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8 Restaurant Menu Hacks That Will Tempt Your Customers To Spend More

By Swati Mishra

Updated - May 9, 20244 min read

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Opening your restaurant soon? Make sure you go through these 8 restaurant menu hacks before you design the menu. We've got your back when it's about engaging customers in to make them try the best and spend more.


1. The Design Element

We need to understand how much importance a menu holds to a restaurant. If the menu isn't designed with the key factors in mind then one can lose out on a number of customers. Remember the first impression is what makes an impact and one hardly spends a maximum of two minutes reading a menu. So remember to provide them with something which tempts them to order more.

8 restaurants mennu hacks


2. Color Theory

Play with colors on your menu and use the ones which trigger hunger. According to research and user experience - red, yellow, orange, or green trigger hunger and are often used by F & B companies for their logos as well. On the other hand, some menus are color specific because of the cuisines they cater to for example barbeque oriented restaurants are often linked with color blue and red.

8 restaurant menu hacks

3. Placing The Prices

Try not putting the prices one after the other in a restricted column or order. It's always better to put the prices in different corner or areas of the menu and not together as it makes the customer care more about the money than the dish. One ends up comparing the prices to see what's the cheapest instead of ordering what's tempting them more.

8 restaurant menu hacks


4. Play With The Portions

Let's keep it a disguise as to what's the size difference between a full portion and a half portion. Label portions with vaguely defined sizes so as to keep the person in doubt about the quantity it doesn't mean one should cheat their customers by providing them inadequate portions in the name of large size rather more about extending the scale of sizes. One can easily play with the size names to engage more profit through a well-designed menu.

8 restaurant menu hacks 

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5. Flowery Names

Try not naming the dishes on the menu with blatant names rather try making the name of every dish a little flowery with attractive adjectives. Add descriptions which make the customers drool over the menu. Big Chill's menu would serve as a perfect example. It's amazing how their customers look forward to trying something new every time - thanks to their perfectly designed menu.

8 restaurant menu hacks


6. Highlighting The Exclusive Dishes 

If your restaurant menu has authentic exclusive/expensive dishes which you would want your customer to order then it's important to highlight them particularly. Add a separate square with an illustration to depict the tempting dishes in store for their customers. 

8 restaurant menu hacks


7. Currency Doesn't Matter, The Number Does

It might seem like a vague idea but believe it or not it does make a dish. Not adding a currency sign makes price looks relatively cheap and of course playing around with number has always worked. Try pricing the dish with rates like Rs.99, 199 or even a couple of rupees less - as it makes the menu appear decently priced to the customer.

8 restaurant menu hacks


8. Get The Basics Right

If you don't have the basics right then there's no way your menu will make the customers want more. Get the key factors in point - remember to use high-quality images, and not use more than 2-3 fonts or colors. 



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