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Pubs That Cover An Extra Mile Of Festivities With The Best Christmas 2019 Parties In Gurgaon

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Dec. 23, 2019 8 min read

Christmas celebrations are reason enough to break free of your everyday chores and responsibilities for a bit and unshackle yourself from the monotony of routine with some winter vibes that go well enough with partying and merriest of times. When in Gurgaon, the fun quotient doubles itself given the all-things-entertainment pubs and clubs speckled across G-town. 


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And if you're still not been to the best of Christmas party spots in Gurgaon, then here's your chance to be a part of the celebrations this once. Call it luck or simply a Christmas blessing, but yes, the best of feasts and festivities will be held right in your neighbourhood, Gurgaon. 



Image Courtesy: Imperfecto


One of the most sought after party destinations in the heart of Gurgaon, located at a place that is synonymous to celebrations round the clock, the DLF Cyber Hub, it's not a surprise that they host one of the best Christmas celebrations in the entire nation. Come here to experience the musical spell or the pleasure-worthy food and beverages that simply accentuate the entire conjugation of fun, there's nothing dull or drab about a Christmas night at the Imperfecto Cyber Hub. 

Image Courtesy: DforDelhi


Another crowning jewel in the party scene of Gurgaon, the Soi 7 is always brim full of fun and festivities. Come Christmas, they host one of the best lunches and the most extravagantly defined parties in Gurgaon. Not many can say otherwise and if you've been here before you have already started to relate to the quintessential party vibe that wafts in the air of Soi7. Their Christmas brunch is an assortment of flavours and wholesome goodness, both at the same once. 

Image Courtesy: Bronx  Brewery


The Brewery is a closet of Christmas festivities to say the least. With Christmas specific beers and feasts that make things merry go round during the winter festivities, the overall essence of Bronx makes it a perfect spot for Christmas celebrations this 2019. If you're looking forward to indulging yourself in some festive celebrations, you shall head out and be at this Christmasy brewpub in Gurgaon.  

Image Courtesy: Dineout


A popular party spot among the young guns in Gurgaon, the Boombox Brewstreet is one of the best bars that qualify to be called a cafe as well. Coming down to their Christmas celebrations, their all-inclusive Christmas brunches and Christmas eve celebrations with DJ Arjun would make for a huge dose of Christmas party vibes and boozing needs. So get ready to delve yourself in some Christmas feast-ivities this 2019, as have brought you one step closer to one of the most sought after Christmas soirees in Gurgaon.  

Image Courtesy: Big Boyz Lounge


The Big Boyz Lounge is all set to take off on a party spree this Christmas. With consecutive celebrations lined up for the Christmas eve and the C-day occasion, all your Christmas desires are sorted this once. Come here for a gala night and some relish-worthy cocktails that the place is well known for. With power-packed performances by DJ Harder and DJ Akanksha Popli, you won't need another plan for your Christmas celebrations this 2019.  


Image Courtesy: True Localz


Molecule Air Bar, is where the night is always Lit in party vibes and in winters, topped with Christmas celebrations as well. A perfect spot for Christmas festivities in Gurgaon, this is one of the pioneer breweries in G-town. Coming in with the best of cocktails and combos that would make merry with your Christmas celebrations, the Molecule Air Bar goes all things merry-licious when December arrives. So if you're planning a Christmas celebration with fun, lights and laughter, just keep this in your venue wishlist.


Image Courtesy: True Localz


Every year, the Indian Grill Room comes up with mouthwatering brunches and mindboggling Christmas parties for the people of Gurgaon. Although, they've not rolled out the schedule for this year's celebration yet, but the buzz about this high on fun bar is already rising in the sky. When on a hunt for the best Christmas soirees in Gurgaon, you cannot but let go of this island of fun and frolic. Come here for the food and spend the evening for the best of festive vibes in the city. One thing we would say, you won't leave disappointed!


Image Courtesy: Dineout


Great times begin at Downtown, the tagline of this oldest of breweries in Gurgaon is known for its fresh-brewed beer, tasty Indian food and hospitality like no other. On Christmas days, the entire place turns into a wonderland of festivities. Their decor turns to vibrant hues of reds and whites, the fairy lights make you celebrate life at the fullest and the best part is that you never know what new comes down to your table for fun or deliciousness when at the Downtown Diners & Living Beer Cafe.


