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Add These 6 Ready-To-Drink Cocktails to Your Vodkabulary!

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 9, 20243 min read

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Love cocktails but hate waiting? Now skip the crowded clubs and bars, and score your favourite cocktail at liquor stores and supermarkets near you. That's right! Check out some of our top recommendations of ready-to-drink cocktails and cocktail mixes. 


1. Jimmy's Mango Chilli Mojito

Crafted by one of India's top mixologists, this ready-to-drink cocktail is the perfect way to welcome the mango season. It's a refreshing beverage infused with Indian Alphonso mangoes, Persian lime, mint, cane sugar and a hint of red chilli.


Image Courtesy: Jimmy's Cocktail


The cocktail is low in calories and has natural flavours. Just pour it over your favourite rum or vodka and get the party started!



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2. Bloodiest Mary Cocktail Mix by Tipsy Tiger

Make your Bloody Mary spicier and bloodier! Say yes to Tipsy Tiger's hotter, refreshing version of our beloved cocktail. The mix is stacked with some basic "bloody ingredients" like tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce (it's also vegan), pepper, and red chilly. It also contains some not-so-classic elements, like lemon juice and a hint of cucumber.


Image Courtesy: Tipsy Tiger


Pair it with clear/white spirits like vodka, white rum or gin for best results. 



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3. Cosmo Cranberry Ginger Cocktail Mix from Sippin

Now enjoy a girls' night out anywhere and everywhere. Thanks to our favourite instant cosmo cocktail mix! Introduced by Sippin, this ready-to-drink mix is a blessing for those who hate to wait in queues for something unique.


Image Courtesy: Bigbasket


You can expect delicious flavours and genuine ingredients that are much more affordable. Mix it with your go-to alcohol, preferably white rum, gin and vodka, for a fruity climax.



4. Old Fashioned Cocktail Mix by Bob Louie & Co.

Love vintage spirits? Here's a cocktail premix that will share your interest. It's handcrafted, 100% natural and blessed with herbs, cherries and cinnamon. Add your favourite whiskey to make a ready-to-drink cocktail you will never forget. 


Image Courtesy: Bob Louie & Co.



5. Jimmy's Ready-to-Drink Margarita with Lime

Margarita-cravings on hotter days are inevitable. The good news is that you can avoid the heat and effort with a refreshing ready-to-drink alcoholic margarita anywhere. Pour it over some ice, add tequila/vodka, and relax!


Image Courtesy: Jimmy's Cocktail



6. Tonic Water - Assorted Pack from Peer

Make your favourite spirit bubbly and delicious. This premium tonic water pairs with a variety of white alcohol and is low in calories. You can find the assorted pack of six different flavours at a supermarket near you, although we love the mint one.  


Image Courtesy: Peer Waters



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Are you "ready to drink" your troubles away? These cocktail mixes will help.