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Party Without Going Bankrupt - Best Places In Mumbai With No Cover Charge

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Nov. 29, 2019 6 min read

If you happen to be in Mumbai, the urge to party is almost inadvertent. However, a hefty budget might not be! Fret not, for there are plenty of hidden and some, not-so-hidden spots scattered around the city that don't charge you a bomb for a great time! Curious? Read on to discover the best places in Mumbai, that allow for budget-friendly partying, and most importantly, levy no cover charges! 

Image Courtesy - Wow Venue 


 A highly regarded outlet, recognised by Mumbaikars for its great ambience and fun-loving crowd, Tamasha boasts of a soothing, serene vibe, perfect for kicking it back with some friends. The decor in this pub is beyond beautiful, with warm yellow lights dangling from strings all over the place. The menu is extensive, and the bar will leave you spoilt for choice. 

Image Courtesy - Zomato 


As the name suggests, this bar was opened with the primary purpose of quenching the alcoholic thirst of Mumbaikars by furnishing innovative and flavourful cocktails on the daily! Catering to its youthful and exuberant clientele, Thirsty City 127 is well-acquainted with the recipe for a smashing time!



Image Courtesy - LBB


An exceptionally beautiful night-life location, Autumn makes for the perfect setting to kick your feet up and unwind! The food menu here is a thoughtfully curated with an amalgamation of dishes from multiple cuisines, and the bar is always well-stocked with delectable beverages. The decor is modern and sleek with just the right amount of flamboyance!

Image Courtesy - Zomato 


With an infectiously energetic vibe that never fizzles, TAP has quickly gained the reputation of being amongst the best sports bar chains in the city of Mumbai! This bar offers scrumptious food choices and gratifying beverages on the menu, and the catchy decor makes for a sight for sore eyes! 

Image Courtesy - Eazy Diner


If your definition of a good time involves some yummy beer and funky music, British Brewing Company has to be on your radar. The ambience here is very laid-back, further augmented by rustic decor and mellow lighting. The retro music that is usually playing on the speakers creates a nostalgic vibe, thus making it the perfect reunion spot!


Image Courtesy - High Ape 


A widely appreciated multi-city chain of bars, Harry's is synonymous with budget-friendly, laid back drinking for most frequent party-goers. This outlet in Powai has been deemed by most Mumbaikars as one of the more comfortable bars to relax at, accompanied by friends and timely service as well as a wide range of options. 

Image Courtesy - Near Buy 


With the aim of catering to all your late-night hunger pangs, Pop Tate's is a chain that stays open till 1 AM in the morning! This casual dining restaurant serves an assortment of dishes from multiple cuisines and is widely lauded for its prompt service and friendly staff members! The food and drinks here are reasonably priced, which means you can choose to feast with your friends without draining your bank account. 

Image Courtesy - The City Story 


If you want to visit a classic British pub without paying any airfare, The Woodside Inn in Colaba is the answer! The wooden interiors make for a rustic ambience magnified by a distinct colonial charm, and the mostly young crowd creates a cool, laid-back vibe throughout the outlet! Does it get any better? Yes, they brew their own beer! 

Image Courtesy - What's HOT 


If you have been craving some phenomenal live music to accompany a night of drinking, your prayers have been answered! This crowd favourite outlet has a menu panning several cuisines and an expansive range of spirits. This place is especially frequented during happy hours when the prices are relatively lower and the vibe, exuberant! 

Image Courtesy - Havana Mumbai 


A great joint to grab mouth-watering food and drinks after work, without compromising on your finances, Havana is often reputed to be a hidden treasure in South Bombay! The order options here are extensive, and the decor comprises of archways, old-time flooring and Cuban culture displays.  


Image Courtesy - LBB 


Deemed to be one of the most happening and budget-friendly sports bars in the city, Studs has all your weekend plans covered. With PubG marathons and X-Box sessions, this outlet is the perfect chilling destination. The menu will ensure your appetite remains satiated, and the flavoursome drinks will keep adding that extra burst of zest!


Image Courtesy - Trip Advisor 


Perhaps one of the most famous cafes in all of Mumbai, Leopold has a legacy and history of its own. Feeding the crowds of Mumbai since the 19th century, this vintage cafe has been recognised for several decades for its scrumptious food offerings and flavoursome drinks. The tasteful and artsy vibe in Leopold Cafe manages to pull in hoards of tourists every day!


Image Courtesy - High Ape 


An unpretentious and unassuming little outlet, Doolally is known for its artistic vibe, cultural workshops and exciting events. In addition to furnishing luscious dishes and beverages at reasonable prices, Doolally is also pet-friendly and even serves pet food! Due to the popularity of this place, it tends to be slightly crowded and hence, it is advisable to make bookings preemptively. 


Image Courtesy - Zomato 


A cosy eatery for casual dining objectives and an extensive bar for all intents and purposes, The Den is exactly what it was named, a den for the young crowd of Mumbai. This outlet has frequent live match screenings, causing crowds to flock there during weekends. The vibe here is energetic and youthful and the ambience makes for a comfortable drinking atmosphere. 



Image Courtesy - Camera Cuisine 


With a distinct European vibe in the air, Reise is a must-visit place if you happen to be in or around Chakala, Mumbai. This place is often lauded by several for its prompt and quick service, and jovial, forthcoming staff. The ambience is laid-back and relaxed with chill music playing in the background and the food here is worth every penny spent! 

And with that, its time to wrap up this guide to the best places in Mumbai that don't levy a cover charge! Pick a place from this list, and get ready to head there with your friends. After all your weekend scenes may be grand, but your expenditure doesn't have to be! 



Q. What is a cover charge?

A. A cover charge is a flat fee that you pay to obtain admission in a restaurant/ bar/ pub/ club. Usually, a proportion of this cover charge is redeemable at most places. 


Q. Are events and gigs at these locations free? 

A. Whether you need to pay to attend a gig or an event is based upon the discretion of the management. Most places, however, levy am entry charge in the case of special events or occasions.  


Q. Can I get free alcohol at these places? 

A. No, you cannot unless the management explicitly states the availability of an offer.  


Q. What are the most happening localities in Mumbai?

A. Some of the most eventful and exuberant localities in Mumbai include - Bandra, Malabar Hill, Powai, Andheri, Juhu and Versova. 

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