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Not Just Your Regular Party Scene - Pubs In Delhi Where Santa Hosts The Christmas Festivities

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Dec. 20, 2019 10 min read

Looking for a perfect pub experience for your Christmas 2019 celebrations in Delhi? Well, the search can be never-ending if you need the one appropriate to your taste and desires. When you need EDM, you come across soothing Sufi galas and while looking for serenity in the ambience, all you get is loud flashes on your eyes. 


Image Courtesy: AJ Hackett 


But hey, fret no more, we're here for your rescue. This list is curated with all your Christmas party requirements in mind. From the best of decors in the town to the most pulsating dance beats ever, we have something for everyone here. So get ready for the party you've dreamt of since forever and save the dates for a Christmas celebration that you won't forget so easily. 


Kitty Su 

Kitty Su, one of the pioneers that upscaled Delhi's nightlife since it has been in the picture, has come with one of the best Christmas Parties in D-town, the pre-Christmas Celebration 2019. With a line-up that's all things entertainment, this pre-Christmas shindig is sure to kick start your Christmas on a festive than ever note. Spread the word around and make plans for a musical feast with your friends. Because the weekend before Christmas demands to be celebrated throughout!


Image Courtesy: Facebook


Date & Time: 20th December 2019, 10:00 PM - 01:00 AM

Venue Details: Kitty Su, The Lalit New Delhi (Get Directions)

Event Link

For Reservations: Call @ 1800 - 11- 6777/9971933554



Key Night Club 

Another great spot for a Christmas soiree that's one for everyone, the Santa's night out is a first step to the ultimate countdown of Festivities in 2019. Featuring musical wizards like Saurabh, Johnie Ernest, Lonish & Mogambo, this night is right out of a party lover's dream! And once here, you'll head home with so many expectations from the plans for Christmas eve, that it'll be tough matching up with the options at hand. 


Image Courtesy:


Date & Time: 21st December 2019, 08:00 PM Onwards

Venue Details: Key Nightclub, Hotel Samrat New Delhi (Get Directions)

Event Link

For Reservations: Call @ 9319159998/9319159997


LIV Bar 

Brought to you by one of the most talked about party spots in D-town, the LIV Bar, Aerocity has marked its festive presence with one of the most extravagant Christmas eve celebrations ever. With live beats by RESIDENT DJ and many more mystical experiences on the palette, both gastronomic and soulful, you wouldn't have had such a pleasant Christmas eve before you head out here this once. 


Image Courtesy: Facebook


Date & Time: 24th December 2019, 09:00 PM Onwards

Venue Details: LIV Bar, LGF Worldmark1, Aerocity (Get Direction)

Event Link

For Reservations: Call @ 95990299642/9599029730


38 Barracks 

And one from our beloved neighbourhood with Colonial Charm, the Christmas Eve Dinner with Saarthak at 38 Barracks in CP, is already a conversation starter for the number of people making plans to head out there. If you're looking for something with everything merry this winter, then head to this most talked about Christmas party at the 38 Barracks in CP.


Image Courtesy: Book My Show


Date & Time: 24th December 2019, 07:30 PM Onwards

Venue Details: 38 Barracks CP (Get Directions)

Package Cost: INR 3999 Onwards

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Esquire Club 

Christmas eve won't get any better than a night with B-praak at one of the most fun to be at party spots in Delhi, The Esquire Club at hotel Samrat. Christmas eve with B-praak is for those who'd love tapping their feet on some peppy Punjabi numbers while noshing in a lavish spread of a buffet along with the widest choice of cocktails and beverages to make things merry all the way. So make reservations already, the slots are limited but the fun isn't, so don't wait, save the date and get to the party on time.  


