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5 Retro Accessories Back In Vogue In 2020

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - June 10, 2020 4 min read

Retro fashion trends have a way of coming back when you least expect them to. I mean, just a year or two back, fashion fanatics were busy hunting for the perfect pair of those skinny, Matrix-inspired geometric sunglasses (Hadids, here's looking at you!), and now we've shifted base back to oversized sunnies? Phew, it's hard to keep up but we are determined to follow! We all know how immensely trendy some of the clothing styles from bygone decades have come to be in our present fashion scenario. I'm talking dungarees, denim shirts, crop tops and the likes. But here comes a question, what about the accessories we pair with these cherished fashion pieces? Are some of those from previous years coming back yet? 



Why, yes they are! Some of the most fawned over accessories in 2020, are ones with a first appearance dating back to past several decades. Whether it's the bucket hat from the 60s or bright neon earrings from the 80s, we've seen a number of retro fashion add-ons, coming back, and how. So, before you get around to chalking up your mile-long shopping list for 2020, here's a round-up of 5 retro accessories back in vogue this year. 


1. Granny Sunglasses

In the biggest eyewear trends of 2020, you will see granny glasses emerge as a prominent mention. So what exactly are these granny glasses we, and everybody else in the fashion world, seems to be speaking so highly of? These are nothing but vintage-looking, oversized sunglasses in eclectic colours and textures, like ones with tortoiseshell frames for instance. While the original trend asks for round-shaped, gold-rimmed shades, the reappearance of a retro trend is all about making it your own. So opt for an oversized pair in a square, face-framing shaping, and pick an eccentric shade like ruby red or lilac, or for a more sober fashion palette, muted brown or maroon would work wonders. 


Image Courtesy - Who What Wear 



2. Pearl Hair Clips

If you're someone who enjoys romantic, delicate accessories that carry the magic of instantly transporting you to a rainy evening in Paris, this is the retro accessory whose resurgence you've been waiting for. Bejewelled hair clips perfect for making a subtle yet noticeable statement, are all the rage this year. And ones embellished with dainty pearls, are definitely leading the trend. Mostly stacked on one side while the other half of your hair is let loose, pearl laden snap clips look absolutely gorgeous, whether it's with a lacey dress, or a simple satin button-down


Image Courtesy - Pinterest


3. Padded Headbands 

A fashion trend that disappears every couple of years, only to come back stronger and bolder than ever, padded headbands are going to be amongst the most trending accessories in 2020. Absolutely pretty, and utterly feminine, these textured, thick headbands are making all the rounds for all the right reasons. This retro accessory trend is also the most voguish solution for bad hair days, and honestly, fashion doesn't get better than that. You can use a padded headband to pull back your loose locks, or for a sleeker look, put on the headband with a slicked back, low-hanging ponytail. You can go with a padded headband in satin or velvet, or even opt for one studded with jewels. 


Image Courtesy - Pinterest


4. Oversized Chains

One of the biggest jewellery trends of 2020, is a large, chunky chain necklace. Although chain necklaces never really went out of style, this year's fashion trends dictate wearing one with layered, oversized metallic chains. We've seen both bigger and more classic variations of the oversized chain, and fallen in love with about all of them. If you're feeling bold, we'd suggest you go for a chain necklace with multiple layers in different sizes and fits. For a relatively understated look, you can opt for a classic chain choker in a matte gold finish, and throw it on with a beige blazer. 


Image Courtesy - The Zoe Report 


5. Hoops 

Every girl needs a pair of hoop earrings she can fall back on, and that's common knowledge. And a lot like the previous mention, hoops never really went out of style, so to speak. The 2020 hoop trend, however, has seen the classic jewellery multiply in size, and come adorned with some eccentric designs, patterns and embellishments. Luckily for us, this retro fashion accessory is highly versatile, both in terms of what to pick, and how to wear it. So go crazy with your own favourite pick from all the hoop earrings running wild in all the high-street fashion stores this year. 


Image Courtesy - Lifestyle Asia 

Bigger the hoop......the trendier it is! 

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