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Top Speed 5 Minutes? We Tried Revlon's New Hair Colour!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Sept. 14, 2022 5 min read

I sincerely hope you're nowhere near as unfortunate as I have been, but my hair is already streaked with silver at the age of 24. Not that it's just my locks to blame, if we're sticking to full disclosure I'll confess to the atrocities I have subjected by mane to. I was 17 when I subtly coloured my hair for the first time to test waters, and again 17 when I bleached all my ends and coated them in a startling scarlet shade. Honestly, 7 years and my hair is still reeling from that, not to mention the countless more instances of hair colouring, chemical styling and dozens of dollops of hair styling products. Sigh. 


Anyway, that's not the point. No amount of lamenting now, can undo the damage completely. In fact, some of it I can't even solve, just try to cover up. Like....all the grey hair I mentioned earlier. Don't get me wrong, I still try to avoid colouring my hair to the maximum possible extent, but when I start resembling my old neighbour lady a bit too much, I know it's time to get those roots re-touched! 


Now, I'm not saying Revlon is a psychic brand, but they managed to reach out for a product review of the new Revlon Top Speed Hair Colour, exactly when I was considering going for a colour touch-up. And when they pitched the product saying it covers all your grey hair in just 5 minutes, I just about leapt at the chance to test the claim for myself. 


So testing is what I did. And then promptly ran back to you to share my honest opinion. To address all of it, I've split this review into 3 sections, namely, the application process, effect on hair and coverage rating. Let's go? 


But before that, some BEFORE shots! 



As you can see, I was not exaggerating in the slightest.  Anyway, onto the product review.


The Application Process



I found the application process to be quite fuss-free and quick. The Revlon Top Speed package comes with a hair-colour comb which makes the process of putting on the products devoid of any hassle. There's no need for you to mix the colorant and developer in a separate bowl, you can lather on equal amounts of both the items on to the comb, and directly brush through your hair strands. For me this was a clear win, because it made the task of colouring my own hair at home, much more feasible. After applying generous amounts of the products in my hair, I sat around for a total of 10 minutes. You can wait for anywhere between 5 to 15 minutes based on the shade you're aiming for. Another point worth highlighting was how good a hold the product had on my hair, no dripping and no annoying messes. 

So all in all, I'd score the application process a 4.5 out of 5. It's easy, straight-forward, and as quick as 5 minutes! 


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Effect on Hair 

The only thing that discourages me from colouring my hair a different shade every second week, is the fear of hair damage. Naturally, that was one of my biggest worries while applying this product as well. After washing off the remnants of the hair colour from my hair, I slathered on copious amounts of the post-colour conditioner provided in the pack. When it was time to assess the results, I ran a hand through my hair strands to discover very little difference in my hair quality. While my hair did feel just a tad dryer than usual, the excessive fizz and coarseness I was expecting post-colour, were nowhere to be found. Perhaps that has something to do with the ingredients of Pearl and Ginseng root extracts infused in this hair colour. The only point of concern for me was when I noticed heavier breakage after the application. But I have decided to attribute that to all the scrubbing I did to get the hair colour completely out of my hair. 

Overall, I'd score the effect of this hair colour on my locks, a 4 out of 5. The rating is based on the fact that while my hair didn't feel dryer or more damaged, the product didn't augment the quality of my hair either. My hair felt exactly the same during post-colour assessment as it did before I applied the product at all. 


Coverage Rating



Not going to lie, I was rendered impressed by the coverage of this product. Considering the colour stayed in my hair for a total of 10 minutes, I did not expect the extent of coverage I got. Although the whole process of applying and washing off the hair colour took more than the time of 5 minutes stated in the product's 100% coverage promise. But I suppose that's understandable. Some of the most prominent grey hair around the top of my crown did not retain any colour, but again, that could be chalked up to my poor application skills and unreasonably long locks. But to a large degree, I was happy with the coverage of this hair colour. Earlier you could very clearly spot the strands of grey in my hair, but now they're substantially sparse. I also really like the shade of my hair, along with the fact that it looks completely natural. Additionally, I also noticed a subtle shine to my hair after I'd washed off the colour. 

Coming down to the rating, I'd score the coverage factor a 4 out of 5. While I didn't get the 100% I was hoping for, I did get about 97% of coverage throughout my mane, which combined with the hassle-free application and quick removal, seems pretty acceptable to me!


To Sum Up 

If you want to colour your hair yourself from the comfort of your home, this hair colour is perfect for you. Whether it's to cover up a heavy presence of grey in your hair or dip-dye the ends of your locks a bright red, I'd urge you to go for this hair colour because of the limited possibilities of a blooper. It's safe, it's quick, and it's super convenient for self-application. So, considering the state of the world at the moment, I'd say this hair colour is a clear lockdown winner.

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