's where it all began). From crying-murder on the first day of the school to again crying-dreadfully on the very last day, we all grew up. Now we have nothing else but those bewitching memories of unimaginable instances, guiding us through life. Thoda Zyada Ho Gaya Na?


Anyway, on every 14th of November, we somehow get nostalgic over those little chocolates we used to get on Children's Day, the assembly & all the little things that made up our childhood.


If you guys also miss your childhood days, like we do & would give anything to go whirl back into that life, this one's for you. So, we have a list of 50 stuff which are definitely sacred to the Bachpan Ke Din, and all you gotta do is, score to every "Never Have You Ever" question. Let's find out the virtual score of your childhood!!


Score Distribution:

Less than 50: Did you even live your childhood correct?

50 to 80: Yeah, you probably got it right!

More than 80: You just didn't leave out anything did you?

Perfect 100: Happy Children's Day to yaaa!


1. Never Have You Ever, Bunked Your School (2 Points)

This takes a lot of guts & frankly some peer pressure to set off for school but end up somewhere else. And if anyone of you has ever done that you earn this point.

Bunked school

Image Courtesy: Giphy


2. Never Have You Ever, Ended Up At India Gate With Your Family (2 Points)

Every Delhi kid has once, quite frankly, more than once been subjected to an evening-picnic in the ever-crowded gardens of India Gate. If your parents took some snack from home but still brought you ice-creams, you've rightfully earned this point. Thanks to your parents.

India Gate

Image Courtesy: Giphy


3. Never Have You Ever, Grabbed Every Last Snack After The Guests Leave (2 Points)

Everybody reading this has done it a lot of times if you didn't, we don't even know where you grew up? North Dakota or somewhere in Ice? Anyway, if you've shamelessly hogged onto those leftover snack plates, congratulations you are the most 90's kid ever.

Are There Snacks?

Image Courtesy: Giphy


4. Never Have You Ever, Forged Your Parents Signature In School (2 Points)

You should be feeling a tinge of guilt & gallons of pride if you could ever do this. Anyway, you can grant yourself this point and no one has to know!!

Forging Signature

Image Courtesy: Giphy


5. Never Have You Ever, Dressed Up As Your Parents For Fun (2 Points)

We were so eager to grow while kid-ding around that we usually dressed up as mama or papa. Although now the growing-up thing seems like less fun. If your parents awwed on it so you deserve this point too.

As Parents

Image Courtesy: Giphy



6. Never Have You Ever, Watched Tarzan: The Wonder Car (2 Points)

So this car doesn't look like it but once upon a time, you thought Tarzan: The wonder car was an amazing movie. Don't deny it, just earn that point.

Tarzan the wonder car

Image Courtesy: Giphy


7. Never Have You Ever, Been To Mountain-Cation With School & Puked Like A Hydrant (2 Points)

Remember the mountain trip where you got bus-sick & puked all across the valleys? If you don't then we are sorry you don't get this point. 


Image Courtesy: Giphy


8. Never Have You Ever, Participated In Olympiad Because Why Not (2 Points)

There was a time in school when all the parents pushed their kids to take this olympiad thingy, so if you were one of those or even the ones who were smart enough to figure it out yourself, have a point here from our side (because we know how those tests go)


Image Courtesy: Giphy


9. Never Have You Ever, Been Attacked/Chased By A Dog (2 Points)

We don't have to explain this one & we apologize for bringing this up on Children's Day.

Attacked By A Dog

Image Courtesy: Giphy


10. Never Have You Ever, Had A School-Daycation At Nehru Planetarium (2 Points)

Every Delhi kid of every d-town school has been on an excursion to Nehru Planetarium. It used to be the most info-taining destination of every local school and let's be honest, you loved it there.

Nehru Planetarium

Image Courtesy: Giphy



11. Never Have You Ever, Played Ice-n-Water Or Better Vish-Amrit (2 Points)

The person who'd chase other kids had the superpower to freeze anyone using baraf or vish as their spells. Life was so simple & we somehow believed in cute little thing called magic. Anyway, this game was so much fun & never have you ever won this game. If you ever did, you deserve extra points right here.

