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Stepping Out Or Returning Home; 10 Practices To Keep Away Novel Coronavirus

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 6, 2020 4 min read

The one time, when staying indoor will save your life is, now. The partial relief from the complete lockdown and the fact that the recovery rate is increasing substantially are two of many, happy news coming your way soon but we cannot completely forgo the fact that novel coronavirus is still at loose with no known cure. While the total cases across the globe round to 3 million and more, India struggling to flatten the curve at 46,476 cases by fully recovering 12,849 victims till date is all the hope we need. 



How can you help? Staying in your humble abode is the safest move right now but if you leaving the house is inevitable best be on-guard while you do so. My advice; follow through the list of these 10 practices that'll keep you and your family coronavirus-free until the pandemic is over and done.




1. Hand Sanitizers Is An Essential Now

Keep a hand sanitizer in your pocket at all times when stepping out of the house. While social distancing is being followed by every earthling you still don't know where their hands have been. In instances when there are no sanitizers available or expensive make one at home. With the right amount of ingredients and sound instructions, a home-made hand sanitizer can be both effective and economical.  



2. Don't Forget The Mask

Homemade, bought or makeshift, a mask's purpose is to protect you from any unknown sick person you make contact with and stops you from spreading it by coughing or sneezing onto the next object or person. All you need to do is avoid touching the mask with your hands while strolling through the grocery store or travelling without cleaning them with hand sanitizers and dispose of/clean the masks as soon as you get back home. 



3. Buying Grocery And Other Necessities?

While you have your own reasons to visit a local grocer and pharmacy, extra care will go a long way. First things first, don't touch too many products with your hands to avoid germ transfer of any kind, second; practice social distancing at all costs, always carry a bag of your own and finally use online or other modes of payments that minimize any contact with physical objects such as cash or card. 


Since returning home with groceries is as dangerous as directly touching unclean surfaces, disinfecting them should be your next move. You can start by finding a spot in your house to leave the bag untouched for a while and then clean the packed products with sanitizer you made at home or other disinfectants. For fruits and vegetables, dip them in the water for a while or thoroughly wash them before stacking them into the refrigerator. 



4. Maintain Personal Hygiene

By maintaining personal hygiene I mean go nuclear with it. As soon as you return home from grocery shopping or work, wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds at least before touching anything in the house. Remove the clothes you wore for this expedition and soak them for a while. Since it's already hot, taking a bath won't harm. 



5. Prefer Your Own Vehicle For Travelling

Since public transport is almost non-existent, taking your own vehicle to work or even grocery shopping is a good idea. Although avoid touching the exterior of the cars with your hands and regularly disinfect door handles and steering wheel. If it's a regular affair don't be lazy to spend your weekend washing and cleaning them. 



6. Cover Up!

I know it's really hot outside but the way a full-sleeve tee-shirt and an ankle-length jogger/pant can shield you from any surface or touch, nothing else can. This not only saves you the trouble of taking a bath every time you come back home but also keep you clear off tanning.



7. While Outside, Maintain Distance

Or social distancing means keeping a distance of 3 to 5 feet from another person. By this, you stay away from the proximity of any accidental sneeze shower and touch. Follow the instructions put up by every shop owner and spread awareness.



8. Disinfect Your Belongings As Well

From the car keys to debit cards to phones, wallets, bags and everything that was probably touched by another human or your could-be infected hands, disinfect them right away. Use some the home-made sanitizer or simply keep them away from other objects at home for half a day. I understand your dilemma with phones so you better disinfect them first. 



9. Clean The Surfaces

Clean the doorknobs, doors, tables, washroom, bathroom sink, switchboards and everything else that you might have touched after the successful return from the beautiful yet contagious world outside. Be even smarter to use natural cleaning products from your kitchen rather than spending on branded disinfectants. 



10. Wash Your Hands Regularly

Don't underestimate the power of clean hands. 20 seconds to your hands can keep your and your family safe from coronavirus. 



Your awareness is everyone's future. Be sensitive and take precautions. 


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