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Explore The Picturesque Beauty Of Rural India Through These Beautiful Villages

By Shubhangi Goel

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 7 min read

What's fun in luxury travel, comforting flights, and convenient itinerary?! If you're looking for an off-beat travel experience where you can get lost and then find yourself again, then you may consider visiting any of the following villages in India from the list curated for you. It's high time to ditch the usual and explore the real beauty of mother nature at these beautiful villages in India which are outgrowing each other every year with massive success and growth in every field. Explore these sights which will touch your soul and make you feel rejuvenated again with the real vibe of India.


1. Malana Village, Himachal Pradesh

Malana, located to the north-east of the Kullu Valley, is the oldest democracy in the world with its own way of governance and life, laws and regulations distinct from those of the Indian government. Hence, there're ways in which the Malanvi people are both welcoming as well as reclusive towards outsiders. Special prior permits need to be obtained to enter the village boundaries. The place is fascinating for being the living example of an entirely self-sufficient village which thrives on its extensive cannabis plantations and that's what backpackers are drawn towards. It's definitely one of those villages in India you've got to visit to explore the real rural side of India.


Best time to visit: May-August


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2. Kasol Village, Himachal Pradesh

Kasol, sitting in the vibrant colorful valleys of Himachal Pradesh, has become a hippie haven full of hideouts where backpackers chill by listening to rhythmic music and relishing all-time favorite Maggie. The place has been home to many Israeli hippies as suggested by the Hebrew signboards everywhere. You'll be awestruck by the beauty of this village in India as it's a home to beautiful landscapes and picturesque views. We just can't miss out on Kasol when it comes to the best villages in India.


Best time to visit: October-June


3. Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh

Himachal is said to be the home to paragliding in India. Bir-Billing village, located in the Palampur district of Himachal Pradesh, is considered to be the safest destination for paragliding. If you don't have a height phobia, just go ahead with this fun sport! It's definitely worth the crazy adrenaline rush and the thrilling experience. If you're in adventure sports, then you've got to try Paragliding in India. We can't skip on this place when includes adventure sports as well - we've got to consider it as one of the best villages in India which you've got to add on your checklist to be a real sport.

bir biling_image

Best time to visit: November-May


4. Gokarna Village, Maharashtra

It's a peaceful village near Goa which houses the most famous original Lingam image of Lord Shiva.  Although, lately hippies have started migrating towards Gokarna to get away from the unwanted commercialization that has seeped through Goa. The much cleaner and quieter beaches here coupled with rasta-styled cafes and dreadlocked backpackers enhance the overall hippie culture of the place. Who thought a village could give you such scenic views and breath-taking beachy sides - there's no way you will not fall in love with place which seems like heaven for all those who love the sea. Be ready to be mesmerized by jaw-dropping sunsets and magnificient landscape views to leave you awe-struck.


Best time to visit: October-March


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5. Panamik, Ladakh 

The only hot water spring village accessible from Khardung La is this village in Ladakh called Panamik. What gives this region an edge over all others in India is a wholesome sensational landscape with snow-clad mountains, crystal clear skies, the inspiring silence of the monks at Buddhist monasteries which make for a stunning scenery. We just can't miss out on this one when talking about the best villages in India as the ethnicity and tradition of this place will rejuvnate your soul with spiritual vibes making it one of the most breath-taking places in explore.


Best time to visit: July-September


6. Munsiyari, Uttarakhand

Munsiyari, known as the most beautiful village of India and being the starting point for the Milam glacier trek, should be on your bucket list if you dream of climbing the top of an Indian glacier. The village lies towards the ancient salt route to Tibet and is surrounded with snow-capped hills of Kumaon. The real rural side of India lies in Munsiyari and we just can't deny as the mystical routes and the beauty of this place will make you want to stay here for ever.


Best time to visit: March-June, September-October


7. Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan

Rajasthan stores in its belly numerous villages of which one of the most haunted ones known to us is Kuldhara, mostly because it has been mentioned in films and TV serials. Only a few kilometres away from Jaisalmer, it's easily accessible and has become a not-to-be-missed tourist spot now because of its interesting story. Despite its ghostly past, it is the most beautiful village of Rajasthan. It's crime to miss out on this mysteries yet mystical destionation which should definitely be included in the best villages of India. Explore it figure out the real historical past!


Best time to visit: October-February


8. Mawlynnong, Meghalaya 

Villages of India and Cleanliness doesn't go hand-in-hand, does it? Well, that misconception of yours need to be busted! Mawlynnong village, just a 100kms drive from the city of Shillong, is known as the cleanest village in Asia!  The village is also well-connected with the city by good roads. You also get a spectacular sight of the sky from an 85-feet high tower here. One should totally put this scenic village on their checklist when it comes to exploring the best villages in India.


Best time to visit: June-September


9.  Dharnai, Bihar

In this technology-driven world, even villages are getting exposed to various digital interventions and attempts are being made to make them sustainable. A few kms away from Bodhgaya in Bihar, is the first ever solar village in India called Dharnai populated with only 2500 people who claim to be living without electricity for 30 years until the solar intervention came in. 


Best time to visit: June-September


10. Hiware Bazar Village, Maharashtra 

It's a village located in  Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra, India - You'll be amazed to know how developed they are when it comes to their irrigation system and they also implemented a drip-irrigation system to conserve water and soil, and to increase the food production. You'll be inspired to see how they've grown from a drought-prone village to a well-developed one. The beauty of these rural villages lies in the strength and effort they put in to grow each and every day. You would be awe-struck to know it's one of the richest villages now.


Best time to visit - Any time of the year


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Q: Which are the best spiritual destinations in India?

A: Amritsar Golden Temple, Sun Temple Konark, Somnath Temple - Gujarat and Tirupati - Andhra Pradesh


Q: Which are the safest destinations in India for women?

A: Rishikesh, Jaipur, Kovalam and Kasol


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