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5 Relationship Pit-Falls To Avoid If You're Apart During The Lockdown

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - April 29, 2020 5 min read

While some of us are lucky enough to be quarantined with our significant others, most others have received the short end of the stick. Besides coming to terms with a pandemic and subsequent global chaos, a lot of us have also had to deal with being away from our partners and the sudden long distance in our love lives. 



Real talk. In the initial few days of the nation-wide lockdown, a sudden barrage of personal space and time, seemed like the apparent silver lining. It was oddly nice to get a mini-break from our romantic relationships, some time to spend by ourselves. But now, a couple of overwhelming weeks into the lockdown later, the longing to see our SO in flesh is getting more than challenging to deal with. With uncertainty about the future perpetually looming in the back of our heads, and stress levels running unusually high, all of us in committed relationships are likely to do things in the next few weeks, that will either benefit the relationship or cause it to crash and burn. 


What was that, you want to belong to the former category? Well, that's what we want as well! So for the sake of the smooth sailing of your romantic relationship, we're here with this list of 5 relationship pit-falls you need to avoid during the lockdown, to make your relationship last. 


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1. Don't Start Taking Your Partner For Granted

As I mentioned earlier, the lockdown has brought along a lot of free time for everybody, including those in romantic relationships. With so many things you now have the time do, it's easy to get caught up and let your relationship take a back seat. Especially those of us who've been in long term romantic relationships begin to take our partner for granted, after the "honeymoon phase" has elapsed. It's fine to take some space to process your own emotions and figure out your plans for the future. But avoid taking your partner for granted, neglecting their needs altogether, and in a way, setting up your relationship for an impending crash. 


2. Don't Start Talking To An Ex

No, a pandemic is not a good excuse to start talking to an ex. However important they might have been to you at some point. This is especially, and tremendously important for those in committed relationships. With the current global mayhem, it might get tempting to check up on how your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is doing. But remind yourself that there's a reason that relationship didn't work out, and you chose to date your current partner instead. Even if you feel bored or frustrated in your relationship, respect your partner enough to tell them, and if needed break up with them, before you start getting pally with your ex. 


3. Don't Pick Fights To Get Attention 

If you're the one being taken for granted, instead of the other way around, don't resort to picking petty fights and looking for chances to be passive-aggressive with your partner, as a way of getting their attention. It will make the relationship unhealthy for both of you, and definitely increase the already present distance. Instead, opt for honest, transparent communication. Talk to your partner about what's bothering you and what you think will help. More often than not, a mature discussion will settle problems like these, and both of you will chalk out some dedicated time to spend together. However, if your partner refuses to understand you or begins to distance himself or herself further, let them be till they make an effort to talk to you. 



4. Don't Stop Making An Effort To Be Romantic

This one is particularly true for couples who've been together for a long while. After a significant period of time has passed in your relationship, you begin to do things the routine way, instead of the romantic way. Candlelight dinners are replaced with takeaway containers, and unexpected flowers with a surprise grocery trip. There's nothing wrong with that, in fact that's kind of the whole point of getting into a relationship. But that being said, an effort to be romantic every now and then is still necessary to keep the spark alive. One of the biggest dating faux pas is to stop trying to sweep your partner off their feet or make them feel special. So you can imagine why that's an even greater possibility when your partner is not physically present with you. Remember to continue putting an effort every now and then to be romantic, even during the lockdown. Set up virtual date nights, remember to express your affection, and spend quality, romantic time every now and then. 


 5. Don't Forget To Take Care Of Yourself 

Another equally likely possibility is to end up devoting all your time and attention to taking care of your partner's well-being. Especially if you're significant other is going through a tough time, it's hard to resist being there for them, even if the cost to pay is your own emotional and mental health. It's great to support those we love, but it's also equally important to give ourselves the love we need. Because remember at the end of the day, if you and your partner both spend all your time taking care of just him or her, there's no one looking after you. Remember to take some time off if need be, and give yourself the TLC you need. 

Here's hoping our relationSHIP successfully cruises through the lockdown. And that all of us in love, come out even stronger than before. 

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