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Review Of High-Protein Snacks From Ripped Up Nutrition

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 20, 2021 6 min read

You can phrase it in a hundred different ways, but the fact remains....transitioning from a careless junk lifestyle to disciplined healthy eating isn't exactly a joy ride. What strikes as simple substitution in the initial few days, quickly morphs into a constant test of willpower and self-control. And like any other bad habit cultivated over a long time, falling back into old patterns is always a looming possibility.


So, if a brand walks up to you and pledges to make this long and winding road smoother to sail through, what would your answer be, and how quickly would you blurt out "yes!"? For me, the exchange culminated in a matter of days. Sitting in a corner of my mail inbox, was a brand brief from Ripped Up Nutrition. A quick skimming revealed a promising premise from the brand. Without compromising on taste or flavour one bit, Ripped Up Nutrition vows to bring the best quality fitness supplements to your plate. Whether it's a fuss-free nutrient-dense breakfast option you're scouring the market for or a more straightforward high-quality whey protein, the inventory of supplement-based snacks by Ripped Up Nutrition is more than likely to catch your eye. And that's precisely the effect it had on me. 


Okay, now that my interest had piqued, I just needed 1 more factor to solidify my confidence. Which was taken care of by Ripped Up Nutrition's unconditional money-back guarantee. A brand that believes in its riskless high-delivery products so much that it's willing to return your money entirely in case you walk away dissatisfied? Well, there's bound to be a grain of truth to their promises! 


The next step was to thoroughly browse through their collection of flavourful and organic high-protein snacks, and choose some I'd personally like to review. Decisions made, products shipped. Cut to a week later, and I'm free to test these supplements for myself. 


What All Did I Receive? 

A well-packaged and frankly heavy box. Inside the box, 3 products from Ripped Up Nutrition, namely, Protein Pancake Mix, Protein Coffee and All Natural Peanut Butter. I'm going to give you deets on each of these. 


Image Courtesy - magicpin


1. Protein Pancake Mix 

My inability to say no to a fresh stack of pancakes has proved to be a major roadblock on my fitness journey. So when I saw pancakes listed as a protein-rich muscle-building food under Ripped Up Nutrition's catalogue, the choice was a no-brainer. I remember feeling utterly excited at the prospect of gorging on pancakes and not compromising on calories! 


Image Courtesy - magicpin


The cooking process was extremely simple with clearly outlined instructions at the back of the product's package. Just needed to whisk a scoop of the pancake mix in 30 ml of water, let sit for a minute or 2, and pour the batter on a greased pan. Once the pancakes were sufficiently dry and bubble-free, they were ready to be tested and tasted. 

Now, I'm not going to claim that these were the most mindblowing pancakes I've had in my lifetime, but they were certainly the best supplement-based ones I've tried to date. I was expecting a slightly bland favour and inconsistent texture, but was glad to have my assumptions disproved. I coated my protein pancakes in some sugar-free maple syrup, and was awed at how "normal" it all tasted. 

All in all, this pancake mix is a very viable breakfast option, especially for rushed mornings. You may choose to substitute water with skimmed milk or an egg and water mixture, but just knowing you can make whip up a bunch of pancakes with plain ol' water makes starting the day on a nutritious note much more feasible and convenient. I've since devoured these pancakes on 3 separate mornings, and always feel energised through the first half of the day whenever I do! 


2. Protein Coffee 

As someone who downs coffee like a fish glugging water, my discovery of this product was nothing short of enlightening. You're telling me I can continue to savour multiple cups of coffee through the day, but this time my body will be greeted with a flush of protein? Where do I sign up! 


Image Courtesy - magicpin


Well, after glancing through the product instructions, I decided to brew a steaming cup of cappuccino. I added a scoop of the coffee to my usual mixture of water, milk and some sugar, let it simmer on the stove for a minute before pouring in a mug and stirring well. I'm glad to share that the outcome was fantastic. The sharp yet smooth taste of the coffee felt wonderful to my half-asleep brain, while the jolt of energy coursing through my body right after was undeniable. Even better was the fact that these expected coffee-aftereffects were also accompanied by a surge in my protein intake! What a simple yet ingenious solution to getting your recommended share of protein every day. 

After the first taste test, I resolved to have this cuppa coffee regularly before my evening run. And let me tell you, the difference in my energy and stamina has been palpable. 


3. All-Natural Peanut Butter 

Another product I chose owing to the fact that I have sufficient experience with trying different variants, and hence would be qualified enough to pass a judgement. Peanut Butter is a big part of my everyday diet, and my favourite 2 things to spread some on would be some crunchy toast or a bowl of fresh fruits. 


Image Courtesy - magicpin


To succinctly put what I thought about this product, I'll just say that it's absolutely delicious. This all-natural peanut butter by Ripped Up Nutrition is one of the best kinds I've ever tasted. It's satisfyingly crunchy, which is exactly how I like my peanut butter, although there's also a creamy variant for those who prefer that. The quality of the product exceeded my expectations, and I was rendered impressed by its texture and consistency. The flavour is rich and dense in your mouth, with a mildly sweet note that's immensely pleasing. This one is also amongst the healthiest jars of peanut butter available for purchase, with zero added salt, sugar, emulsifiers or preservatives. 

Well, colour me thoroughly impressed! 


The Final Verdict 

Summing it up, I really enjoyed my first experience with Ripped Up Nutrition and its wonderful products. For me, the clear winners were the protein coffee and the peanut butter, mostly because they're both an integral part of my regular diet, and now the brand has given me much healthier alternatives to reach for. The best part is, there's an entire menu teeming with high-protein nutrient-rich snacks and staples by Ripped Up Nutrition, so if none of my favourites appeal to you, you can test one that fits your taste better. But try, you must! 

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