Vish Amrit aka Ice-Water

Image Courtesy: Giphy


12. Never Have You Ever, Seen The Insides Of Both The Washroom (His/Hers) In School (2 Points)

Some time or the other during your childhood days, you might've stepped into another man's or woman's territory in school. This could've happened during a chase or by choice. Whatever may be the reason, have this point and be done with it.

Accidentally  entering wrong washroom

Image Courtesy: Giphy


13. Never Have You Ever, Accidently Addressed One Of Your Teacher's As Mummy Instead Of Ma'am (2 Points)

This one gets embarrassing every time you think about it and it doesn't get better. Although you might feel better about as it is helping you win a point too.

Accidently called teacher Mom

Image Courtesy: Giphy


14. Never Have You Ever, Stole Someone's Lunch In Class (2 Points)

And ate it like some kind of rockstar? This is one of the most middle-school thing ever. We aren't judging, it's just that the victims had to go home empty stomach. Just kidding!!

Stole Lunch

Image Courtesy: Giphy


15. Never Have You Ever, Fell From Your Bicycle (2 Points)

Racing down the uneven alley like a maniac to win the respect of other peeps was the only thing we cared about in our childhood. Anyhow, remember falling down? Good because those are the scars we always remember.

Fell From bicycle

Image Courtesy: Giphy



16. Never Have You Ever, Faked A Stomach Ache To Get Out Of A Test/Homework/School (2 Points)

And the Oscar goes to... You only if you have squelched that stomach so hard that your parents almost believe you, here's an extra point dude!!

Sromach Ache Fake

Image Courtesy: Giphy


17. Never Have You Ever, Got Punished For Wrong Hair In School (2 Points)

And you knew what you were getting into when you styled out those fringes like a diva or just got em longer than you are supposed to. Maybe that punishment was worth it because you got to show off your hair!!

Wrong Hair

Image Courtesy: Giphy


18. Never Have You Ever, Blamed Someone Else For Your Fart In Class (2 Points)

Back then once in awhile your pretty butt just couldn't hold the ball of gas inside & it broke free. It's okay if you weren't brave enough to accept it then & blamed it on that stinky human in the class. The good news is now you can.

Blaming farts

Image Courtesy: Giphy


19. Never Have You Ever, Given Extra Holidays Because It Was Too Cold After Christmas Break In School (2 Points)

The best time of the year is this one. If you ever got extended holidays because the winter came a little late, this is a free point in your pocket.

Extended Holidays

Image Courtesy: Giphy


20. Never Have You Ever, Participated In A Fancy Dress Competition (2 Points)

Most childhood thing ever. This is something each and every kid has done. Winning wasn't important at the time but it was so much fun. Preparing the whole costume and script of what you are going to enact & everything else. Those were the days!! 

Fancy Dress

Image Courtesy: Giphy



21. Never Have You Ever, Got To Punch A Friend Over Silly Bets (2 Points)

Betting on things because that's how you earned a free punch was the most 90's scam of all time. How it boosted your little-childhood ego & made you feel accomplished. 1 point, there you go!! 

Punching Bets

Image Courtesy: Giphy


22. Never Have You Ever, Got Red Remarks In Your School Diary (2 Points)

If you feel the same way this rooster does, then you've seriously had red remarks in your school diary. From forgetting to bring your homework to creating havoc in class, you've done it all. So if this sounds like you, get this point from us.


Image Courtesy: Giphy


23. Never Have You Ever, Got Stuck In The Ruckus Between Relatives & Your Mom For That Blessing-Money (2 Points)

Your mom and that noble relative always had an obvious fight over blessing money and you were caught in the middle of it. Even if you didn't get that money, we can compensate it by giving you a point.

Money Fight

Image Courtesy: Giphy


24. Never Have You Ever, Forgot To Return A Library Book And Got Fined (2 Points)

If your librarian also yelled at you for not returning the book on time, have some sympathy points from our side. 

