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Rangoli Design for 22 January 2024: Ram Mandir Inauguration

By Aniket

Updated - May 9, 20244 min read

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Rangoli Designs for the Inauguration of Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir on January 22, 2024

The much-awaited day has finally arrived, and on 22nd January 2024, we are set to witness the historic inauguration of Ayodhya's Ram Mandir. As we come together to celebrate this monumental occasion, let's infuse our homes with the vibrant hues of tradition and festivity. What better way to do this than by creating beautiful rangolis that pay homage to Lord Rama and mark the significance of this day?


Image Courtesy: Her Zindagi


1. Ram Sita Rangoli

Our first rangoli design centers around the divine duo - Lord Rama and Goddess Sita. As the core theme of the Ram Mandir revolves around their eternal bond, capturing their essence in a rangoli adds a spiritual touch to our celebrations. The choice of vibrant colors and intricate patterns can elevate the beauty of this design.


Ram Sita Rangoli

Image Courtesy: Youtube


Creation Steps:

  • Begin by sketching an outline of Lord Rama and Maa Sita in the center.
  • Use bright colors to fill in the attire and accessories, creating a captivating visual impact.
  • Surround the divine figures with complementary patterns and motifs to enhance the overall rangoli.




2. Simple Ram Mandir Rangoli

The Ram Mandir stands not only as a symbol of religious significance but also as an architectural marvel. This rangoli design aims to bring out the intricate details of the temple, showcasing its elegance on a canvas of our choice. The use of diverse colors and precise lines can mirror the grandeur of this iconic structure.



Creation Steps

  • Sketch the basic outline of the Ram Mandir, highlighting key architectural features.
  • Employ a variety of colors to emphasize different sections, creating a vibrant portrayal.
  • Add finer details, such as pillars, domes, and windows with flowers, to capture the essence of the temple's design.




3. Rangoli Blending Elements of Lord Ram

For a rangoli that celebrates various elements of Lord Rama, consider incorporating symbols like the sacred 'Om,' the bow and arrow, and other divine elements. This design aims to bring a sense of blissful celebration by blending different facets of Lord Rama into a cohesive and artistic rangoli.


Image Courtesy: Pintrest


Creation Steps

  • Begin with the central depiction of Lord Rama, using auspicious colors for his attire.
  • Surround the main figure with symbols associated with Lord Rama, creating a harmonious composition.
  • Choose a color palette that resonates with the divinity of the theme.





4. Quick Ram Rangolis

For those seeking simplicity and beauty in a short time, consider quick rangoli designs that retain elegance. These designs, completed within an hour, bring a touch of charm to your celebration without compromising on visual appeal.


Ram Mandir  Rangoli

Image Courtesy: Youtube


Creation Steps


  • Opt for geometric patterns or basic floral designs that are easy to execute.
  • Use a limited color palette to maintain simplicity while creating a visually appealing rangoli.
  • Focus on creating a well-defined central motif for impact.




5. Ram Mandir Opening Ceremony Rangoli

To commemorate the historic event of the Ram Mandir's inauguration on 22nd January 2024, consider rangoli designs that echo the significance of this momentous occasion. While more intricate and time-consuming, these designs pay homage to the grandeur of the opening ceremony.


Ram Mandir Opening Ceremony Rangoli

Image Courtesy: LatestLy


Creation Steps


  • Incorporate elements from the inauguration ceremony, such as the ceremonial lamp or the temple's first Aarti.
  • Capture the essence of the event by showcasing the grandeur of the Ram Mandir in intricate detail.
  • Dedicate time to ensure precision in execution, reflecting the reverence for this historic day.