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Stash Away These Ready-To-Eat Frozen Snacks In Your Freezer

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - March 26, 2021 4 min read

Be it unavoided emergencies, Sunday afternoon lazies or failed Masterchef episodes in the kitchen, ready to eat frozen food have always been there to help out. We tend to underestimate their taste and potential, however, the reality suggests that they offer flavours that are hard to beat. Well, provided you know which one to buy!


Now, I for one can't really cook. It's not something I am proud of but in a world where there are frozen snacks, why would I give up my sleep or work to whip up a delicious dish from scratch? 


For everyone travelling on the same wagon, here's a list of 8 ready to eat frozen food and snacks you can rely on. 


1. Ready To Eat Cheesy Corn Triangles From ITC Store


INR 128 for 320 gms


Indulge in the frozen yet cheesy goodness of these corn triangles by ITC. Decked with Italian seasoning and cheese, this ready to eat snack is a corn-filled gooey delight you need to keep at your disposal. They're perfect for midnight snacking or unplanned slumber parties. It's a zero-effort tidbit you will never regret. Side note though; don't forget to throw on some tomato ketchup to add zest to your ready to eat frozen snack game. 

Image Courtesy: ITC Store



2. Delichic Frozen Chicken Wheat Momos & Chicken Spring Rolls Combo From Grofers


INR 499 for 10+8 pieces


There's no telling when your heart will start craving for momos. So, it's better to be prepared with Delichic's frozen chicken wheat momos in your freezer than miss out on it. These ready to eat frozen momos are tasty, healthy (wheat!) and clean... since you'll prep it at home. 

Image Courtesy: Grofers



3. Frozen Lime & Mint Wedges From ITC Store


INR 80 for 320 gms


More than a ready-to-eat frozen snack, this is the most perfect chakna dish for your daaru party at home. These are skin-on wedges spiked with a tangy mint lemon masala and love. Dip it in some mayonnaise or chipotle sauce to make the best of this super-tasty potato snack. 

Image Courtesy: ITC Store



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4. JusVeg Ready To Eat Subudana Vada Patty From Grofers


INR 225 for 500 gms


Here's a frozen snack your mom would appreciate. It's a pack of ready to eat Sabudana vada patty you might need in your freezer for those emergency fasting. They're quite delicious, healthy and when paired with curd or homemade chutneys, they beat all the other RTE frozen snacks on the list. 

Image Courtesy: Grofers



5. McCain RTE Mini Samosa Cheese Pizzas From Grofers


INR 120 for 240 gms


Bye-bye! regular samosas because McCain is here with an even tastier version of cheesy samosas. This frozen snack is two of our go-to comfort dishes mulled into one. It's a quick tea-time snack and yummy nibble for when guests are over. Serve it with tomato ketchup or mint sauce and enjoy your cheese-filled evening!

Image Courtesy: Grofers



6. Frozen Chicken Seekh Kebab From ITC Store


INR 240 for 500 gms


This juicy chicken with ITC's secret mixture of spices and herbs undoubtedly belongs in your freezer. It's a ready-to-eat frozen food that is also a great help when guests are over or you have an impromptu family gathering. Furthermore, these juicy kebabs are extremely easy to make and can also be recreated into another dish altogether (seekh kebab roll, seekh kebab finger bites & so on). 

Image Courtesy: ITC Store



7. Sumeru Ready To Eat Malabar Paratha From Grofers


INR 100 for 300 gms


It's not every day that you feel like playing dough with a rolling pin. So, for all those lazies, we have these ready to eat Malabar parathas crisp enough to rescue you. Heat them up on a Tawa and serve it with last night's leftovers or recently ordered tasties!

Image Courtesy: Grofers



8. RTE Frozen Lebanese Falafel Kebabs From ITC Store


INR 104 for 230 gms


Say yes to this Lebanese fiesta at the comfort of your home! These falafel kebabs is a chickpea classic recipe accompanied by the freshness of mixed herbs like parsley, mint and coriander. You can team these with tortilla wraps or sandwiches to get the party started. 

Image Courtesy: ITC Store



Be prepared for any emergency party, impromptu movie night or midnight munchies with these ready to eat frozen snacks in your refrigerator. 

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