Image Courtesy: Book My Show


Date & Time: 24th December 2019, 10:00 PM 

Venue Details: Esquire Club, Hotel Samraat (Get Directions)

Package Cost: INR 2000 Onwards

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Ruin Pub Ansal Plaza 

The Pink Winter Party is finally here and ringing in Christmas bells like no other. Dance your legs away, cheer with santa to the most merriest of sunrise or topple your senses with some relish-worthy delights, there's no end to pleasing surprises and fantasies coming true at the Ruin Pub By Imperfecto on this Christmas eve. Make no mistakes, the party is subject to serious amount of fun and is advised for only the major party animals in town. So if you consider yourself one, then dare to take it all in the same night under the same roof and with the same mood that'll make it the merriest of Christmas ever.


Image Courtesy: Book My Show


Date & Time: 24th December 2019, 08:00 PM Onwards

Venue Details: Ruin Pub By Imperfecto, Ansal Plaza (Get Directions)

Package Cost: INR 1000 Onwards

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Imperfecto Shor 

Enthralling & Epic, the Christmas eve celebration at Imperfecto Shor with Sumit Sethi, India's top-rated music producer is already making ripples in the party scene of D-town. Undeniably - it's going to be a night to remember till long. Coupled with an extravagant feast of festive flavours, the Christmas celebration here is going to be the best among the rest of its kind. So gear up with reservations and make way for a night you won't come by any sooner, if they don't organise something similar. 


Image Courtesy:


Date & Time: 24th December 2019, 10:00 PM

Venue Details: Imperfecto Shor, Aerocity (Get Directions)

Package Cost: INR 3000 Onwards

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Public Headquarter 

Presenting the Santa Mania Eve at the Public Headquarter Saket, which is a melting pot of entertainment and gastgronomic pleasure in the city. Bringing together an array of drinks and other assortments of fun, this event is sure to make all your merry desires come true this once. If heading out on Christmas eve is a ritual for you, then getting to this party is a pilgrimage of fun. Get into your party boots and party with Santa like there's no tomorrow, because you wouldn't want this night to end any sooner.    


Image Courtesy: Just Dial


Date & Time: 24th December 2019, 09:00 PM Onwards

Venue Details: Public Headquarter, Saket (Get Directions)

Event Link

Reservations Details To Be Released Soon 


Summerhouse Cafe 

Summerhouse Cafe, the magical island of fun and year-round festivities has come up with something special this once. This Christmas 2019, let's relive the nostalgia of the '80s with DJ Lynston D-souza's eternal retro mixes and some of the merriest of vibes in all of Delhi. The Summerhouse Cafe is known to be a host that's all things amazing when it comes to hosting parties in D-town. And clubbing it all in a package of fun and frolic this festive season is the Christmas eve organised here. So don't think twice if you happen to be nearby, just head to Aurobindo this once and relive your childhood memories here. 


Image Courtesy: Zomato


Date & Time: 24th December 2019, 09:00 PM - 01:00 AM

Venue Details: Summerhouse Cafe, Aurobindo Market, New Delhi (Get Directions)

Event Link

Reservation Details To Be Released Soon



Playboy Club 

A perfect successor to 4 of the biggest Christmas celebrations in Delhi, the Christmas carnival 2019 is back with a huge bang in the party world. The stage is set and the lineup is gearing up for a party that'll leave you mesmeized all over again. Artists including Dj Jackson, Dj Zacksnare, Dj Jeet, Dj Sahil & Dj Sarthak, along with a most luxurious table of Christmas feast and much more to indulgeall your senses in a state of Nirvanic wisdom, the Christmas Carnival is one for all in the name of best Christmas Parties in Delhi. 


Image Courtesy: Events High


Date & Time: 25th December 2019, 02:00 PM to 08:00 PM  

Venue Details: The Playboy Club, Hotel Samraat Delhi (Get Directions)

Package Cost: INR 2000 Onwards

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Amplifier Club 

Touted to be Delhi's Biggest Christmas Day Jam, is the Naughty Santa's season 2 at the Amplifier Club in CP. Coming alive this once with a host of food choices, a wide selection of cocktails and drinks, a chic decor to compliment it all and some pulsating tunes for you to groove your way through the merriest of nights in 2019.


