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Earn While Playing magicpin's Adventure Quest

By Arushi Bhalla

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 3 min read

Are you in a search of quick easy money? magicpin has the perfect augmented reality game experience that can easily enable earnings over INR 5,000 a month. Sounds too good to be true, right? Adventure Quest is a virtual game that lets you earn magic points while having fun playing it & collecting different superheroes. But, first, let's introduce you to the concept of adventure quest. 


What Is “Adventure Quest” And How To Play?

Adventure Quest is a location-based multiplayer Augmented Reality gaming experience inside the magicpin android application. All you have to do is start the game, look through the phone’s camera, search for superheroes all around you and catch them. And each time you find a superhero, you earn magicpin points for it. You can read more in-depth about the game here in this blog.


Play And Earn!

Once you start playing the game and become a pro, you can complete each game in a matter of just 20 seconds. If you spend not more than an hour throughout the day playing Quests, you can easily complete anywhere from 70 to 100 gameplays. There are a variety of superheroes that you will have to find and catch in the game, and finding each superhero will result in a different amount of magicpin points being credited to your account. Taking an average of INR 1.7 per superhero that you find (this average is computed based on past earnings of users), you can end a day collecting 


1.7 * 70 = 119 INR


Engagement here builds further on. The game is more rewarding for users who play consistently. For example, if you play for 6 days in a row, you will get a chance to earn 5 times more on every 7th day. Instead of the INR 140 mentioned above, in such a day, you can easily earn up to


 119 * 5 = 595 INR


Summing the above numbers for a month, your extra earning at the end of the month would look like this


119 * 26 + 595 * 4 = 5474 INR


The above calculation only includes the extra boost you achieve just by playing continuously for 7 days. There are other boosts that you can collect throughout the month that will enable you to earn even more than the amount mentioned above. 


Don’t just stop now, there is a lot more waiting for you. For each rupee that you earn while playing, you even earn “Leaderboard” points that are accumulated for each locality that you play in. At the end of the month, one who has the highest points in each locality is rewarded a Voucher worth INR 500. 


Given that you play in 3 localities, you have a good chance of winning in each of the 3 localities, this will result you into gift vouchers worth


500 * 3 = 1500 INR


The vouchers mentioned above are issued by magicpin and can be redeemed at a particular retail store. We select the best food outlet in your locality and give that voucher to you. 




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