Image Courtesy: The Curly Tales


This Christmas don't play nice with the Santa going rogue at the Drunken Botanist Cyber Hub. Club it with some festive ardour speckled all over the place and you've got a Christmas celebration you wouldn't have come across before. Held at the Drunken Botanist, is one of the best Christmas celebrations in G-town that's equal parts fun and deliciousness on the same pallet. Just that, the entire place is worthier than many on any winter eve, but on Christmas, it's a level above than what it usually is. 


Image Courtesy: Dineout


Giving out Christmas feasts on steal deal prices, the Untapped Brew & Pub is the ultimate destination for a pocket-friendly Christmas shindig in Gurgaon. With 6 starters and a lavish spread of Dinner Buffet on the palette, all you need to do is wear your festive smile and that beloved Christmas sweater you have been wanting to put on since last year, and you're in for a great deal of fun this 2019. 




Image Courtesy: Outlook India


Hands down, it's a favourite party spot among Gurgaon-ites. With a diversely spanned menu and speciality indexed drinks on it, to have your Christmas 2019 celebrations at Distillery is surely the best end to a year ever. For the food lovers, the party enthusiasts and more about any soul on the planet who would love to head out for a great Christmas eve this year, the place is all things inclusive of fun and festivities. 


Image Courtesy: Salt & Sandals


Come and celebrate the eve with DJ Pranav Marwah, sip on some of the most replenishing cocktails, nosh in delectable in house delicacies and soak in the Christmasy vibe that's more than just abundant all over the place. Come and dance like a reindeer here for the entire night or slosh your way to the morning on some of the best cocktails ever, you won't come by a single drab moment when at the Prankster for a Christmas Party in 2019. 


Image Courtesy: Vapour Bar Exchange


One of the foremost runners in the race of best breweries in Gurgaon is also a perfect spot for your Christmas celebrations this 2019. Coming up with a gala night for the party-goers and those who would love some Good ol winter festivities, the Vapour Bar exchange is easy on your pockets but all guns blazing when it comes to hosting the best celebrations ever.   \


Image Courtesy: Sloshout


With two decor experiences that would surely make you delve yourself in a fantasy land of festivities, the Gravity and Anti-Gravity themes at the two levels of fun say it all. During Christmas days, the place escalates to be one of the best party spots in the city. Just about everything, from food to the fairy decor and the cocktails you get, would make it one of the merriest experiences ever. 


Image Courtesy: Ministry Of Beer / Paytm


And then comes our beloved Gurgaon Brewery, the Ministry Of Beer. The upcoming Bad Santa party to be held on Christmas eve is surely the hot cake in the world of party-goers and pub lovers alike. Come here with a guilt-free pass to experience it all because the bad Santa eve is surely something where the naughty make the most of everything. 


Christmas parties in Gurgaon are nowhere near to the usual feasts we head out for. When with friends you get sloshed and come back home to a drunk state of fun yet guilt-up night, the fun doesn't seem worthy anymore. But during Christmas, there's no such thing as a guilt trip after spoiling your senses with fun and other vices of life. And when at these pubs that host the best Christmas parties in Gurgaon, the celebration quadruples itself. So don't just head out this Christmas, go on a fun parade of festivities at one of these places in G-town.  



Q. Between what range do Christmas party passes sell out for?

A. Rs.800 onwards ( Rs.800 - 5000 and more)


Q. Which are best resto-bars to celebrate Christmas in Gurgaon?

A.  Friction, Big Boyz Lounge, Vapour Bar Exchange, Molecule, Chull, The Drunken Botanist, The Godfather Lounge, Hunter Valley, Duty-Free, Vaayu Bar and Vapour Pub & Brewery 


Q. Is there an age restriction to these parties? Can I take my kids to one of these places?

A. Yes, there are age restrictions implied on these events, additionally, there is always an age restriction on the serving alcoholic beverages. In order to consume and order alcohol at these events, you need to be above the legal drinking age. Also, you can take your kids to these places, however, children cannot attend these parties unaccompanied.


Q. Will parking be available and covered in the package price?

A. Parties held at gated complexes like five-star hotels might still allow you to park the vehicles, however, the event organisers don't hold any responsibility for parking your vehicles nearby the venue. Parking charges are applicable and parking will solely be at the owner's risk.

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