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10 Places In Pune We Can't Wait To Revisit Asap!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Jan. 15, 2021 4 min read

If there's one thing most of us can use right now, it's some hope for a vibrant future ahead. After all, spending countless days and nights restricted to just your bedroom, can make even the most optimistic people, feel weighed down and dull. 


Well, this is where we remind you, that while the nation-wide lockdown might not have a definite end date yet, your favourite places in Pune continue to exist, and will re-open just in time for you to rush back! But when it comes to Pune city, being spoilt for choice is a common predicament.  So, to help you finalise your post-lockdown plans STAT, here's a round-up of the best places in Pune we can't wait to revisit the minute we get the green signal. 



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If you were to ask any Punekar about one singular place you have to feast at when you visit the city, Le Plaisir will stand out as a unanimous answer. All their dishes are always brimming with mouthwatering flavours and freshly prepared goodness, and one bite of their Blueberry Cheesecake is enough to keep the most unimpressed people coming back for more. 




Image Courtesy - Zomato 


Since it first opened it's doors to the residents of Pune city, Planet 9 has been the talk of the town, and eventually also snagged a position on every list of the most happening destinations in Pune. We can't stop reminiscing about all the crazy weekend nights spent at Planet 9 with the squad, that we now cherish but still can't recall the details of. 



Image Courtesy - Mouth Shut 


If you're on the hunt for budget-friendly pizzas with authentic Italian flavours, and a mouthwatering aroma, The Greedy Man's Pizzeria is one of the best places in Pune meant for you. If you've visited this place even once, we're sure you miss their giant shakes, new weekly toppings and bacon pizza, as painfully as we do! 



Image Courtesy - Zomato 


Malaka Spice enjoys a solid reputation as one of the best Thai restaurants in Pune, and one bite of any of their dishes later, the reason becomes quite evident. Known for its scrumptious pan Asian offerings and laid-back ambience, we are eagerly waiting to order our favourite dumplings from Malaka during another fun family dinner night. 




Image Courtesy - Bohemian Foodies Wordpress


With a proud "Since 1935" label adorning their entry doorway, Cafe Goodluck is one of the most adored quick bite spots in Pune city. The taste in their food is absolutely unparalleled, and the prices are all super easy on the pocket. Perfect place for your post-lockdown cup of chai, and bun maska. 



Image Courtesy - Auto


This swanky city bar also doubles up as a stylish co-working space, and for both the purposes, we can't wait to head back. Often featured as a favourite pick for most residents and visitors of Pune city, 1st Story has been lauded far and wide for its impeccable interiors, relaxing ambience, and a constant happening buzz in the air. 



Image Courtesy - Architectural Digest


The crowd-favourite jungle-themed FC Road Social stands out as one of the most awe-inspiring Social outlets, not just in Pune, but all of the country. Consistently raved about by new and old fans alike, this place in Pune serves mouthwatering food and drinks, coupled with a fresh, vibrant vibe. 



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In the Venn diagram of places frequented by both college-goers and thrifty adults, this place would occupy a clear central position. Wynkk is one of the most budget-friendly bars in Pune, and that is common news to anybody that has stuck around for long enough. We can't wait to make all our month-end plans at Wynkk and force our friends into joining, all over again. 




Image Courtesy - magicpin


The dream spot for any healthy food enthusiast in the near vicinity, Flax has been occupying our mind with cravings of their sundried tomato hummus, and punchy Mexican bowl. With seating on a sweeping roof-top, and a swimming pool by your side, Flax is on our radar of the best need-to-revisit places in Pune. 


Image Courtesy - Justdial 


This unassuming little cafe is our very own beach heaven nestled in the lanes of Viman Nagar. Not only is the food known for being immensely pocket-friendly, it's also known for offering lip-smacking flavours packed in each bite. For the next time you and I are free to visit, we urge you to give their delicious masala fry Pomphret a try. 

Patience, dear heart, we'll set out on exploring the best places in Pune again, soon enough! 

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