Library Books

Image Courtesy: Giphy


25. Never Have You Ever, Still Have That Book Because You Didn't Return It (2 Points)

Your school might still have a confiscation warrant against you for never returning this book. And just for that, let's give you some "thug life" points.

Never returned book

Image Courtesy: Giphy



26. Never Have You Ever, Spoiled The Last Page Of Your Notebook With All Kinds Of Random Shizz (2 Points)

Of all the scribbling & doodling if your last page also looked like how Picasso's dog would draw, then here's a point to you.   

Last Page Random Things

Image Courtesy: Giphy


27. Never Have You Ever, Been Selected As A Birthday Boy/Girl Companion To Distribute Toffees (2 Points)

The biggest honour when the birthday girl/boy call out your name for toffee distribution session, it's a right-hand gang member level feeling. And if you've been lucky enough, friendly enough, you'd definitely get this one. 

Toffee Distribution partner

Image Courtesy: Giphy


28. Never Have You Ever, Mourned The Departure Of Summer Vacations (2 Points)

*sob*...*sob*...sigh of utmost pressure is the time when the summer vacations came to an end. With all the holiday homework still pending, exams approaching, you just can't help that sinking feeling. Don't cry now, just have this point and be done with it.

Summer vacations

Image Courtesy: Giphy


29. Never Have You Ever, Successfully Cheated In Class (2 Points)

You the man or woman (we are not sexist), if you've victoriously came out of examination hall without studying because you cheated. Not everyone had that talent, if you did, congrats!! 

Cheating In class

Image Courtesy: Giphy


30. Never Have You Ever, Got Caught Cheating In Exam (2 Points)

Our extra condolence points for you guys. We are sorry that you didn't make it there.

Caught cheating

Image Courtesy: Giphy



31. Never Have You Ever, Had A Weird Way Of Greeting Your BFFs In School (2 Points)

This was a sacred thing between you and your friend. Hey! we don't care what it was but we respect it *Fist bump with peace out sign*

Greeting BFF

Image Courtesy: Giphy


32. Never Have You Ever, Used The Words Like Katti-Abbaa (2 Points)

Whoever invented this Katti-Abba affair was a genius because by using just a single word or a hand gesture we could tell people to flip-off or come back to us. What a sophisticated & a cute way to obliterate our feelings.  

Katti Abba

Image Courtesy: Giphy


33. Never Have You Ever, Felt Like Rockstars On Your School Farewell (2 Points)

If you've felt grown-up all of a sudden while everyone else looked at you as if you were a rockstar (while everyone else was in a uniform, duh), then you had THE BEST FAREWELL. So here's a point, keep it.

Frewell Heroes

Image Courtesy: Giphy


34. Never Have You Ever, Eagerly Waited For The Recess Bell (2 Points)

If you haven't done this, then we are sorry you did not have a normal childhood. Give yourself a minus point if you never had a feeling of exhilaration when the recess bell went off because you were eagerly waiting for food/playtime/meeting your lover time (who was in some other section)

Recess Bell

Image Courtesy: Giphy


35. Never Have You Ever, Participated Like A Fool On Annual Day Functions (2 Points)

Hope you performed nicely otherwise your parents must've been so embarrassed. Just kidding, they must be very excited to see their kid hopping on the stage like a champ. 

Annual Day

Image Courtesy: Giphy



36. Never Have You Ever, Made Your School Bus Wait For You (2 Points)

You have our respect bro!! You used to make your bus vale bhaiya wait, your childhood was just eccentric.

Made the bus wait for you

Image Courtesy: Giphy


37. Never Have You Ever, Missed Your School Bus Daily (2 Points)

Once in a while thing is acceptable but if you were that kid who somehow missed their school bus every single day like this, we hope you ended up running your own business because punctuality: zero but here you still get a point.

Miss the school bus daily

Image Courtesy: Giphy


38. Never Have You Ever, Had A Nervous Breakdown During Your Exam Time (2 Points)

When your heart was filled with remorse & regret on the day of the exam because you did not study harder or at all, this point is for you. At least here you might excel, unlike your school days.