Image Courtesy: Events High


Date & Time: 25th December 2019, 01:00 PM - 07:00 PM

Venue Details: Amplifier The Club, CP (Get Directions

Package Cost: INR 1300 Onwards

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Maquina, HKV 

Ready to be blown away by festivities this Christmas? If you are then the place to be is Maquina at HKV. The Xmas Fiesta 2k19 is the real deal of Christmas entertainment this year. With a budget-friendly ensemble of fun for stags and the lovely ladies among, all you need to do is think of some great Christmas festivities and your wishes would come true, quite literally.


Image Courtesy: Maquina HKV


Date & Time: 25th December 2019, 01:00 PM to 08:00 PM

Venue Details: Maquina, Hauz Khas Village (Get Directions)

Package Cost: INR 1000 Onwards

For Reservations: Call @ 9999256921, 9990342185, 9999905990 


Bulldogs Lounge Bar & Sky 

A sassy party with merriest of vibes, can be nowhere but at the Bulldogs lounge bar Hauz Khas. The Christmas Party 2019 would make you a fan forever, and the feast of fun and life-sized deliciousness would make you come back to this event every year. Organised by Bulldogs, which is an embodiment of fun and an epicure of deliciousness, the place itself is a reason enough to spend a lively evening, but during Christmas, the vibes are definitely worth every minute and penny spent out here.  


Image Courtesy: Facebook


Date & Time: 25th December 2019, 02:00 PM Onwards

Venue Details: Bulldogs Lounge, Hauz Khas Village (Get Directions)

Event Link

For Reservations: Call @ 9953088929


Jazbaa Bar & Lounge 

Bringing alive the naughtiest avatar of our Merry go vibed Santa, the bad Santa Party at Jazbaa Bar & Lounge is unregretably the most vibrant Christmas celebration in Delhi. With packages that include unlimited Drinks, food and much more of fun on the table, all you've got to do is reserve a spot before the entry closes and you're in for a lavish treat this Christmas.  


Image Courtesy: Zomato


Date & Time: 25th December 2019, 09:00 PM Onwards

Venue Details: Jazbaa Bar & Lounge (Get Directions)

Package Cost: INR 1000 Onwards

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Christmas Parties make for the last but never the least festivities every year. And when in Delhi, these events happen to be better than the past every single once. Heading out to on the Christmas days is one of the most celebrated feelings nowadays and these best Christmas parties in Delhi make for a reason enough to do so. 



Q. Which are the best resto-bars to celebrate Christmas in Delhi-NCR?

A. Flying Saucer, Lord Of The Drinks In CP & Nehru Place, Maquina, Warehouse Cafe, Teddy Boy & Ministry Of Beer.


Q. Between what range do Christmas party passes sell out for?

A. Rs.800 onwards ( Rs.800 - 5000 and more)


Q. Which are best resto-bars to celebrate Christmas in Gurgaon?

A.  Friction, Big Boyz Lounge, Vapour Bar Exchange, Molecule, Chull, The Drunken Botanist, The Godfather Lounge, Hunter Valley, Duty-Free, Vaayu Bar and Vapour Pub & Brewery 


Q. Is there an age restriction to these parties? Can I take my kids to one of these places?

A. Yes, there are age restrictions implied on these events, additionally, there is always an age restriction on the serving alcoholic beverages. In order to consume and order alcohol at these events, you need to be above the legal drinking age. Also, you can take your kids to these places, however, children cannot attend these parties unaccompanied.


Q. Will parking be available and covered in the package price?

A. Parties held at gated complexes like five-star hotels might still allow you to park the vehicles, however, the event organisers don't hold any responsibility for parking your vehicles nearby the venue. Parking charges are applicable and parking will solely be at the owner's risk.


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