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20 Incredibly Beautiful Running Tracks In Mumbai To Practice Your Next Marathon

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - April 12, 2024 7 min read

Mumbai has the most number of runners. Lately, we’ve been hearing far too many things about the air quality in India’s metro cities. In general, it is true that air quality in most Indian cities is pretty bad. This takes a heavy toll on our lives, and when we plan to improve it by doing some running or yoga in the open, we struggle to find a peaceful spot. But fret not, if you live in Mumbai and are looking for a place to have some awesome sprinting experience, follow us as we run you through the best running tracks in Mumbai:


1. Jogger’s Park

As the name suggests, Jogger’s park in Bandra is a perfect spot to run. And if you are a woman, there is a good security presence for your safety. A police station just opposite the promenade will definitely help you hit the park anytime you want. It’s one of the famous running track in Mumbai.


Where: Bandra (Get Directions)




2. Carter Road

Swift sea wind around Carter Road would give you another sweet jogging experience. The best time to jog however is early morning or late afternoon, particularly between November and March. If you want an excellent view of the sea, you can also go for Priyadarshini Park at Napean Sea Road.


Where: Carter Road (Get Directions)





3. Marine Drive

A long stretch next to the sea, Marine drive is another ideal location for runners in Mumbai. If you are here in the morning to kick-start your day with some exercise, you will be surprised to see just how many people in this mad-paced city make time to stay fit at Marine Drive.


Where: Marine Drive, South Mumbai (Get Directions)


4. Yeoor Hills

If you don’t mind paying a little entry fee, Yeoor Hills can give you the ideal place to run. Because it is located near the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Yeoor Hills gives you some fresh air and a lot of good running sites, away from the bustling Mumbai life. It is a favorite place for cyclists and runners. From the main gate of the hills to the top, it is 1 km with the inclination of 8%.


Where: Yeoor Hills, Thane (Get Directions)


5. Mahalaxmi Race Course

Though this is open to the general public for only a limited period of time every day, Mahalaxmi race course – with its 2 km long stretch covered in Mud – gives you an ideal surface to run on, better than any other place on this list. It is a great place if you are preparing for a long-distance running. It is full of hundreds of joggers in the morning.


Where: Mahalaxmi Race Course, South Mumbai (Get Directions)


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6. Shivaji Park

Home ground of Shivaji Park Marathon Club, this park is awesome for both long distance running and high-intensity training.


Where: Shivaji Park, Dadar (Get Directions)



7. Worli Sea Face

It is one-fourth the length of the Marine Drive. It’s one of the most awesome running track in Mumbai. The only problem with this place is that it gets windy usually and it is difficult to run on a windy day.


Where: Worli Sea Face, South Mumbai (Get Directions)


8. Palm Beach Road

This place is in Navi Mumbai and it is similar to Marine Drive. It is covered by a fancy apartment block on one side and marshy land on the other side. It’s one of the best track to run in Navi Mumbai.running-tracks-mumbai-palm-beach-road-image

Where: Palm Beach Road, Navi Mumbai (Get Directions)


9. Powai Lake

Home ground of many fitness clubs – Powai Running Club, Powai Pedalers – Cycling Club. This is an awesome place to explore road running in Hiranandani or gardens.running-tracks-mumbai-powai-lake-image

Where: Powai Lake, Powai (Get Directions)


10. Aarey Colony

This route has a steep climb. It’s particularly good for uphill and downhill training to build endurance.running-tracks-mumbai-aarey-colony-image

Where: Aarey Colony, Goregaon (Get Directions)


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11. Priyadarshini Park

PDP, as famously called, in Malabar hills is one of the most popular seas facing parks that serves both beginners and pros when it comes to fitness. It has a 500-meter dirt track and a 400 meter synthetic Olympic standard track with 8 lanes for the pros. A perfect place for the jogger fraternity.running-tracks-mumbai-priyadarshini-image

Where: Priyadarshini Park, South Mumbai (Get Directions)



12. Kharghar

Kharghar in Navi Mumbai is a heaven for joggers. Parks surrounded by temples, hills, and birds, away from the city life you’ll find a sense of calmness here. No cacophonic honking sounds but only the music of nature. Monsoons can create some beautiful waterfalls uphills.running-tracks-mumbai-kharghar-image

Where: Kharghar, Navi Mumbai (Get Directions)


13. Forest Park

If you are someone who loves walking in the woods the Forest Park in Powai is the perfect location for you. Amid the wild surroundings, you can enjoy your jogging away from the fast-paced life of Mumbai in peace.running-tracks-mumbai-forest-park-image

Where: Forest Park, Powai (Get Directions)


14. Rajiv Gandhi Joggers Park

One of the most beautiful places in Navi Mumbai, Joggers Park is a perfect spot for the fitness freaks. It has around 2.5 km jogging track that circumscribes a neat and clean beautiful pond. It is a very calm place to take a walk and a lot of people come here to jog. Besides, there’s a bridge connecting to a mini seashore. A must visit place for everyone who wishes to run amid nature’s beauty.running-tracks-mumbai-rajiv-gandhi-joggers-park-image

Where: Rajiv Gandhi Joggers Park, Vashi (Get Directions)


15. Nerul Lake

Located amidst the high-rise buildings, there is a Nerul lake in Navi Mumbai, a refreshing and peaceful place to take a walk. The joggers’ track named JEWEL OF NAVI MUMBAI has been developed here along the lake for the health enthusiasts of the city. The newly erected sculptures and lighting in the evening make it a beautiful place to jog.running-tracks-mumbai-nerul-lake-image

Where: Nerul Lake, Navi Mumbai (Get Directions)


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16. MCGM Garden

A very well maintained and peaceful park in Oshiwara with separate tracks for walking and jogging. It also has a separate area for exercising. Though Entry fee is only Rs 5 still it is a very well maintained park with a lush green cover.running-tracks-mumbai-mcgm-garden-image

Where: MCGM Garden, Oshiwara (Get Directions)


17. Five Gardens

Between king’s circle and Dadar Parsi colony, there are five adjacent gardens as the name suggests. Some parks have slides and swings and some are exclusively for joggers. And if you explore a little further, you can take a walk in Dadar Parsi colony with some amazing surroundings that can make you forget that you are in Mumbai due to the historic designs of the buildings around.running-tracks-mumbai-five-gardens-image

Where: Five Gardens, Dadar (Get Directions)


18. Airoli Eco-Friendly Jogging Track

Surrounded by mangroves, it is a 1.5 km jogging track with eco-friendly garden. It is an ideal place for jogging. Greenery here is the major highlight.running-tracks-mumbai-image

Where: Five Gardens, Dadar (Get Directions)


19. Hiranandani Gardens

Hiranandani is an ideal place if you are looking for jogging on concrete. It has roads so well maintained that’ll make your jogging experience better than many of the running tracks. It has around 1 km stretch and the surroundings will add on to your experience.running-tracks-mumbai-hiranandani-gardens-image

Where: Hiranandani Gardens, Powai (Get Directions)


20. Eastern Express Highway

This one is for the PROs. A 20 km stretch from Sion to Mulund with no synthetic track but a tar road is perfect for those who want to practice before a marathon. You’ll see a lot of people sweating out on the highway before the marathon


Where: Eastern Express Highway, Thane (Get Directions)


Do you have a healthy habit of jogging? Do you frequent any of the above-mentioned places for your running? If so, do let us know your experiences in the comments below. Know of any other cool running routes around town? Share them with us!



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