Mental breakdown during exam

Image Courtesy: Giphy


39. Never Have You Ever, Broke Beakers & Stuff In Your Chemistry Lab (2 Points)

If you've ever done this crime then you'd definitely remember these words coming out of the Lab Assistant's mouth. Its okay school is over and so is the chase, relax and enjoy this point too.

Beaker breaking incident in school

Image Courtesy: Giphy


40. Never Have You Ever, Hit By Your Teacher With A Chalk (2 Points)

This used to be an embarrassing thing unless you learnt how to anticipate this & catch it like a ninja. Which you obviously you can't. Whatever may be the case, we will still give you this point.

Chalk shot

Image Courtesy: Giphy



41. Never Have You Ever, Used That Little Pocket Dictionary (2 Points)

The cute little pocket dictionary we used to get in our book sets was just a side-salad. You liked having it but never really used it the way it was meant to be.


Image Courtesy: Giphy


42. Never Have You Ever, Imitated A Real WWF Fight With Friends/Siblings (2 Points)

We just feel bad for the other person but the way you won those fights (or lost), you win this point right here. *crowd cheering*

WWF fight

Image Courtesy: Giphy


43. Never Have You Ever, Hid Test Papers From Your Parents Only To Get Caught The Next Day (2 Points)

Hiding the test papers from your parents, hmm...but they caught you anyway. Here are some sympathy points. Now you can show-off this report card because we know you are doing well here.

Test Papers caught

Image Courtesy: Giphy


44. Never Have You Ever, Stole The Hall Pass From School And Kept It With You (2 Points)

Hall pass was such a big deal. You just couldn't go to the loo without this one. But if you were a true legend, you probably stole it and kept it for your personal use while the rest of the class had to make the new one now!!

Hall Pass

Image Courtesy: Giphy


45. Never Have You Ever, Try To Decide Our Future Using FLAMES (2 Points)

F for Friends, L for Love, A for Affair, M for Marriage, E for Enemy and S for let's keep it a family blog guys. So this abbreviation used to be the ultimate method to find out what's gonna happen between you and your crush/gf/bf. We are sure you still wanna try it out like right now. Go ahead, we'll wait.


Image Courtesy: Giphy



46. Never Have You Ever, Lost Thousand Pens In A Pen Fight (2 Points)

If not Flames, the pen fight was another big thing in school. If this game has lost you some of your most expensive ink pens, parkers, etc. we would like to express our grief by giving you points. Forget, forgive and move on

Lost pens in a penfight

Image Courtesy: Giphy


47. Never Have You Ever, Been A Part Of A Gang (2 Points)

While growing up if you had a group of friends who addressed themselves as Power-rangers or Power-puff girls or anything like that, you've had a strange childhood but who are we to judge. Here's a point, go share it with your gang.

Part of a gang

Image Courtesy: Giphy


48. Never Have You Ever, Licked Bournvita/Horlicks Right Off Your Hands (2 Points)

Don't you dare deny this one! We've all licked the chocolatey-sugary friend of our milk like this cat. If you are affirming to this truth please accept this point from all of the childhood.

Licked things off your hands

Image Courtesy: Giphy


49. Never Have You Ever, Collected Pokemon Cards Or Bay Blades (2 Points)

*Pokemon theme song playing in Hindi* It was indeed a trigger point and the magic still lives. Now instead of collecting the actual cards or stuff like bay blades, you are collecting pokemon on the phones. Although this can never beat the fun we had with those cards & other stuff.

Pokemon collectibles

Image Courtesy: Giphy


50. Never Have You Ever, Kept A Slam Book In Your School Days (2 Points)

It used to be so cool in our childhood that everyone had this. Filling one does not count here if you kept the real one & eves-dropped on all your friend's secrets, you are the one. 

Slam Book secrets

Image Courtesy: Giphy



If you lost the count after 20, don't worry we know you had a hell of a childhood. Also, feel free to change this one back to the original drinking game. Whoever gets sloshed more, that one had one disturbing & inexplicable childhood. Still, don't forget to get back to your old pals to get in touch with the kid inside you. And Happy Children's Day guys!!


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