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10 Practical Things You Should Do Now To Make Your Life At Home Easier

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 9, 20247 min read

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I know we're all currently bored out of our skulls, and eagerly waiting for life to resume, but don't you think these days of lockdown will strike us as a much-needed pause, in retrospect? If that makes you look at us sceptically, just give this a thought. Before any of this happened, and we were all on the ordinary course of life, how many of us would frequently complain about the things we want to do, but never have the time for? A lot, right? 


Well, you have that time now. The on-going global health crisis has led to the temporary suspension of our ordinarily up-tempo lives, and trust us when we say this, you're never going to have a more opportune time to finally get your life in order. Also, sooner or later, the world will go back to its ordinary way of functioning, so this time period is perhaps, the closest you will get to getting a headstart in the race of life. Hence, what we propose you do is, spend this self-isolation period organising your life, cleaning out the mess, and de-cluttering your life. And when the day to recommence our usual life finally arrives, it will also be your own fresh beginning. 


On that note, here are 10 practical things you can do, to get your life in order by the time this lockdown ends. 


1. Organise Your Closet And Separate Things You Don't Need 

Remember when you promised yourself last month that you will spend the next weekend sorting out the giant mess in your wardrobe? Remember how 3 weekends have passed by since then? Well, we suggest you finally get around to it now. Not only will you be left with a closet that's organised and does not require 30 minutes every morning to look through, but you'll also have a surplus of old clothes and shoes you no longer use, that you can donate to someone in need. 


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2. Deep Clean Your Kitchen 

Yeah, sure you wash your dishes on a regular basis, but we all know that our kitchens require a deep, good scrubbing every now and then, a task most of us tend to procrastinate on. Well, now that you have the time and opportunity, and nothing particularly urgent to attend to, it's time to put on those gloves, throw away the growing pile of leftovers, and give your kitchen a much-required thorough cleaning. 


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3. Fix Your Sleep Cycle, And Habituate Yourself To An Early Waking Time 

We know we aren't far from the truth when we say that the exact opposite has been happening to most of us. With us now confined to our houses, working from our bedrooms, and no physical or social engagements to take care of, it's extremely easy to mess up your sleeping cycles and get accustomed to falling asleep at ungodly hours. But what happens when you have to resume going to work? Instead, use this time to get into the habit of going to bed at a reasonable time, and waking up early to get a fresh start on the day ahead. 


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4. Clean Up Your Computer, And Organise Your Desktop

No, no. Don't avert your eyes. It's okay if you currently have a desktop that is chaotic enough to induce a headache with just one glance. But sooner or later, there will come a time when you will urgently need a specific file, and the only option at your dispense would be to look through some 50 folders, all untitled, and inconspicuous looking. The alternative? Clean up your desktop now. Not only is it necessary to help your computer function at its optimal speed (and avoid the possibility of you hurling it at the wall with frustration), but knowing exactly where your important documents and files are will help you stay organised in your head as you work. Trust us, that does have an impact on your productivity. 


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5. Update Your Calendar With Goals And Engagements 

We know, we know. You don't have any particular plans for the foreseeable future, so how can you fill your calendar right now? Well, we are asking you to do more than just mark your calendar with important dates. We are asking you to create your own timeline, whether that's a one month plan or a 6-month plan. Set specific time periods for the things you want to achieve, and skills you want to develop, establish measurable goals, and mark your roadmap to a better you on your calendar, with your desired milestones clearly labelled.


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6. Clear Out Your Medicine Cabinet 

You already know that the strip of Crocin in your medicine cabinet expired 7 months ago, but it continues to occupy permanent residency in your collection of essential medication. Just one word, why?! Take out some time during this lockdown period to clear out our medicine cabinet, throw out expired pills, and create a stock of medication you can actually use in case of emergencies. Such as this one.  


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7. Make A Healthy Meal Plan, Write It Down, And Pin It Up Where You Can See It

For so long, you've been telling yourself, and those around you, that you'd definitely stick to your ideal diet plan if only your schedule allowed for it. After all with hectic office hours, unexpected meetings and no specific lunch break, our tendency to consume junk increases manifold. But now that you are restricted to your house, you have the perfect opportunity to establish a healthy diet full of nutritious home-cooked food. Chart out your meals through the day on paper, and pin it up where you can clearly see it. That way , every time you get the urge to order a burger, your diet chart will be right in front of you telling you what you should get instead. 


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8. Set Aside 15 Minutes For Mindful Meditation Before Bed

Currently, every single person on the planet is dealing with a lot more uncertainty than they ever bargained for. All our future plans have indefinitely been put on hold, and no-one seems to be sure of what the way ahead looks like. Which makes it even more important for us to engage in quality self-care, and train our mind to remain calm and in the moment. What better way to do than to establish a regular meditation habit? Use your lockdown period to establish a 15-minute pre-bedtime mindful meditation ritual. 


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9. Get Into The Habit Of Reading For An Hour Every Day 

The more you read, the more you expose your brain to new knowledge, perspectives, and information. In other words, you keep yourself intellectually stimulated and your brain cells active. Whether its fiction that you enjoy, or biographies that satisfy your curiosity, establish the habit of reading every day during this lockdown. Regular reading provides your brain with the fodder it needs to grow, develop and mature. 


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10. Learn To Disengage From Social Media

The current universal social distancing mandate may have magnified the physical distance between people, but the truth is, we are now interacting more than ever. Especially in the case of social media, which has become more social than it ever was. While it's okay to find solace in staying connected with your loved ones online, it's also important to remember to live an authentic life offline. Use this lockdown period to learn to disconnect from social media every now and then, and occupy your time and mind in ways that are not digital. 


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One productive task a day, will keep the lockdown blues away!