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Ladies, Travelling Solo? Here Are 10 Safety Tips You'd Need

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Sept. 21, 2021 5 min read

Every soul on this planet is allowed to live a full life. Yes, even us ladies! Especially if it means exploring new places, meeting different people or to have fun. What's stopping us? Well, for one, SAFETY. In any country, east or west, a female solo traveller is more susceptible to misadventures than adventures.


People may assume that she's being irresponsibly, but the truth is, it's her gender. Now, I don't mean to cause worry, but it's a stated fact. All women are concerned about their security at all times. Farther she is from her home, the more anxious she and her folks would be. 

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However, this is not a good enough reason to stop. Rather, you goddesses should take it as a challenge and despite all odds, travel the world on your own terms. Carry some sunblock, pepper spray and these 10 practical safety tips in your backpack, and live life queen size!


1. Start Small & Don't Forget To Research

Ladies, you have your entire life to explore but the safest way to go about it is to take baby steps. Begin by travelling to nearby places and eventually climb your way up to far-off destinations. And wandering without any prior research is a fool's job, even for a man. Before you head out, a thorough inquiry of the town, city, people, hotels, expenditure and more should be put in order. Don't be afraid to contact other fellow travellers for deets and safety pointers. 

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2. Put On Your In-Transit Safety Goggles

Once you're on your own, it's not a good idea to trust a stranger, even if that's your cabbie. To be on the safe-side study the map routes beforehand. Always keep your phone in hand and navigation application "ON". Click the picture of the vehicle's number plate if you have to and at least register the cab driver's name. Don't let him pick up his friends on the way and definitely keep someone at home informed of your location ALL THE TIME. 

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3. Pepper Spray Is A Must

The confidence to walk around the world comes from within and also with a can of pepper spray in your backpack. Keep it in a compartment of your pack that is easily accessible at the time of danger.


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4. Get United & Loosen Your Purse Strings

Find solace in the company of other female travellers and don't hesitate from spending a bit extra on accommodation. Try to look for all-women hostels or dorms if that's an option or a nicer hotel with maximum security. If commuting via bus, pick a seat that's next to a fellow lady. If you stumble upon another lost soul just like you or even a group... make friends, join hands and explore the world together. It's safer that way!

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5. Don't Be Afraid To Lie

A white lie to stay safe is a necessity. There are very few people a girl can trust but when she's travelling solo, the number of trustworthy people dials down to none. So, a lie will assure your security. There might come an instance where somebody asks you if you're alone, damn girl... don't think twice before lying to his face. If you have to, make fake phone calls about your whereabouts. Pretend that you're going to meet someone at the destination. Everything is fair when the safety of a woman is at stake. 


6. Take Good Care Of Your Belongings

First of all, pack light when travelling solo. Secondly, it's always a good idea to carry a backpack when exploring the cities but make sure you hold it in the front and not let it hang loose at the back. My advice would be to leave your valuables back at the hotel, hold on to your phones as tight as you can and don't shy away from dialling 100 in case you run into danger. 

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7. Know Your Limits!

Who wouldn't want to have fun. But when a woman is travelling all by herself, it's her duty to act responsibly. Drink as much as you can handle and not another drop. If possible make your own drink but if that's not an option, get it by yourself and keep a close eye. You deserve a big party, however, compromising with your safety may put you in an unforeseeable position. So, be safe and sound.


8. Dress To Stay Safe

I hate to say this but it's extremely vital to dress up according to the destination. Anything loud or eccentric might attract danger and I don't have to tell you that it may not end up in your favour. It's always better to be safe than sorry. 


9. Explore While The Sun Is Still Out

Your hometown is one of the safest places you could be in. But when you're travelling across the world, it's of utmost importance to avoid exploring the night sky. Rather stick to the daylight and bless your eyes with every view, street, the water you've always wanted to see. Nevertheless, don't forget to carry a flashlight. 

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10. Be Nice!

Getting into uninvited quarrels may not be a safe way to travel. I get you have your right to speech and it's okay to express your opinion, but there's always a time and place for that. And it's definitely not a strange land where you're travelling solo. Be nice to the people around you. If possible, learn a few salutation words in the local language and read everything about the place before you embark on the journey. 


Queens, don't be afraid to take a solo trip. If worried, depend on these safety tips and have fun. 

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