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5 Romantic Things You Can Do With Your Partner Even If You're Apart

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 9, 20244 min read

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I could be poetic about it all I want, but here's the thing, being away from your significant other is just awful. As if an unforeseen global pandemic wasn't enough of a hardship, now you also have to deal with not seeing your beloved till...yep, no idea. 


Diverse couples have chosen unique ways of dealing with this strange predicament, with some professing their love every hour, and the others regularly going to bed angry. Regardless of how well the two of you are coping, and especially if you're both struggling to get by, your relationship still needs the same thrill of doing things together, as it did before the world got swept up in this crisis. 



And now, putting the pedal to the metal, here's a round-up of 5 romantic things you can do with your partner even if you're apart. 


Image Courtesy - The New York Times


1. It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere!

As you might have realised during this whole lockdown situation, the normal rules of society no longer apply. Happy hour starts when you want it to, which means you and your beau can head out to a bar right this instant, albeit virtually. So we suggest you and your SO grab a bottle of wine each, set up a video call, and let the conversation pour along with the alcohol. 


2. Make A Presentation Of Your Favourite Memories And Screen Share 

"You remember that day, when this happened and then we did that and basically fell even more in love?" This is the conversation that will undoubtedly follow. Make a PPT of all your favourite photos, screen share and walk them through your fondest memories. If your beau has been too caught up with coping with these uncertain days, they could use a little reminder of how much they mean to you. 


3. Netflix Party 

Of course, this was coming. You've probably seen this Chrome extension being discussed far and wide on social media, and if you haven't tried it out yet, this is the perfect reason to do so. If you have a movie that is somehow meaningful to your relationship, or a common favourite, or a trashy one full of cheap thrills, just download Netflix Party and recreate your movie date nights.

What is Netflix Party



4. One Instructs, The Other Cooks 

Ask your S/O to think of a favourite recipe they'd love for you to recreate and taste. Now ask them to come prepared with cooking instructions, and set up a video call. Following the steps dictated by your partner on the video call, try to cook their adored recipe. Even if all you end up with is a ruined frying pan, the process will be so much fun, it really won't matter. 


5. Recreate A Candle Light Dinner 

Since going out is not an option, the two of you should make the most of your few shots at romance. Go on a hunt in your respective houses and try to find a candle. Dim your lights, light the candle, play some soft music, and just spend quality time. Talk about your day, the dog outside your office or anything under the sun over dinner, just the way you had for so long, and will continue to once this lockdown ends. 

And before you know it, you'll resume doing all of this, and so much more, without the assistance of your WiFi. For more relationship advice, date ideas and everything trending right this minute, check THIS out.