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Will Our Red Fort be Called The Dalmia Bharat Red Fort? Know All The Realities Behind

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - May 9, 20243 min read

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Will our Red Fort be called The Dalmia Bharat Red Fort?

25 Second Takeaway

Last weekend we got to know a much-hyped news that a private firm has 'conquered' our marvelous Red Fort, one of India's most prominent historical monuments and a national icon. Dalmia Bharat Limited, Ministry of Tourism and Archaeological Survey of India signed an MoU to take up the Red Fort, Delhi. But the Question is, is the monument really been handed over? Is it actually sold? And even if it hasn't been sold  then what is the vision behind such a gigantic decision? Let's find out some of its hidden facts and future aspects!


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So, the round of controversy started in last week with a toxic headline released by the Godi media that our legendary monument the "RED FORT" is being sold to the DALMIA Group under the scheme of "ADOPT A HERITAGE" and within no time the news caught enough heat. As always, the opposition parties and anti-Modi brigade again came in the picture with some negative fuel to satiate their political mileage and strongly opposed the decision in every possible way.

But the public concern is why any government would take such a strong decision? What compelled them to do so and what visions they possess behind such a great decision? Is it fruitful towards our national heritages or it will just degrade our pride? Well, don't worry! We have done enough investigation towards finding every fact and bringing upfront the reason why such a decision is taken by the center and what future aspects it possesses towards leasing it to the Dalmia Group.


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Facts And Visions

This programme "ADOPT A HERITAGE" was initiated by Atal Bihari Vajpayee under his government in 1996 but lately it is executed by the NDA Government. According to the sources, the Ministry of Tourism said the MoU signed with the Dalmia Bharat group was only meant for the development, operations, and maintenance of tourism amenities in and around of the site. Leasing out our national monuments to any private body doesn't signify that it has been sold or handed over to the company. “It is clarified that ‘Adopt a Heritage’ is essentially a non-revenue generating project,” the ministry said. It said the initiative was a means to develop “responsible tourism” in India.

“The project primarily focusses on providing basic amenities that includes cleanliness, drinking water, public conveniences, standardized signage, ease of access for differently abled and senior citizens, illumination and advanced amenities such as surveillance system, night viewing facilities, tourism facilitation centre and an enhanced tourism experience that will result in more tourist footfalls, both domestic and foreign,” the ministry added.