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Spend Less And Save MORE every time you buy a voucher- Know How?

By magicpin

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 3 min read

It's time to "Spend" LESS and SAVE MORE with magicpin! - And NO, we are not JUST talking about discounts but a lot more than that!

Let's spell the secret - Grab the best vouchers without burning a hole in your pocket to save up to 100% while purchasing the most exquisite deals.


Save The Maximum While Buying Vouchers - We'll Tell You How

As much as you love cashbacks, we know you love saving your money as well - Hence here are 3 EASY ways on how to SPEND LESS & SAVE MORE with magicpin. Head to the voucher's page to begin!


1. Use Your magicpin Points To Save Up to 100% 

If discounts were not enough for you, "Save%" will let you access the best deals on the voucher page. Make most out of your magicpin points to save up to 100% on vouchers. Wondering how to find "Save%" ? Here are three ways to apply the same and get going: 


1.  Click on "Near Me" and sort by "Maximum Save%" - It will help you sort the vouchers which you can purchase with your magicpin points and spend as less as possible.



2. You can also apply a filter and choose "Save%" - It will have different options which will vary from Save 25% to 100%



3. You can also choose from Filter Tabs with "Save%" options to filter the vouchers with savings more than a specific percentage. 

Example "Save75%+"



4. Another easy way to identify a voucher with "Save%" on the "Redeem Points" page would be - The voucher card will have a purple "Wallet" icon, click on the same to know the exact percentage that you can save by using your magicpin points.

Example:  "Save 50%"




2. Hang Out With Your Friends And Get Great Benefits For Doing So!

With Group Buy you can buy vouchers in groups to purchase the best deals possible at a pocket-friendly price along with exciting cashback offers as well. A user can either Group-Buy within an existing group or create a new one, after successful completion of the group, the cashback gets credited in each group member's magicpin wallet.


3. Grab Mindblowing DISCOUNTED Vouchers 

You can find discounted vouchers through filter tabs like "30% + Discounts" or through "Sort By". The discounts will vary from time to time which will help you segregate vouchers with discounts.



We hope we have made it easier for you - the power is now in your hands! Go on make the BEST use of your magicpin points!


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Q: How does one earn magicpin points to start with?

A: Visit an outlet, make a purchase then click a selfie at the outlet. Upload the selfie and along with your merchant bill on the magicpin app to get cashback which will be credited to your magicpin wallet.


Q: What are the other advantages of magicpin points?

A: You can also use your magicpin wallet for the following benefits:

1. Purchase Group-Buy Vouchers

2. Purchase Discounted Vouchers On Your Favorite Outlets across categories like Spas, Salons, Cafes, and Restaurant.

3. Recharges 


Q: What is "Save%"?

A: "Save%" is a method to pay less and spend your magicpin points to purchase vouchers. If a voucher has "Save75%" then you can pay that amount through your magicpin points and pay the rest "25%" through other options like Card/PayTM/UPI.


Q: How to save the most on Vouchers?

A: If there's a voucher worth Rs.500 with Rs.100 discount and "Save 75%" - Then you can use 300 points from your magicpin wallet and pay the rest Rs.100 through other payment options like Card/PayTM/UPI. You can save even more, by purchasing the same voucher through Group-Buy and get additional cash back on your purchase.




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