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10 Romantic Restaurants In Hyderabad For You & Your Boo

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - April 12, 2024 6 min read

Mellow melodious music, warm golden lighting, a generous goblet of wine, and your sweetheart by your side. There may exist several hacks to a great evening, but these ingredients will always unfailingly work to create the most lip-smacking recipe. And by recipe, we mean an ultra-romantic, intimate time with your favourite person. Add some mouthwatering meals to nibble on as you chatter the night away, and you've got yourself a date-night that neither of you will forget for days to come. 


So, how impressed would you be if we were to collate a list of such places in Hyderabad, that furnish all the things we just mentioned? Because we did just that, except we've only picked the best of the bunch. I know I know, we just feel really strongly about making your love life, a bit easier to plan. Holding on to that very thought, I'd like to take you along on this trip through the best romantic restaurants in Hyderabad city! 


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When you're dining under a sheer awning sprinkled with pretty fairy lights, and there's a sparkling blue pool right by your table, it's not physically possible to resist feeling all lovey-dovey. Especially when you're also gazing at your partners' eyes alongside! Along with the kind of fabulous ambience you rarely ever stumble upon, this place also offers an excellent menu packed entirely with mouthwatering preparations. The service is fantastic, given the crowds that usher in every evening, and you can request for special exquisite arrangements in case you're celebrating an occasion! 


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Surrounded by the rolling lush green lands of a golf course, The Glass Onion makes for a dreamy date setting replete with lip-smacking bites and delicious drinks. The best bit is that this place is as much of a treat for all the Instagram-enthusiasts with its picturesque points, as it is for the foodies with its scrumptious offerings. We'd urge you to get free from work early one day, and take your beau to The Glass Onion for a gorgeous sunset when you feast on tasty meals, guzzle down cocktails and fall in love a little bit harder!  


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If regal and royal places sound more up your alley, this one is a must-visit restaurant in Hyderabad particularly for you and your significant other. Known for its luxurious interiors, majestic ambience and feast-worthy food spreads, Celeste is popularly adored and well-reputed in the case of both residents and visitors of Hyderabad city alike. If you find yourself in an indulgent mood, there really isn't a better place to head to for dinner than Celeste. Maybe make a night out of it and stay at the famous Taj Falaknuma Palace while you're at it? 


Image Courtesy - AFAR Media


Every time you're with your significant other, you probably feel over the moon. But how about doing it, literally? No spaceships involved, don't worry. We're talking about the crowd-favourite dining hub in Hyderabad called Over The Moon. The name isn't just for pretences, this place actually offers bird-eye views of the city like none other. Situated on the 8th floor, you can expect to be greeted by ceiling-to-floor glass doors that showcase the twinkling lights of Hyderabad city, along with the stunning Durgam Cheruvu bridge. The restaurant also doubles up as a microbrewery, so you can enjoy the view while sipping on freshly brewed craft beers! 


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Searching for an understated lunch spot in Hyderabad city, where you can simply unwind, chat and have a great time? Look no further than Autumn Leaf in Jubilee Hills. The outdoor seating at this place just instantly makes you feel good, perhaps in part due to the greenery sprouting everywhere you look. Rustic wooden tables, cobblestone paths lit up by warm string lights, and magnificent trees canopying the tables, these are some of the things that make this restaurant in Hyderabad well worth a visit! 


Image Courtesy - Kaffe Gardenia On Facebook


Exactly as garden-like as the name suggests, Kaffe Gardenia is one of the best romantic restaurants in Hyderabad you can go to, for a healthy dose of green in both your meal and surroundings. Located stark in the heart of the city, Kaffe Gardenia serves some of the tastiest food in all of Hyderabad, dished up at prices so low, you won't be able to stop visiting after the first time! 


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Want to feel like royalty on short-notice and a tighter budget than that of a king? Make a beeline for Jewel of Nizam Hyderabad the first chance you get. Summing up the city's rich regal spirit in one gorgeous restaurant, Jewel of Nizam is for all those celebratory dinners that you didn't previously find an apt venue for. It's tucked away in the renowned Golkonda Hotel, and features interior decor studded with jewels and jewellery. Very literally. The music is soothing and the ambience super serene, not to mention this place furnishes some of the best non-vegetarian food in all of Hyderabad! 


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Hypnotising white waves all over the ceiling, a splash of contemporary suaveness in its interiors, and divine Pan Asian food, all cause Mekong to be frequently slotted amongst the best romantic restaurants in Hyderabad. But even keeping the delightful ambience aside for a moment, if you are a fan of Sushi, Pad Thai or Prawn preparations, take our word for it, this place cooks up the most heavenly variations! 


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In the mood for fine dining and heavy wine-ing? Head to Mazzo in Marriott Executive Apartments and you'll have the time of your life. Because supplementing the fantastic offerings by the in-house chefs, are the spectacular views of the infinity pool just ahead of the entire city. The prices might be slightly steep considering it's a Marriot property after all, so we'd suggest reserving this one for truly special occasions like your anniversary, or your girlfriend's fabulous haircut! *wink* 


Image Courtesy - Olive Bar & Kitchen 


Now, Olive doesn't really warrant much of an introduction considering it's got be one of the most famous romantic restaurants in India, spread across multiple cities. But we can tell you what makes the Hyderabad outlet uber-special. Two words. Secret lake. No, we're not kidding. As you walk down the flowered cobblestone pathways, tracing your hand across the rugged white walls, your eyes will be greeted by the view of a small but delightful lake surrounded by grassy hills. Strain your eyesight a bit, and you can spot the twinkling city lights not too far ahead! 

Why pick one, we'd suggest making a checklist and exploring each of these romantic spots in town with your beau. Get, set, go! 



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