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14 Reasons Why Sarojini Nagar Market Is Every Shopper's Paradise

By Sonam Satija

Updated - April 17, 2024 7 min read

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If you haven't shopped at Sarojini Nagar Market then you're definitely doing your shopping wrong. Here are 14 Reasons why you've got to shop at Sarojini Nagar Market for the cheapest deals. What if we tell you'll find the cutest of dresses just at Rs.50? Yes, you read it right! Go on to know why Sarojini should be your next shopping destination this weekend.


1. You Will Find Everything Here - EVERYTHING

There’s nothing in your checklist that you won’t find in Sarojini Nagar Market. Trust us when we say Sarojini has EVERYTHING you’ve been look for to revamp your wardrobe. From jumpsuits to maxi dresses, thigh-high boots to trendy flats, crop tops to denim shirts, sling bags to backpacks, swimsuits to lingerie and chokers to long chain - the list is never-ending. Apart from that if you’re planning to revamp your room then Sarojini also has home decor items to convert your room into a art piece.



2. You'll Find Clothes From Zara, H & M and Forever21 at the CHEAPEST PRICES

What if we tell you that the dresses you see at Zara’s showroom are available at Sarojini for less than half the price? Yes, you read it right. Let me tell you Sarojini is a home to export-rejects of high brands like Zara, Forever21 and H & M - thanks to which you’ll find the best of items of clothings from these high quality brands at the cheapest rates possible ONLY at Sarojini Nagar Market. Who doesn’t like having a Zara Dress only worth Rs.300 in their wardrobe - It’s time to flaunt some fancy brands now!



3. Find All LATEST TRENDING Clothes Here

Fancy latest trends? Peplum Tops? Boot-cut Jeans? Sequins Dresses? Name it and Sarojini has it. We’re not kidding when we say Sarojini Nagar Market has everything your wardrobe needs, we mean it. Spot trends right from the runway here before they make their way to the racks of high street fashion brands.



4. Clothes For ALL SEASONS

Don’t underestimate the variety of wardrobe essentials Sarojini has for you. It’s not just summer dresses, flats, or crop tops that trend in this market but they offer clothes for EVERY Season. From suede sweaters to off shoulder sweaters, fur coats to shrugs, leather jackets to fancy full sleeve tops, and thigh high boots to flat boots - That’s not all the list goes on. Imagine buying 5 sweaters just for Rs.500 and No, we’re not talking about bad quality fabric - they are sufficient enough to keep you away from cold. 




Want the latest trending choker or ear cuffs? Sarojini comes across as one of the best shopping hubs in Delhi selling stunning junk jewellery at every corner inside the market. Imagine buying stunning pair of necklaces and earrings as cheap as Rs.30 - sounds like a treat right?



6. 1st Copy Of Your Favorite Sunglasses Brands

Is you fashion statement incomplete without sunglasses or fancy no power spectacles? Be it a nerdy look or a trendy stunning look - Sarojini has sunglasses and no power specs for each one of you. They also sell first copy of sunglasses high-end brands as well - and guess what? All under Rs.500! The starting price is Rs.150 and if you know how to bargain you might as well end up getting one for Rs.100. Bargaining at Sarojini Nagar Market is all about the right skills if you can find you way out with the shopkeeper then nothing is stopping you from having a gala time while shopping.



7. Pair Of Jeans Under Rs.300

Guess what? Buy your favorite pair of denims/ripped denims for just Rs.200 or 250! No we’re definitely not kidding. Sarojini has several stalls of jeans and pants sold at the cheapest rate. You certainly don’t need to worry about the quality as they look super fine and definitely affordable. The best part is if you end up buying a colored pair of pants and it doesn’t turn to fit you properly you can easily give it away without thinking that you spend grands over it. That’s the thing about Sarojini, everything comes at such a cheap rate that you don’t feel guilty about buying anything as most of the items are budget friendly. Way more cheaper then budget-friendly!



8. Delhi's All Time Favorite Leather Jackets Under Rs.500 

All of us Delhiities fancy leather jackets in winters! Don’t We? - There’s a crazy obsession within all of us to have ONE leather jacket in our wardrobe. We all know how expensive leather jackets are when it comes to buying one from brands like Zara, H & M and Forever - they cost approximately around 4K-5K and it’s not affordable fashion for sure. How about picking a thick good quality leather jacket from Sarojini - we promise you’ll find good one for maximum Rs. 1500



9. Brush Up Your Bargaining Skills Here

People, brush up your bargaining skills as this is the place where prices get slashed by half. So keep your hesitation aside and quote a price that is way less than what shopkeeper said, because you do not want to miss out on that cute top because you think it is pricey. Convince them with great conviction and that piece you are eyeing on will be yours in no time.


Image Source: Sonia Garg


10. Always Budget Friendly! 

Why do you think Sarojini is every college girl’s shopping paradise in Delhi? Not each one of us can afford to go for expensive shopping and buy the dress of our dreams BUT Trust me, Sarojini has a better options, cheaper deals and endless variety. You can buy upto 10 things which includes accessories, bags, tops, dresses under Rs.999. It’s NOT a joke - When in Delhi, NEVER miss out on taking a visit to Sarojini Nagar Market. You’re definitely not going empty handed.



11. From Backpacks to Fancy Slings

Not just clothes and acccessories, Sarojini has one of the best collection for bags which includes slings bags, travel bags, leather bags, handbags, pouches, clutches and the list is never ending. If you think the finding a good bag is Sarojini might end up being a bad quality fabric one then you’re long as they’re quite durable for a long time. There’s no chance that you’re compromising on quality if you’re buying a bag from Sarojini just refrain from buying the ones from the roadside stalls rather prefer buying the ones from proper shops.



12. Infinite Collection Of Sneakers, Flats, Heels..The List Goes On

Trying to pull of a boho look or an edgy top-notck look? Sarojini has every kind of footever you're looking forward to from 1st copies of Adidas, Nike, Puma and so many more. You'll find fancy loafers, wedges, pencil heels, thigh-high boots, tie up flats and so much more. When I'm talking about buying boots, trust me you'll find them at the cheapest price possible as the flat ankle boots are sold at Rs.300 ONLY for starters! That's a great deal right? Not just that you'll get pretty pair of flats almost in every corner for just Rs.150-200. You've got to love Sarojini Nagar Market!



13. Rent Clothes As Well!

Want to rent a gown? or a fancy dress for your younger cousin? You'll find a couple of shops within Sarojini where you can rent costumes and gowns for school functions, college functions and wedding occasions. It just can't get better! Halloween is almost here so why not pick up your one-time costume from Sarojini!? Not just that if you have a dance team in your school or college, get your costumes designed from here.



14. Home Decor And Cutlery

Lastly, Sarojini Nagar Market in Delhi is not just limited to just buying wardrobe essentials, you'll come across several home decor shops which will help you revamp your room completely. They've got shops which sells beautiful printed curtains, showpieces, table cloths, bedsheets, flowery wall hangings, paintings, fancy pillowcovers and the list goes on. Where as you'll fancy pieces of cutlery too which includes cool mugs, printed glass plates, classy water jars, a complete new dining set and so much more.




Sarojini Nagar Market Haul/Try On Inspiration From Vloggers & Bloggers


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3. Sonia Garg




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Q: On which day is Sarojini Nagar Market closed?

A: Mondays


Q: What are you the opening timings of Sarojini Nagar Market?

A: 11:00am - 8:30/9:00 pm


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