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Patriotic & Fun - Make The Most Of These Best Republic Day 2020 Events In Delhi NCR

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Jan. 16, 2020 7 min read

When a few days before, you come across people selling tricolour flags all around. When patriotic tunes waft in the air out of the blues and instead of your daily dose of politics, those steaming hot tea cans bring along the talks and legends of India's past. Know that our Republic Day is around the corner. India's Republic Day is one of those occasions when the entire country gets enveloped in a communal pride towards our democratic and constitutional achievements. Right from the morning parade, starting with a commemoration of the brave warriors who laid their lives for the country at the eternal flame of honour, the Amar Jawan Jyoti, followed by a glamorous and extravagant display of our defensive and offensive strength, republic day embarks the nation towards another year of constitutional harmony.


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Upon the first sight, it might seem to be just another holiday for many, but when you dig in deeper, it makes for a reason they hold their head up high, for we are born in a great nation like India and we are not just a nation but an outcome of a greater ideology that makes the entire world a better place to be. 


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And for a day at least, we all for no reason or so, delve completely in the true meaning of being a nationalist. For reasons more than many, thousands and scores of people from all walks of life and various corners of the country congregate to the mesmerizing republic day events being held in the capital of India. No wonder, just about everything and anything makes you sing out loud the songs of this land and hail the trails of the legends in our past. 


Bringing a similar journey to you, today we'll walk you through the various Republic Day Events being held in Delhi NCR. 



The Grandeur Republic Day Parade

Undeniably, every household in India has a ritual to either be a part of this parade at the venue or stream it live on the T.V sets and start their day with a sprint towards nationalism. Parents, kids, teens and adults alike, we all start to feel so proud of our country's achievements when these brave soldiers, decked up in the most gracious uniforms ever, march in unison, coordinated, dedicated and orchestrated towards the duties they have. Every once a brigade of our armed forces performs a Salami Shastra to our president, the entire nation feels dignified for these brave souls stand guard to their freedom and happiness.


Image Courtesy: Outlook India  

Date & Time: 09:30 AM, 26th January 2020 

Venue: Rajpath, New Delhi (Get Directions)

Ticket Price: INR 500 for reserved seats & INR 100 - INR 20 for unreserved seats

Tickets are available at the following outlets:

  • North Block Round About Sena Bhawan (Gate No. 2)
  • Pragati Maidan (Gate No. 1)
  • Jantar Mantar (Main Gate)
  • Shastri Bhawan (Near Gate No. 3)
  • Jamnagar House (Opposite lndia Gate)
  • Red Fort (inside August 15 Park and opposite Jain Temple


Drive-In Cinema - Republic Day Special


The Sunset Cinema Club has come back with yet another entertaining act this republic day. A drive-in cinema experience that's all things patriotic and enticing for those who would love to celebrate their republic day 2020 with a unique experience in the city. With movies like Rang De Basanti, by Rakesh Omprakash Mehra and URI - The Surgical Strike, which made the entire country applaud and cry in awe and appreciation for the cinematic bliss and for portraying the nationalist approach of Indiana, it is one of the best republic day cinema experience in the city. So don't just sit back and watch those movies on your T.V, but get out of your home and make your republic day 2020 celebrations more memorable by clocking into this amazing cinema experience that makes those memories alive once again. 


Image Courtesy: pinterest

Date & Time: 07:00 PM, 25th Jan 2020 - 26th Jan 2020

Venue: Backyard Sports Club, sector 59, near capital cyberscape, Golf course extension road, Gurgaon (Get Directions)

Ticket Price: INR 399 for regular & INR 999 per car

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Jashn-e-Guftagu - Republic Day Special

To be held at Guftagu, a melting pot of poetry and sanctity of literary magnificence, the Jashn'e Guftagu will reach out to all your patriotic urges held inside. Come here and speak your heart out on everything you feel about your nation, while people from various communities and areas of interests, would add to the wisdom speckled around, you won't feel more appreciated and heard of ever before. Come here for an interesting session of food, coffee and conversations that framed our country into this highly secular and socialistic structure that we are.


Image Courtesy: Medical News Today

Date & Time: 6:30 PM to 09:00 PM, Sunday, 26th Jan 2020

Venue: Guftagu Cafe, Guftagu Cafe, DLF phase 2, Main Road, Opposite DLF City Court, Gurgaon (Get Directions)

Ticket Price: Entry Free

For Queries: Call At 91-9899584651/91-9310022110


Republic Day Marathon - A Reason To Run

The 71st Republic Day of India in 2020, calls one and all to make another journey. A journey to explore yourself and those limits that you never crossed. A physical, mental and social challenge for many of us, this is a 26KM marathon for those who wish to conquer their minds and let loose of their physical shackles that make you think any lesser than the world around. So this republic day, make a connection between you and your aspirations from yourself. Run for the country, for those who sacrificed enough for this land and to commemorate those who still stand between you and any harm that raises an eye on our country. 


Image Courtesy: UCSF Health

Date & Time: 05:30 AM to 09:00 PM, 26th Jan 2020

Venue: Radisson Blu, Kaushambi, Ghaziabad (Get Directions)

Ticket Price: Entry Free 

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Beating The Retreat Ceremony - The Warriors' Departure

After the Republic Day fever passes by, we all get back to being the same mundane velocity of events and life. But before you finally make way back to your routine, witness the retreating ceremony of our armed forces that's equally glorious and gaze worthy. An event that's less talked about and shadows away in the glamour of republic day parade, the beating retreat is one thing that completes the experience of watching a parade. The soldiers ceremonially go back to their abodes after they've paid their respects to the fallen brothers and the commanders who lead. Not witnessing this is like watching a parade and not getting to the end of exhibits. But do not make this mistake this once and make way for a complete republic day experience. 


Image Courtesy: youtube

Date & Time: 29th January 2020

Venue: Vijay Chowk, Raisina Hill (Get Directions)

Ticket Price: INR 50 - INR 20 For unreserved seats

Tickets are available at the following outlets:

  • North Block Round About Sena Bhawan (Gate No. 2)
  • Pragati Maidan (Gate No. 1)
  • Jantar Mantar (Main Gate)
  • Shastri Bhawan (Near Gate No. 3)
  • Jamnagar House (Opposite lndia Gate)
  • Red Fort (inside August 15 Park and opposite Jain Temple


Spending the Republic Day in the Capital City is one of the most awaited things for many of us. When groups of people come together to such a huge congregation of tricoloured happiness, the entire meaning of being a nationalist escalates to a whole new level. 




Q. By when should I reach the venue for 26th January Parade?

A. one should reach at least 45 minutes prior to the commencement of parade. 


Q. Where is the nearest parking spot for 26th January Parade?

A. It is not advisable to drive to the venue as the only parking slots are available to some invited guests and VIPs. One should take a bus or a cab ride to the nearest point and then walk to the venue.  


Q. Will I be able to reach the venue by metro?

A. All the nearest metro stations would remain closed till the completion of the parade and hence one must use, public modes like buses and cabs for commute. Upon termination of their routes, you would need to walk a certain distance to the parade venue. 


Q. What all IDs would I need to carry?

A. You will need to carry either of your, AADHAR card, Voter ID, Driving License, etc. 


Q. Can I take recording devices along? 

A. No, no recording devices, phones, keys or any other electronic device will be allowed. 

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